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  1. something something net code ? I wonder if it's similar to when 2 planes hit each other head on and one of them explodes whilst the other continues on his merry way. MP latency artifact. edit: granmah
  2. that's one pork bologna right there.. the existence of Minecraft and its extremely wide popularity (plus a VR support for it as well) among "younger people who are harder to impress" should tell you everything you need to know about the technological relevance to the application's popularity. It has nothing to do with it. VR is just a tool, nothing more nothing less. You can cut grass with a scythe or with an electric mower or with a 2-stroke loud-as-f^ck gas powered landscaping machine. Some folk like one type of tool, others another. To like/dislike a tool you need to
  3. in VR: was flying the FW-190 A3 yesterday and noticed that the 'hour' hand within the clock (top right of the panel) is raised a lot higher than the minute hand, it sticks out towards the pilot. Not sure it's a modeling issue or by design.
  4. I had a similar experience albeit in a bit different scenario. It's pretty rare as it only happened to me once in 3 years I've been playing this game. I was piloting the E7 and the red on my six (can't remember what plane exactly) shot the canopy off my plane.
  5. here's the P38 from Udvar Hazy air&space museum near Wash DC (VA). This would be an awesome skin to have for sure. https://airandspace.si.edu/multimedia-gallery/2004-18145hjpg
  6. not sure if in your case it was similar, here's a weird WMR bug I noticed on my side: turn on the pc physically move the G2 headset during the Windows boot log in to Windows and observe the WMR as already running (auto sensing launch). The mouse will be locked you must press Win+Y to get it back. launch Steam launch "WMR for Steam" app. Because WMR is already running Steam will launch SteamVR only run IL2 get in to any plane the headset will have 0 room to move around the cockpit, i.e. it'll be 'centered' inside the cockpit but you won't be able
  7. Personally, I've seen it only on the Finnish campaign server.
  8. What are the conditions for the occurrence of the bug? please write in the bugs and issues section. It's a bug that I've observed in MP only. In my experience the following happens: 1) join the server 2) choose an air-field and a plane (P38 was in my example) 3) press Start to spawn 4) at the spot of a spawn there are other players around your plane but you can't see their planes nor hear their planes. 5) other players/planes can see your plane at the spawn it's a strange bug.
  9. I had exactly the same experience with the Pimax 8KX and their native 4k displays (full 4k, not the upscaled ones). My IPD is 65mm and no matter what I did I couldn't setup the convergence correctly, even at its lowest IPD setting (60mm) the sweet spot/lens centers were wider by ~5 or more millimeters. I attributed it to the Pimax build quality control, and sold the unit with a disclaimer "works best on people with IPD of 70mm+" ๐Ÿ˜„ Now with G2 I don't have that problem at all. I set IPD at 65mm and both lens centers are lined up across my pupils just fine. In your case
  10. it's surprising you didn't notice much difference, I guess this proves that VR experience is even more subjective than we all think. For me flying in VivePro the night looked like a normal night: inky black. In G2 I have now the night looks gray-ish, almost like you turn up the ISO to 36,000 in a DSLR camera, it looks very noisy and it takes away from the experience big time.
  11. in VR the scenes with the full moon and burning planes is a breathtaking experience, at least with the OLED based HMD's (VivePro, Odyssey+). However, the HMD's with the LCD (Index, G1, G2) not so much.
  12. try the dusk times, 17:30 on the eastern winter maps. I haven't seen any lights from the cities, however the trains and cars definitely have their cute little lights turned on. I haven't tried the deep nights though..
  13. vehicle fidelity looks awesome! And the 20mm armored car = scary stuff for the planes..
  14. this is a bit curious, are you suggesting that VivePro performs calculations during the high SS? ๐Ÿ˜„ I'm like 99.999999999999999999 % sure it still gets the same amount of pixels from your 3080's display port regardless if your SS = 10% of 1000% ๐Ÿ˜„ on a serious note: I use a small floor fan that blows at my face/hmd during the game sessions to keep the temperature down, otherwise it's a sweat-a-thon.. highly recommended.
