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  1. initially the new user can rely on the slip indicator to understand the tail behavior during take off/landings. After several sorties they'll get a more natural feeling and won't need it anymore. No shame in using gauges imho...
  2. "my plane will crush your plane" ... hah.. after the release the MP gaming scene will return back to its normal "i'm gonna sneak up on you" type of a play where even I16 can outshine anything provided with the proper levels of sneakiness.
  3. it's true, but I think the current model also adds the element of a gamble during the dog fight. Technically you'd only need to use it in a dogfight or a critical scenario (running from AA), and those scenarios last 2-5 mins tops, which is enough time to use WEP sparingly. Anything more than that and it there will be no point in having WEP as everyone will use it 100%... it's extremely satisfying to chase a FW-190 in a dive knowing he's trying to squeeze every ounce of power out of his bird only to go full LOL when you see him starting to smoke followed by "you're mine now"..
  4. yup, I found it to be the proper way of managing it. I use it in 10-30 second bursts, or as much as possible if trying to climb out of a fight but still no more than a minute (i start to count to 60 in my head). In my opinion after reading all of these WEP related questions, comments, and frustration seem to come from pilots who just set it to max, forget about it, blow up the engine, then come here to express the sense of discontent. Well.. you can't... forget about it. Max power requires max responsibility lol..
  5. it climbs a little better than e7 if it has enough energy, but it must be over 400kph and it won't last long. If you're in 250-300 zone it climbs very badly. E7 will out perform it in everything else and is much better at energy retention. Mc202 needs some very careful flying to keep its energy, however it will out stall anything out there and if the opponent is not watching his energy the mc202 will always end up on his 6 and then it's game over.
  6. This is a moot point. You're stating the obvious but I think the gap is getting smaller and smaller thanks to the technological advancement in simulation. Just because we don't need to bog ourselves down with the flight check-lists, formations, coordinated maneuvering, etc, doesn't mean it's a fantasy. They were simply put to use to increase the safety of flying as without it there's a high change you'll end up dying. In games you obviously don't suffer from such constraints hence you can easily concentrate on the romanticism of the whole concept, i.e. the "fantasy" of it. But again it's no le
  7. definitely with both 7.7 and 12.7. As far as the damage you can't cause too much of it if shooting from the dead 6, unless you unload 100 rounds. Deflection shooting with precise engine hits will yield much better results. But that takes aircraft control practice and lots of it. That's really the reason I love flying it. To get a kill with the 50 cals you must get on someone's six and stay there for some time whilst trying to land the engine hits..
  8. I think you didn't have rads open wide enough so it's the temperature that killed the engine. Next time you do it get them fully open to 100%. but again, as others have said, this will not magically get you to the 500kph. For that you need to be properly trimmed (bubble in the center and negative stab to nose down) and have the rads on 10-20% (I think, but it depends on the map). I personally don't get concerned with setting the speed records, I just fly the darn thing and try to shoot down some opponents.
  9. boost below 75% does plenty. It allows for quick vertical chases without 2-3 second lag for the rpms to kick in, i.e. the rpm's are set to 2500 at that point so it keeps climbing very nicely. my comments though are limited to the dog fights (Berloga), I need to test it out in longer missions. I'm pretty sure your hints will be valuable there.
  10. i did the de-lid/re-lid with the liquid metal mod to my 8700k and I can run 5ghz at ~55-59C at 1.28v in prime95 at 100% for about an hour. Before the mod it was running at 80-85C in the similar config at 1.3v. this mod is a must for 8700k in my opinion.
  11. here it is in DC Air & Space museum... with the African camo... https://airandspace.si.edu/collection-objects/aeronautica-macchi-c202-folgore
  12. You can fly boosted at 80% throttle for around 8-9 minutes. You can also fly boosted at continuous throttle (69%?) for .. i had it for 30 mins or even more.. no problems. But anything above those two introduces too many variables to get a consistent reading. Boost at 100% throttle will give you about 1.5 mins max, so just be aware of that. As far as the rads - keep them at 15-20% or lower (in winter maps). Watch the air temps and open up the rads when it's about ~100C, again, may be up to 50%. The plane itself sheds energy like crazy if you introduce snap rolls, etc. It's useful if y
  13. nope, it would only distract players from playing. You forget this a game after all. There are no consequences to your personal well being, hence the risk taking element is increased ten or 100 fold. What's the point of playing a game if you have to behave yourself like in real life. Real life is boring and full of risks. Here if lucky I'm able to shoot someone down regardless what happens to me. Even in the current form this game requires a steep learning curve if you want to score some kills. Unless you're talking about TAW specifically. It's almost like you want to have a separate g
  14. they are awesome rudder pedals. Metal, compact, and precise. Set and forget type of a device but works flawlessly every time. With Soft center cam and Hard springs it's smooth like butter without any center wobble (and no deadzones set in games).
  15. are the devs looking in to the IDP issues you're having? Or the ticket is on hold until those guys get the equipment?
  16. I wouldn't mind getting rid of the technochat but some planes don't have any visual indicators for stabilizers and/or flaps extension. Yes, I guess I can count how many times the wheel has been turned to determine the necessary number of revolutions per percentage ... but how's that realistic either. MC202 has all indicators in the cockpit and this plane I fly with hud off completely. E7 comes second as I can see numbers for stabilizers by the pilot's leg and flaps are visible out of the window. But the VVS planes? Nothing in them but wheels...
  17. welp, it almost looks like a new game coming our way at the end of winter. That is just awesome!
  18. Oculus has a small opening by the bridge of your nose that you can use to peek at keyboard/buttons (nose hack lol). Coupled with a small RII keyboard I put on my hand it's a decent solution. Typing messages with one hand is quirky but at least there's a Mouse input...
  19. I think the grass is of a wrong shade as well to tell you the truth. In the summer months its more of a beige ivory variety with the sprinkles of green pine needles.
  20. unfortunately ctrl-1 is the only way what I do however is don't disable ASW (because of smoothness like u said) but assign the "hud off/on" switch to a joystick. I turn off hud when I'm in a close dog fight to get the smooth experience. It's a trade off...
  21. I like the MC.202 Series VIII. It's a very strange plane to fly, but it's so darn confusing for everyone around it that if you master it you may have an upper hand in a lot of situations. The only drawback is its armament in WOL they've disabled its awesome cannons leaving with a rain of .50 led which is good but you'd need to hang on the enemy's 6 for a wee bit longer compared to couple of massive nuclear hits with 20mm.
  22. Look at it as a simple challenge for your imagination. Just pretend that your plane hasn't been serviced in the past 1,500 hours due to intense and never ending scrambles and intercepts. And the mission you're currently playing is the 'last' mission allowed by the service record. Baby your engine and you'll be alright.
  23. I don't agree with you. Super sampling is absolutely not AntiAliasing. It's two completely different technologies destined for obtaining two different goals. AA is based on a sampled signal but that's where the similarities (if you can even call them that) end. Super Sampling in VR is doing the following: - requests the GPU to render the scene at the HIGHER resolution than VR displays allow, i.e. render the image at 3840x2500 an then downsample it to 1080x1200 in Rift. - the downsampled end result will contain a lot more graphical 'density' information if you will, i.e. a lot more shadin
  24. the VR support for this game was introduced only in May of 2017, also I don't think there's any other flying sim game that offers any kind of a zoom so Il2 bringing it in even at x2 is quite a differentiator. There are some dev requests to give us x4 or x8.. but it's ultimately up to the game product management/dev to decide if it's truly needed and how much it would cost them to implement it.
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