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  1. all of the negative VR complaints from non-VR players I have ever seen where attributed to the limitation of the VR headsets themselves and were never ever about the game. So to all of the VR haters: direct all of your concerns to the suggestion boxes at Oculus and Vive headquarters.
  2. guys, why are you so rallied about his request, even if it's a duplicate. He's not a troll, nor he's doing it for any nefarious reasons. Just be nice.
  3. as some brilliant mind once suggested: "the prop simply chops the bullets up.."
  4. narrow neck beer bottles work just fine, thank you.. )
  5. i wish there was a concept of a 'squad' in Il2. So far it's a manual process where you join the server and simply ask in chat if anyone is interested in flying together. Usually we find a willing person, however trying to organize a TS/dischord session after it is borderline impossible. People don't want to exchange ts/discord links, addresses, names.. since it takes time and not everyone is proficient or even have ts/dc installed.. The only possible squad option at this point is meet up on TS prior to server login and then join to play..
  6. it was last year when I got the game because of the VR support and wanted to see if it were better than DCS. And it was. Oh how much better it was.. and still is. And I was recording every single sortie and every single skirmish, engagement and a dogfight. And then about 6-8 hours in to the game I experienced this: I'm the guy in the yak69.. This kind of immersion in VR was mind blowing. http://i.imgur.com/cQqgLCi.gifv
  7. go to Berloga. It's a must have training center for up close dog fights. It, however, is probably not a good place for a boom&zoom activity. But this place will teach you avoidance tactics very quickly.. that is if you're able to recognize the sneak attacks ... which are 99% is how you die in Berloga.
  8. i can tell you that in Il2 the ground objects appear larger than in DCS. I don't know if the size is comparable to the real-life but it is A LOT easier to sport and then shoot at tanks and cars in Il2 than in DCS. In DCS they are so tiny you barely have any time to align with them and if you manage to get one round in you feel like you succeeded in moving a mountain.
  9. you can do a dive attack and you can maneuver enough to get the guns on the target using flaps and the rudder, essentially slowing yourself down quickly. However, after such a 'boom' don't expect to 'zoom' out, i.e. this is more of a "try to hit them from the top but if it fails try to stay on their 6". Risky, but hey, it's a computer game.
  10. yup, thank you, Lefuneste! A Big One! yesterday I tried the mod without the prop and boy I wasn't expecting such smoothness in WoL... 90 fps pretty much constant.. That damn prop was robbing me some massive fps in VR!!!
  11. I'd love all of the sounds to have a bit more bass. While sitting in the cockpit shouldn't there's a very low sub-base vibration in the frame due to the massive running engine in the nose? Yes, it's perfectly balanced, etc, but there still must be some sub bass present. Right now when I'm sitting in the 109 with the idling engine it sounds like a freaking moped.. lol
  12. :D I guess my joke didn't work.. I did equate it to VR.. lol
  13. I've had myopia (short sightedness) since I was in 2nd grade. I got lasik 5 years ago. It's been great. Then I tried VR .. and it's like my myopia days are back. I miss them very much. The world is so soft with myopia. So that's why I enjoy my VR setup.
  14. what are you IPD settings for Rift in the mod? it's an interesting observation you're stating, I want to try it out your way to see if there's a difference.. i don't particularly have a frame of reference to the cockpit sizes, never been in one..
  15. don't recommend it. Check the VR section (in hardware/controllers), you'll find a lengthy topic about this device. There's an Inter-Pupilar Distance (IDP) issue where the game renders the left/right eye pictures too far apart, which screws up the scale in-game. Someone reported this can be fixed with a 3dmigoto mod, however it doesn't work for everyone apparently. Also, the lenses in the Samsung headset are of a different focal profile so the picture albeit a little bit sharper in the center it is however more blurrier in the periphery compared to Oculus. Either stick with Rift/Vive or wait fo
  16. Give this mod a try. It'll give you +5 zoom which is a godsend for the VR users. You won't need any markers after that. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/30556-3dmigoto-mod-vr/ easy to install (just copy files), the only thing is if you want to assign a joystick button to the mod zoom then you will need to use a Joy2Key program (free, https://joytokey.net/en/)to map a keyboard binding (from the mod config, usually Alt+arrow_Up) to the joystick button of your desire.
  17. i got a 1080ti that was aircooled out of the box. With my horrible PC case I had it running at 80C, which in its turn introduced a very nasty thermal throttling. In my subjective opinion the temperature of NVidia cards has a lot more to do with the performance than anything else such as power or overclocking. If power is maxed out and OC is maxed and the card is stable then you won't get any microstuttering if the temperature is below the thermal throttling gate. What that thermal throttling gate is different from card to card. So I just bought a custom water cooling plate for it, hooked i
  18. tried it out.. yup.. awesome mod! the x5 zoom actually makes it a lot more competitive in the mp campaigns.. I can see what to bomb/where and also don't enter zones with hot enemy 4v1 fights.. lol.. definitely a must have mod for VR now. The x5 zoom is a bit awkward but it's totally and utterly overpowered by its usefulness!
  19. thank you! i'm not sure I understand what key is for zoom 5 ? Key = ALT no_shift no_ctrl VK_UP what is VK_UP? ah, never mind.. found it in: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/dd375731(v=vs.85).aspx so the combination is ALT+cursor UP
  20. i've been quietly tracking this mod for a while. After this statement I'm ready to test it out! That being said, is there a sample 'default' config I can use? Or What is your recommended config for this mod? It seems (based on the main post) there are no color changes in the default, nor any Zoom bindings... Can you paste your config sections that change colors and zoom?
  21. Piekarz, yup, I agree wholeheartedly with your clutch design comments. I even went as far as applied a very very thick layer of silicon and synthetic grease on the surfaces of the clutch plastic pieces and it still couldn't smooth out the 'stickiness' feel. So I simply loosened them completely. Also, for the GunFighter Pro owners new and old: - in my opinion there's a design flaw in a Pitch roller assembly. - the main bolt that holds the roller bearing (bearing that works against the the pitch cam) is not rigid enough to withstand the pushing forces when equipped with 2 x 50 spring
  22. I think you need to look at the big picture here. Today we already have a lottery built in to our experience with IL-2. And that lottery comes to us in a silicon form. I.e. silicon lottery in connection with our CPU's and GPU's affects our ability to over-clock the performance of our pc's, that in the end affects the performance of the game that in the end affects the performance of our aircraft. so.. there.. adding an artificial in-game lottery will only test our patience and nothing else.
  23. you and your realistic servers, guys... https://www.theonion.com/ultra-realistic-modern-warfare-game-features-awaiting-o-1819594864
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