  15. it's great that you find it helpful, however for me personally the only thing that these pictures convey is the amount of fuzziness and blur in the pictures themselves. For me none of it translates in to actual experience in any meaningful way. I get a better informational load by reading the HMD specifications rather then looking at these pictures. Case and point: 3 years ago I had a Rift civ1. Then HTC released a VivePro headset. I looked at the "thru the lens" pictures circulating online and couldn't see any significant difference between Civ1 pictures and the VivePro
  16. I wouldn't judge any HMD based on the "thru the lens" pictures as they are completely and totally misleading: color contrast thru the lens is an utter fraud. ๐Ÿ˜„ It's because there's a camera color post processing + your monitor color processing, meaning the image you'll see when you put on the HMD will be parsecs away from your expectations ๐Ÿ˜„ image clarity in the picture is always taken through the lens' sweet spot, i.e. the picture in no way conveys the size of the sweet spot nor the amount of glare you get when you're wearing the hmd. I have G2 now and I can tell you t
  17. I had a vive-pro first, did a gearvr mod, awesome setup. Decided to pre-order Index to try it out and ended up returning it. Index: pro's: noticeable bump in vertical FOV, a barely noticeable bump in horizontal FOV con's: glare, glare galore, my gawd so much glare. Greys everywhere, no black colors. Vivepro: pro's: inky blacks, the night looks like a normal night. GearVR mod brings 100% lens clarity and a 100% lens wide sweet spot con's: a bit less of a FOV, noticeably vertical FoV. Try to fly a mission in the dusk with VivePro. You w
  18. yup, it sounds awesome upclose and during the fly by.. but then it just fades away.. but 190fw keeps on delivering those chop chop chop chop chop sounds.. ๐Ÿ˜„
  19. I started recording the ground attacks and oh boy oh boy.. FW190A's radials have such an awesome and powerful sound effect when listening to it from the ground. Particularly when the plane already zoomed by and is disappearing in to horizon. The clarity of the engine "beat" harmonics and the distinct sounds of the chopped air give out such an apocalyptic vibe it makes my hair stand. I can re-watch ground attacks and re-listen to this effect all day long. Coupled with thick engine smoke the overall scene carries a rather heavy dose of an impending doomed inevitability. i
  20. yes, I can't find in which version update it was increased, I think it was in 3.xx couple of years back. The increase wasn't dramatic, maybe 15-20%, but it made it possible to get much closer to the cockpit glass and the instrument panel than before.
  21. yup... agreed. I remember the VR implementation had: - a rather annoying sound of bumping in to the cockpit glass. It took a year of continuous complaining to get rid of it. And for the better! - even smaller "VR cockpit space bubble" than the current one. It took about a year of continuous complaining to get it looked at and ultimately increase it. And for the better! ๐Ÿ˜„
  22. yup, can confirm. I decided to take a break from the MP and started re-flying the scripted campaigns. The wing-man formation flying with the AI is pretty painful, it's possible but painful, especially if the destination is 50km away. I wonder if it's because the AI tries to maintain the designated speed, hence it's doing everything to stay within +-1km/h of the mission parameters.
  23. you guys are surely lucky with the levels of medical attention in Germany. The US healthcare is akin to buying a pair of sunglasses at a mobile kiosk in the mall. You get a receipt and a 5 minute warranty.
  24. I came to G2 from VivePro with GearVR mod, which is the best combo of ANY headset as far as the inky blacks, clarity, lack of god rays, and 100% lens wide sweet spot (similar feedback to Fenris' above). However, after using G2 for couple of weeks I got so used to the resolution bump, dramatically reduced shimmering, awesome texture details, etc, etc.. that once I put the VivePro back on it I couldn't stand the low resolution anymore and the god awful shimmering of everything... Give it couple of weeks, you'll come around.
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