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  1. yeah, thank you for the hint, was going to try it out next, but I saw your post in general section saying that it's not really changing anything...
  2. hi, guys, wanted to ask my fellow VRers: how does the menu UI looks for you? For me it's about half the size of the pre-patch, i.e. pretty tiny. The buttons/pictures are ok, however the text while flying is 50% of what it used to be. The UI scaling in the settings is set to %100 and can't be changed (125% and 150% are greyed out). I did set my monitor resolution to 800x600 though instead of the post-update 1200x800. What is your monitor resolution set to and is UI test looking the same as pre-patch or smaller/larger?
  3. in VR the UI is tiny, half the size of pre-update. It's not a show stopper in the menus or techno-chat. However it is pretty straining on the eyes for the server chat messages... edit: forgot to mention - i set the monitor resolution to 800x600 like in the previous patch. I noticed the recommended resolution when first launched the game was at 1200x700 or x800.. can't remember. So I lowered it to keep the impact to VR low. If the UI size is dependent on the monitor resolution then I guess i have to increase it and see if it helps. Doesn't make much sense for VR though..
  4. yup, lefuneste, looking forward to your new and improved mod, man! Even in its current 'broken' stage it's still x10 better than a vanilla IL-2. I can still have my prop disabled, get a properly sized gun-sight, and still manage to ID the targets via target zoom even without the scenery/background zoom! Goes to show the effects of modularity in your approach!
  5. maybe you can ask lefuneste for a prop disc with higher opacity? I wonder if he tried out the shader implementation for it and it brought no meaningful gains in AWS department.. but doesn't hurt to ask him :D
  6. 3Dmigoto mod by Lufeneste fixes the Prop disc (by removing it completely) and introduces a 3, 5, and x10 zooms. Well, it worked in 2.0 release, not so much in 3.001 (zoom issues), however, knowing Lefuneste's dedication I think he'll fix that soon, for which I'm eternally grateful (Lefuneste, you're the MAN!). Removing the prop disc alone with the mod gives you 5-10fps back! Or at least that's the feeling I'm getting using it! Would it be nice to have an official support from devs on this issue? Honestly, I don't know. The mod does everything very very well. And knowing
  7. hi, Raban, it's great that you're using two shakers, an interesting setup. Do you feel like the rumble follows a stereo pattern? I only have 1 shaker and was thinking about adding a second one so I can distinguish between left/right wings, especially when getting bounced by the enemy. I don't know about how well Il2 does stereo panning in the bass zone, in the headphones it sounds pretty mono to me...
  8. I had it yesterday first time clicking on Oculus Home. My reaction was "wtf.". clicked ok, tried again.. and no more message. I suggest reinstalling the patch, or re-installing the whole Oculus environment.
  9. there's a binding in d3dx.ini file inside \game folder: [Key4] ; toggle sight reduction ; 0 : original sight ; 1 : reduced sight ; 3 : no sight Key = no_modifiers k type = cycle y = 3.0, 0.0, 1.0 may be replace k with another key or delete altogether?
  10. uh.. didn't we talk about noobs here. ? My whole point is about the vvs first time players going to this server expecting a noob friendly experience. And you come by and throw all this veteran logic at me. :D . For noobs the Normal = noob. Whereas in reality this server is far worse than the non-iconed one. And who do you think make this server a non-noob? You. The 'veterans'. You have the experience in energy retention and ability to see your opponent at any time, which you don't have playing on "hard". So technically all veterans playing on normal servers against noobs are dou
  11. alt u doesn't work with HDR on? Ok, so that's the reason why it's not working on my side. However it's only applicable to 7.2, as it works fine with 7.1 But it's not a big deal, I modified the global parameter to 0 so it's all good. I did, however, noticed that 7.2 gives me the lower fps compared to 7.1. I wonder if that's because of the HDR conflict now..
  12. For the starting VVS players it's a crap server setup. Every single blue is at 5k. VVS is at the bottom. They see each other. A "non-stop b'n'z by the blue" is more of an appropriate name for this server, or "wanna be blue? Come to normal Ded to learn bnz and kill all the noobs on easy mode". For inexperienced VVS players it's a crapshoot as there's no chance for an attack but only defensive actions. Once I came across a different normal server but I forgot which one it was. It had similar setup as Normal Ded but it had a ton of AI planes. I'm talking about for every human player t
  13. i have a buttkicker as well, but i couldn't buy the actual amp+transducer together as they were out of stoke for a while. So I just bought as separate bass amplifier for 100$ and added a basic 180w shaker for ~$80 I think. With Rift it's an easy set-up. 1) in windows OS make sure your internal sound card is set to default sound card, i.e. Rift should NOT be selected 2) in Oculus device settings (for the actual head unit) select Sound thru Rift headphones, then check the 'mirror to system sound card'. The added immersion is extremely positive. - On take of
  14. yeah, it's easy. 1) in windows control panel/sound make sure the Soundcard is set as default sound device 2) in Rift in device settings set audio to Rift but with 'mirror to audio card' 3) plug in jetseat in audio card. that way you'll have sound in rift headphones + all the yummy body rumbling from the jeatseat.
  15. yup, using the same left alt u as in version 7.1 .. but not working in 7.2 for some odd reason. thank you for the hint on which variable to change!
  16. hi, lefuneste, i tried the 7.2 version and noticed the 'Alt u' for color fix doesn't work/change anything in Rift anymore. Is this an expected behavior? In previous 7.1 version it works fine as I liked the 'darker' image much better.
  17. lol, the good ol' IT screw up. However, I suspect, IT knew bout the cert expiration, requested to purchase a new cert and it was delayed in procurement until the last moment. or IT screwed up. it's 50/50 with these things. it's still amusing that shit like this can happen even at Facebook. Ha.
  18. interesting, for some reason this particular option wasn't working at all at first, and then only started working inside the plane. May be I had a conflict in the bindings somewhere... hmm.. well.. I use j2k for a bunch of other stuff so it seemed like a good idea at the time
  19. there are 2 ways for doing it: - use the in-game Default VR view. It works ONLY when you're in the plane, so it's a bit limited if you want to be able to center VR view in the menu, i.e. u can't. - use joy2key to map the Num5 to any button on the joystick. It works everywhere in menus/game/plane and I recommend this option wholeheartedly.
  20. simple and elegant! If you're saying it's sold then it's a golden opportunity for VR!! check your 6 with the chair swivel and continue to fly the plane backwards.. !!!
  21. i have a regular buttkicker (180watt i think) sourced from a soundcard and it adds all of the necessary physical feel attributes to the game... for me.. Now I'm trying to figure out how can a jetseat or any non-mono vibration inducer can enhance Il2. Engine is in the front.. so it either works or not.. and the output from it will be in mono anyway. I guess the landing chassis? I.e. when you can feel the ground from the left or the right landing gear? But how often do you actually need it... I guess the ONLY reason I can imagine now is when you receive enemy fire in your
  22. it's the same mod.. it's the only mod.
  23. here's the No Propeller Mod: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/30556-3dmigoto-mod-for-vr/ he also has the latest version here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ca4y4712dd44e8u/3Dmigoto_VRBOS_7.1.zip
  24. my recommendation: - get lefuneste VR mod - disable propeller in-game - don't disable ASW the above gives you the best of both worlds. 90FPS + AWS if required + no jitters with AWS whatsoever if it kicks in
  25. Lefuneste, sir, I just wanted to express my biggest thank you for the latest patch of your mod! It is by far the best change in the mod. The Zoom looks impeccable, the 'rounded' spyglass or binoculars like makes it a lot easier to find targets while zoomed in. You have done an outstanding job!!
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