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  1. right on.. and you're in wheaton! I'm in Reston. Cheers, matey! We should fly in a coop sometime! Or even, dare I say it, venture in to the a World of Hurt aka WOL. :D
  2. that's the problem with the mindset of the museum curators in general. They don't understand how the world works and how to advertise their 'product', they think people will flock to old stuff without any kind of creative incentive. Take the Mc202 in Il2 for example. I walked by it numerous times in the Washington DC air&space museum, didn't even glance at it once, didn't even acknowledge its existence. But after discovering it in IL2, flying it, fighting in it, suddenly I find myself returning to the museum just take a better look at it over and over again, learn as much as po
  3. what is this Electronic Field Locator you're speaking of? A gps plane icon on the map?
  4. oh, you're in France, I see now. Yeah, the prices outside of US are pretty steep.. I paid $400 for my 8600k. I see you went with Masterliquid Pro 240, good choice! Just inspect it for leaks before installation. If it's dry it'll run forever. Cheerios!
  5. those entrepreneur minds, I tell ya.. :D I knew a couple of little dyi'ers who decided to delve in to the hardware reseller business, but these guys you mentioned are kind of like you and me. At first i thought you meant the resellers such as newegg and alike. Anyway, these guys will build you a whole system I presume. But paying $470 for a 7700k? anyway, I get you. You want warranty. It just comes with a premium. And mind you with a very questionable support/warranty model from these shops. Especially on the modded hardware.
  6. i don't believe de-liding is being offered by any resellers. You pop that cpu cover off and you just voided the warranty. I did de-lid/re-lid of my cpu, replaced the thermal compound with a gallium one and put the cover back on. Gain 20C degrees in reduction. It's an easy project, any computer builder can do it without a sweat. I'd put the cap back-on though as applying any cooler directly on the die - you over tighten the bracket and the die goes bye-bye. But with the cap on it's just the same cpu but with the better heat transfer.
  7. you're right, and my apologies, re-reading my post it does convey a rather aggressive tone. That wasn't my intention, but you know how the technical arguments/discussions go on the intertubes. I guess my point is that AIO (all in one) water cooling solutions aren't the same breed of WC as the DIY custom loops. The AIO's are designed for a plug&play operation, extremely easy to install and come with 0 maintenance. The only reason I was recommending those is that I also do sound engineering/recording on the side and I have been building PC's since mid 90's. The quiet operation of
  8. - fluid evaporation from AI is nonsense. It's a closed loop, i.e. it has no serviceable parts/reservoirs. If it "evaporates" it means there's a leak in a system. - I've had 4 or 5 corsair closed loops systems over the span of 10 years. Not a single leak. If you get a nicely QA'd model .. or.. Corsair.. Risk is pretty close to zero. It's one of those 'set and forget you have it' - You don't need to control the pump. As a matter of fact the pump runs at the same speed most of the time. There's no specific power/control header either on the mobo's. My corsaid pump has a mini-usb port wh
  9. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=playing+rift+in+steamvr+without+oculus+home here's a direct link https://www.vrheads.com/how-prevent-oculus-home-starting-when-you-launch-steamvr
  10. yeah, any dual-fan closed loop cooling system is better than any air cooled set-up in my opinion. Especially for the delid mods. I have a corsair 100 something as well on my 8700k delid and i get a max of 50C at full load after an hour of running 95prime stress testing app.
  11. if you want better spotting then turn-off in-game AA. There's no way around it. AA blurs the aircraft pixels at high distance with landscape pixels and makes it indistinguishable. To make a 'softer' landscape select "Blurry" for landscape filter. That way the aircraft pixel will stand-out on the blurred landscape. Don't expect magic here, but the above definitely helps.
  12. yup, and at idle on the ground it sounds like a moped :D .. And I have the bass shakers under my seat. Zero bass. Zero. :D
  13. GPU. It literally renders an image at whatever SS you set (2,000x2,000 or lower/higher) and then compresses/resizes it in to a VR 1100x1200 (or whatever it is in rift/vive) format adding tonal richness in to the final image, which increases the perceived sharpness/quality of what you see in your hmd.
  14. Lefuneste, did you update the mod files or it's still 8.0 ?
  15. in Rift I noticed that if you run in-game AA and then apply SS in Rift (or Vive) - stuff looks supper blurry. So it's either or, can't have both. Also, HDR ON helps with instrument panel text.
  16. 8.0 mod is working perfectly for me! Thank you, Lefuneste!
  17. just to add my settings for 8600k + 1080TI + Rift: - Preset HIGH - HDR ON - SSAO OFF - 4K textures ON - Shadows: Medium - Mirrors - OFF - Landscap detail - Normal - Horizon - 100km - Landscape Filter - Blurry <-- good for SP, however in MP turn it to Sharp for better spotting - Grass - normal - Clouds - Medium - Dynamic resolution - 0.9 - AA - Off completely SS in VR is set to 2.0 Rift AWS is ON I get 90 fps pretty much everywhere. However, I also use Lefuneste's 3dmigoto mod and turn off the
  18. yeah, thank you for the hint, was going to try it out next, but I saw your post in general section saying that it's not really changing anything...
  19. hi, guys, wanted to ask my fellow VRers: how does the menu UI looks for you? For me it's about half the size of the pre-patch, i.e. pretty tiny. The buttons/pictures are ok, however the text while flying is 50% of what it used to be. The UI scaling in the settings is set to %100 and can't be changed (125% and 150% are greyed out). I did set my monitor resolution to 800x600 though instead of the post-update 1200x800. What is your monitor resolution set to and is UI test looking the same as pre-patch or smaller/larger?
  20. in VR the UI is tiny, half the size of pre-update. It's not a show stopper in the menus or techno-chat. However it is pretty straining on the eyes for the server chat messages... edit: forgot to mention - i set the monitor resolution to 800x600 like in the previous patch. I noticed the recommended resolution when first launched the game was at 1200x700 or x800.. can't remember. So I lowered it to keep the impact to VR low. If the UI size is dependent on the monitor resolution then I guess i have to increase it and see if it helps. Doesn't make much sense for VR though..
  21. yup, lefuneste, looking forward to your new and improved mod, man! Even in its current 'broken' stage it's still x10 better than a vanilla IL-2. I can still have my prop disabled, get a properly sized gun-sight, and still manage to ID the targets via target zoom even without the scenery/background zoom! Goes to show the effects of modularity in your approach!
  22. maybe you can ask lefuneste for a prop disc with higher opacity? I wonder if he tried out the shader implementation for it and it brought no meaningful gains in AWS department.. but doesn't hurt to ask him :D
  23. 3Dmigoto mod by Lufeneste fixes the Prop disc (by removing it completely) and introduces a 3, 5, and x10 zooms. Well, it worked in 2.0 release, not so much in 3.001 (zoom issues), however, knowing Lefuneste's dedication I think he'll fix that soon, for which I'm eternally grateful (Lefuneste, you're the MAN!). Removing the prop disc alone with the mod gives you 5-10fps back! Or at least that's the feeling I'm getting using it! Would it be nice to have an official support from devs on this issue? Honestly, I don't know. The mod does everything very very well. And knowing
  24. hi, Raban, it's great that you're using two shakers, an interesting setup. Do you feel like the rumble follows a stereo pattern? I only have 1 shaker and was thinking about adding a second one so I can distinguish between left/right wings, especially when getting bounced by the enemy. I don't know about how well Il2 does stereo panning in the bass zone, in the headphones it sounds pretty mono to me...
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