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  1. sure, I've used the v9 of the gasket from the link on the first page of this topic (from @chiliwili69 ): https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4666466
  2. in my personal experience: - the HMD and the factory plastic gasket+padding already give you the maximum Horizontally displayed FOV of the HMD - removing the factory plastic gasket and sticking the padding directly on the HMD: simply brings the HMD closer to your eyes and gives you a false impression that the horizontally displayed FOV has been increased. It hasn't. It's just closer to your eyes, that's about it. You're still seeing exactly the same pixels as with the gasket. However, with this setup you get a bump in a vertical FOV. The factory plastic gasket ind
  3. 1) the increased resolution is really nice, man. With MSAA x2 and native g2 steamvr resolution (2100x2200 sic!) there's very little shimmer on High preset. Definitely a step up in the right direction 2) the cons are the horizontal FOV is reporting 94 in-game. The only downside of this FOV is looking at your 5-6-7 o'clock where I need to make an extra effort to rotate my head + my upper torso to get a clearer image. 3) the vertical FOV is also pretty low, however this is fixable with the 3rd party plastic gasket (above). I think this fix alone is worth getting G2 and ado
  4. I got the same printed gasket. However: - the plastic gasket itself stands away from the hmd the same distance as the original, i.e. there's no horizontal FOV increase. I even shortened the four stand offs by 4mm, but that didn't make any difference either. - There's a significant Veritcal FOV increase and that is an excellent change. I didn't realize how bad the vertical fov is with the original gasket. It feels a lot less claustrophobic now. tldr: Mod=increased vertical FOV=Awesome.
  5. it definitely sounds "cooler", almost like the exaggerated spaceship sounds from the Hollywood blockbusters. Probably not realistic though.. probably.. edit: Frankly I don't understand the dilemma. So far I saw the reason not to give us the effects volume sliders is due to some unicorn cheating, a.k.a. hear the planes on your 6. But we can already hear them if we open the canopy. I feel like there may be a logical way to fix this 'cheat', i.e. lower the outside sounds by 90% when canopy is closed, regardless of the slider's position on the volume specter.
  6. yup, highly recommend everyone get a buttkicker and enjoy the sub base rumble of every plane in the game. It adds so much to the immersion factor that I can no longer fly without them... All of the engine volume level "shortcomings" will be more than made up by the sub base rumble, I guarantee it. The Emil E-7 in this configuration sounds down right menacing.
  7. This is brilliant. But a metal KG12 would've been better. ๐Ÿ˜„
  8. thank you for finding this solution, @chiliwili69 ! I was hoping someone would engineer a closer gasket and this is it! in US I found a print service where it'll get built + shipping for a total of $20.. ( craftcloud3d.com ) I used to order parts from 3dhubs.com but they've implemented a minimum $60 order, which gets added to any work item below $60... very strange indeed.. anyway, I hope things are on the level in your country.
  9. Personally, the new sounds are excellent. I think the critique coming from the unsatisfied players is based on the fact that everyone has their own immersion levels. If you look at the car simulators (Dirt rally, Project Cars, iRacing, etc) they all have at least 2 sound modifiers for, i.e. a) effects b) engine, which allows the player to set them to the levels they feel represents their reality. You have already introduced the Radio volume modifier. Why not go a bit further and add guns, engine, wind, effects, etc volume modifiers? In the Telemetry they a
  10. the ones I remember: la-5fn p39 spit (v and xi) p47 p38
  11. btw, if like me this win+Y is driving you crazy you can disable the mouse lock here: set it to Manual here: Settings > Mixed Reality > headset display > Input switching > Manual after that it'll never lock the mouse up, it'll behave like rift/vive/non-wmr headset.
  12. honestly it'll do little for getting the wider FOV, but it'll surely help with the nose gap so you can see a keyboard. The current G2 facepad is pretty annoying in that regard. ๐Ÿ˜„
  13. when I set the 100% in global video it set the per-application to the same 100% resolution, i.e. pixel count was the same. my 8700k/2080ti can't pull your graphics settings, especially the grass.. it'd be lovely though, I bet. Wondering why you turned off the shadows though? It makes the ground look at lot more believable, more than the grass.
  14. I did a quick test yesterday with my G2. - 100-110% gets rid of the jaggies, other than that the center view (sweet spot) doesn't change. - where it does visibly change is when you're trying to check your 6 twisting your neck 90 degrees and trying to make out the contact with the corners of your eyes. The picture seems marginally better.... less dispersed so-to-speak... don't think the fps drop is worth of this additional clarity, at least not with my current config. I can always pan further with my body to get a clear image of the six.
  15. ah crap, and I ordered the MSI tomahawk.. dang.. I guess i need to get a pcie usb controller to boot.. ๐Ÿ˜„
  16. you'll need to check the motherboard specs for this specific RAM. But overall I wouldn't recommend re-using it. It's old, but most importantly it's slow. It'll create all sorts of bottlenecks with gen3 AMD cpu's. All the gains you get with new 5600(x) cpu will be negated by this very old and slow ram.
  17. pity, it's a Z170 chipset, otherwise you could've upgraded to 8700k cpu for cheap and get 20-30% bump in performance just from that. You could still go to 7700k with your mobo but dropping $400 for 15% bump is questionable..
  18. 5600x or any Gen3 AMD CPU's are all sold out, so you'll either need to get it from ebay with a mark-up (+$200-$300 more), hunt for it using stock trackers, or wait till Spring time for a normal stock. what's your current mobo?
  19. they've been promising their throttle since 2017. Not gonna happen anytime soon.
  20. Avg: 89.100 - Min: 83 - Max: 92 excellente.. thank you, @SCG_Fenris_Wolf !
  21. you oc'ed the memory to 3800mhz to get to 16 CAS latency? Did you try running this benchmark using the standard 3200mhz 14CAS timings?
  22. yup, that's exactly what i'm doing, specifically waiting on Fenris to post his VR benchmark results ๐Ÿ˜„ if it's even in ~80fps ballpark for that test then AMD is definitely a pretty serious contender for the upgrade. @SCG_Fenris_Wolf hey, man, c'mon, please indulge us with your VR benchmarks! I'm itching to start buying new parts for an awesome next-gen build and the anticipation is killin' me! ๐Ÿ˜„ ๐Ÿ˜„ ๐Ÿ˜„
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