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  1. sorry, mate, I flew on Rift before so can't compare...
  2. this is where it comes thru for IL2: *** Another place where the Vive Pro’s new resolution really shines is on highly optimized and well textured content. I was tempted back into Valve’s The Lab (2016) and felt like I was looking at some of the game’s subtle details with brand new eyes, like the wall of gauges in ‘Aperture Science Robot Repair’ (next to the drawers) and the birds flying high over ‘Vesper Peak’. *** in MP I no longer need 3dmigoto x5/x10 zoom for dogfights. The built-in x2 zoom is enough, or even that sometimes isn't needed. And by far the cooles
  3. thank you, that actually makes a lot of sense!
  4. honestly I haven't seen a single setting in steamvr that calls out 45fps. I think it's more of a back-end processing result rather than anything specific.
  5. that's a cool trick, lefuneste! Thanks, man! btw, I'm using VivePro and the new sections you've introduced in to the config (offsets for rift/vive/pimax) are very useful, that is truly appreciated, sir!
  6. nope, not at all. With RIFT aws would distort it like crazy, however with Vive - no such thing.
  7. vive has the "reprojection" in the developer settings, I have to have it on in MP. Without it the game is simply unplayable, just jitters like crazy.
  8. - it's not sensitive to movement.. at least it's not something that I've noticed - by sweet spot I mean when you look in the 'center' of the view it's all in focus, and so is around the center, but when you start going off to the sides (up/down/left/right) with your eyes without moving your head the image becomes blurry pretty quick. In rift I could pretty much glance away from the center with my eyes and still more or less see the objects in focus without moving my head. In vive you need to move your head to keep the object of interest in focus. I don't know if it's just a pe
  9. got my Vive Pro yesterday. I can say it definitely has a huge WOW factor about it! Wow: - Il2 looks like a new game now. The resolution bump is simply put - awesome! - I can see 50 cal bullets now.. and how they rip the enemy apart! - spotting (!) is a lot.. a lot easier. Them enemy dots are very clear in the distance... - the screen door effect has been greatly reduced so the scenery looks a lot, a lot smoother! - the satellite sensors aren't USB controlled, so there's absolutely no tracking issues with the headset in a dogfight when I have to
  10. monitor brightness/gamma/color settings on the VR hdmi port? Wasn't it 'fixed' by nvidia so you can no longer do it? 3dmigoto mod adds some color fix to the vr palette if you want to try it out..
  11. wait till you start seeing more of the glorious VivePro reviews.. I have a feeling you'll change your mind .. I'm almost there already.. :D
  12. hi, JimTM, my bad, I wasn't looking straight with SP it seems. It's there. however, on Training Server 72ag or any other MP server for that matter the selection is gone. There is a blank space (under fuel) that doesn't show anything anymore.
  13. hi, guys, yesterday, we tried to do some acrobatic formation flying on the Training Server 72ag and I realized we can no longer select the Smoke load-out instead of the ammo. I thought it was a server problem, so I tried other training ones and none was available there either. I didn't see it as a selectable option in the quick mission either.. Couldn't find anything about in the forum search. A bug? Acrobatic smoke in VR is glorious.
  14. they canceled my pre-order for MCG I placed in October. That's pretty much the nail in the coffin for VKB in my book.
  15. interesting, I never paid attention to this fact, will see if that's truly the case... I think it's the only machine in the game that behaves like this. It's still somewhat controllable but very unstable and completely noncompetitive.
  16. what becomes extremely noticeable is the affect of any level of compromise on the wing surfaces. Be it a small bullet whole or a 20cm2 rip. The aircraft dramatically loses speed and any advanced maneuverability.
  17. I oc'ed my 6700k to 4.9 using a corsair water aio water cooler... Honestly I didn't any difference in Il2 performance between 4.7 and 4.9.. then I went to 8700k at 4.9ghz (pre il2 patch v3), and it just improved the performance during the crowded campaign scenes.... improved as in it became flyable, but not like it was a "wow, it's butter smooth 90fps" improvement.. maybe gained 10-15fps at most.
  18. yup, it's a Rift, by the way. Even filter=off has a lot of shimmering. And i tried on Balanced, High, and Ultra. It's all the same.
  19. yeah, the more I test 3.001 the more I see how vastly different its shader implementations. The setting I used in 2.001 no longer apply in any shape or form. For example, using "landscape filter = sharpen" produces extremely horrible shimmering for long distance scenery, it's completely unusable. Counterintuitively, MSAA is now a must if you want to get any ability of spotting the enemy, it's totally backwards to 2.001. And to my surprise the MSAA is actually not taxing my GPU much (1080ti) so I run it at max x4 setting.
  20. for me (east coast usa) WOL becomes unplayable if it has 55+ players. It's weird. If it's under 55 then each player is moving smoothly, but as soon as one extra guy joins in half the players start to teleport, etc...
  21. yes, I see the difficulty you're faced with. well, there's a manual created by @Myscion that lists all keyboard bindings in the beginning and then covers each plane's cockpit/operating guidelines. http://www.moddb.com/games/il-2-sturmovik-battle-of-stalingrad/downloads/box-quick-guide-v2-8 I guess if you could just list the specifics for the .jpg file itself, i.e. what's the best font type, size, and picture resolution/size to use for the best output in VR, where to place the file, etc. After that I'm sure some folks will find use for this feature.
  22. so, your O function can recognize which plane you're sitting in and pull up the appropriate .jpg file? That'd be super awesome!
  23. why do you guys want to pay 160$ for something that can be made for half the price? Plus you'll enjoy the DIY factor a lot more than clamping on the pre-fabbed expensive plug'n'play stuff. Here what you need: - bass shaker: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0002ZPTBI/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 - bass amp: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B072KDNW3F/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 - power supply for the bass amp: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074J81XRB/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s01?ie=UTF8&ps
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