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  1. i went from 6700k/1080ti to 8700k/2080ti two years ago and it was a substantial gain as well, from that experience I fully agree with your observations. Mine is a bit different.. yup, i'm waiting on Fenris to post his VR benchmarks...
  2. and here I'm sitting with my oc'ed 8700k (5.1ghz) and oc'ed 2080ti (2100mhz) wondering if upgrading to 5900X is worth the effort and fps gains in IL2 in VR. i need stable 90fps in VR on either Balanced or High with High shadows and High Clouds in a fur ball of 15-20 planes. Is it even possible nowadays? anyone? Bueller? bueller ?
  3. the issue with the faulty memory hw is that it can potentially corrupt the core files and the chipset drivers. If you're up to it you can run the Windows Debugging tool and poke in the crash dump files. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/drivers/debugger/debugger-download-tools, If you replaced the faulty memory and don't get any more bsod's then it'll a bit difficult to find the culprit as there are likely no more dumps, it'll be a needle in a haystack. To be on a safe side you can either a) manually reinstall all of the drivers, i.e. chipset, video, sound, networ
  4. adding to what @SCG_Fenris_Wolf already said you can check the below article out if you're using a license with a product key, there are couple of commands to remove the key from the local installation. However it's really only applicable if you have both the OLD machine and the NEW machine running at the same time. If you're not, i.e. If you're simply upgrading your machine to a diff mobo/cpu/memory then the commands mentioned in the article aren't needed. The article is still worth looking at as it shows you the actual local windows commands for license management. https://www.wi
  5. hi there, Wolf, i'm very much interested in your build. Did you finally happen to run the VR benchmark test ?
  6. check out this topic, the last 2 pages, it's got some pretty nice info on the AMD upgrades and how it impacts the IL2 fps' in VR.
  7. I tried running it at 60hz but the white flicker was way too intrusive. It felt like I was sitting in a room with a malfunctioning fluorescent neon light.
  8. awesome conversation you guys are having... I've got an aging 8700k ... wondering where to go, what to get. AMD surely is a mesmerizing choice. Except way back I've had a GPU's fail on me twice (hw issue), and 50% chance of the drivers working with every driver update (sw issue). Scary stuff. Well, extremely inconvenient. Intel is a safe bet as she's a girl you take to a +1 event. AMD is a super hottie you meet at the event and wonder why she's there all alone...
  9. 1) launch IL2 in VR 2) alt+tab out of the game to desktop 3) press win+Y, mouse comes back to the desktop 4) alt+tab back in to the game
  10. this actually can become a pretty interesting mathematical experiment.
  11. perhaps i've overstated, I just played around with the IPD and tried to see how close I could get the lenses to my eyes, pulling the hmd away from the face made it look even more narrower.. It'd be awesome if we had a chance to replace lenses altogether, but due to all of the chromatic aberration settings per HMD I doubt they'll ever allow it. Maybe if they had dev units it'd be a bit different..
  12. nm. They are a snap on. Man, I wish these guys would make replacement lenses for G2. Adding another layer of lenses on top of the existing ones narrows an already narrow FOV of G2. - In my VivePro the FOV = 104 - In G2 the FOV = 94 if you add the corrective lenses on top of it you'll lose another 5 degrees or so. Dang.
  13. maybe it's me who has the tremors and G2 simply makes it visible to me ๐Ÿ˜„ But in any case it's not there in VivePro, so there's gotta be some micro-shaking smoothing/deadzone calibration of sorts in the software..
  14. even with HMD there's a strange behavior in regards to tracking. - with VivePro when I put on the HMD on the picture is rock solid - with G2 I have a strange sense that there are micro-shakes, almost like 'tremors', but after wearing the headset for 5-10 minutes the sensation vanishes. I suspect the VivePro has some sort of a 'deadzone' calibration for these shakes, i.e. it simply doesn't register these minute micro vibrations. Whereas with G2 there isn't such a deadzone, but luckily the brain kicks in 5 minutes later and performs the natural calibration.. ๐Ÿ˜„
  15. so it's a "per game" setting, not a global one and I was looking a the global config... d'oh.. My next "want" is for someone to retrofit GearVR lenses to G2. The current lenses sweet spot is quite large at around ~40%-50% of the lens, however with GearVR it can be all the way 90-95%. Having Fresnel lens as a go-to optics for all HMD manufacturers is baffling.
  16. huh.. how strange.. Ok, thank you for the pointers! ๐Ÿ˜„ I'll give it a try.
  17. @dburne did you find the place where the Motion Smoothing is actually configured? I was playing with G2 yesterday and the "WMR for SteamVR" client doesn't have Motion Smoothing in Video or anywhere in the client. I know I set the MS in SteamVR client when I was using VivePro, however I can no longer launch SteamVR client by itself to check the settings, it automatically launches the WMRSteamVR client...
  18. it's ok if the invulnerable guns are around the airfield, i.e. it's clear and obvious. But the guns around the tank spawn aren't exactly obvious, it's just an empty field with 3 AA guns and 4 defense U positions, i.e. it could be anything. the temp airfield protection is a contested topic, I'm not getting in to that one. ๐Ÿ˜„ However, it would help if there was an early warning of an approaching aircraft ready to spray your parking spot, i.e. maybe some small SMG firing or something. Because right now you spawn in and it's dead quiet.. and suddenly you're ded. D.E.D.
  19. oh you got it already? grats! How's the extra pixels? I hope they are as great as the reviewers are raving about them! edit: never mind, found your anguish in another post. ๐Ÿ˜„ I'm glad you were able to get it all set up! Enjoy the clarity!
  20. hi, @LLv34_Temuri the introduction of the invulnerable AA causes quite a confusion during the attacks, specifically because it's not exactly clear where its placement is. Yesterday I ended up trying to destroy it 3 or 4 times before I had a light bulb moment. Couple of requests/suggestions: 1) Is there anyway you guys can mark it on the map? 2) Or add a blue/red smoke near it? 3) make it destroyable and then respawn it within 10-30 seconds? (no need to count the points for it) I'm not sure if any of the above options are feasible, but wanted
  21. yeah, my unit is on the way as well, delivery on Tuesday the 17th... order was placed on 13th of July.
  22. cool, mine was 5 days later on the 13th.. congrats!
  23. if you don't mind me asking when did you pre-order? mine was in July and the status is "backordered".
  24. I think this topic is slowly turning in to a similar post way back when the folks were asking about modelling the engine failures due to manufacturing defects and the state of the local mechanics serving the aircraft at the AF next to the front lines. Too much of uncertainty and lack of any empirical data other than some basic anecdotal evidence. I'm with you guys and I think my quest for the WWII authenticity should take a completely different path. cheers dw. edit: granma
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