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  1. 17 hours ago, Astralczar said:

    Using the Logitech G Pro quadrant. When assigning the axes for this thing in the main menu, it works like a charm, all axes recognized, all is well. Once I actually enter a mission and try to fly, no input is recognized. I have tried rebinding my keys in the mission, completely defaulting all controls and rebinding, deleting devices.txt file, and reinstalling drivers, none of it works. 


    I'm totally stuck, this issue popped up randomly, I've been using this setup for a month and only now it has quit on me. Anyone have some more troubleshooting ideas for me?



    - make sure you're not flying in Normal, i.e. assisted mode (?)


    With bindings I had a similar issue about 6 months ago. To fix it I had to uninstall and re-install the game completely (Steam version).



  2. Just now, dburne said:


    Yeah not sure any of my flight sims will end up with support for this, maybe some other VR games I play from time to time, will have to see.

    Not noticed any adverse effect from having this enabled now though.


    picked up the DCS and A8 couple of days back, started to fly it. Man, their VR performance is so bad it's discouraging. Made me appreciate the awesome work the IL2 devs do here even more!


    I know you dabble in DCS as well, wondering if your experience with 3090 is better. My 2080ti/5900x combo slice can't handle it even at 45fps reprojection mode as it's a total ghosting mess, and that's with using the shaders mod and low taxing config settings.


  3. 22 hours ago, chiliwili69 said:

    With Ryzen5xxx the trick is to run FCLK, MCLK, UCLK at the same freq and lower latencies


    do you possibly know where this information can be found?


    I have the "MSI MAG X570 Tomahawk WiFi" mobo and the F4-3600C16D-32GTZN (G.SKILL Trident Z Neo) and I have no idea how to "tighten up" the latency. All of the oc' and hw forums are filled with the pro's and their opinions without offering any actual guides on how to achieve anything. I'm just running the memory with the XMP profile, and my single attempt at modifying the SOC voltage and couple of other parameters ended up in no POST and a Bios re-flash.. 😄

  4. On 3/6/2021 at 7:35 PM, Alonzo said:

    I think I still need to do more head-to-head testing of the two headsets but when I put the Index on the comfort is good, the pixels are sharp, the FOV is good, the colors pop. The G2 just seems to be making my eyes do more work all the time, I'm a bit worried about that.


    For MP the wide FOV and better spotting of Index is hands down the right choice.


    For SP or if you like the graphics candy and accept the fact that in MP you will be owned by the sneak then G2 all the way.

  5. 33 minutes ago, 4SCT_Vespa said:

    It would be great to get an Italian pilot...and other italian birds too. MC 200 as first choice .. it was used on russian front



    compared to MC202 (my fav Top 5 plane), this one is a.. uh.. very .. very ugly..  But I suppose there's a charm in it. It's just buried somewhere deep, very very deep.

  6. 29 minutes ago, 13Nrv said:

    will it be possible to drive them with a FFB wheel ?


    why do you need a FFB for a truck that goes 20mph ? :)  but hey, to each their own..


    in the early 2000's I was playing the WRC games with a joystick. Surprisingly it worked very well as the progressive ratio of a joystick was very close to that of a wheel. I hope we will be able to assign the Joystick axis to the steering action and not just keyboard.

  7. 1 hour ago, Soilworker said:

    people's faces are all sorts of different shapes. 


    I think the Devs can treat it as a "self esteem boost" feature by giving you an excellent Hollywood facial bone structure.


    The idea here is not to be realistic. But to be perfect.




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  8. 50 minutes ago, JG7_X-Man said:

    If I may also add my cents, base on real life observation (my time in the Corps, Uh Rah!) the visual damage needs a little bit of tweaking.

    • The visual damage made by MG 131/50 cal rounds are about the size of MG 17/.30 cal in real life.
    • The visual damage made by 20mm rounds are about the size of MG 131/50 cal in real life.
    • The visual damage made by 30mm rounds should be 1.5x that of the 20mm round in real life.


    that all depends on the angle of the entry and the round tip, doesn't it ?  At 90 degrees the entry holes are clean and if the tip is the same the holes will barely differ. However, at 45 angle and with different tips (HE vs AP) and the amount of explosives will produce different results compared to the caliber. I suspect the devs will simplify and reduce the variables in the decals dependencies to some formula, we just need to wait and see what that "golden middle" ends up being in the end.



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  9. now this is a small step in the game development (relatively) but a giant leap in realistic presentation.  My level of excitement this year for the game has tripled! Kudos, devs!


    The amount of time I'll spend on studying every hit/impact on the airframe post mission will be enormous.


    Seriously can't wait!!!

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  10. 14 hours ago, kissTheSky said:

    Years and years of working as a diving instructor wearing clear silicon masks, I know exactly what you say, I don’t “see” what’s outside of the lenses of the mask even though it’s almost totally clear. But for whatever reason for VR I feel I need to be completely immersed. More than likely it has to do with my VR/motion sickness. I’ve had the HMD less than two weeks now, and it’s slowly subsiding. I feel if I were to “see” the real world, however small sliver it is, it may trigger “things” to make me sick 😷. 🤢😂


    gotcha, you're still growing the proverbial VR legs 😄, that's a road traveled in solitude. By the way, there is a technical method to lessen the effects of vertigo and improve the VR immersion in one go:


    - Add a bass shaker under your chair. Your brain is missing the external physical input on your body vs. what it's observing in the HMD. The bass shaker adds that missing physical input as it's tied to the game, i.e. engine vibration, airframe vibration, landing gear clunking, flaps, buffeting, guns, hits, explosions, etc.

    - If you don't know what a Bass Shaker is, in simplest terms it's just a low frequency speaker, that's really it. The speaker is called a low frequency transducer, it needs to be powered by a small amplifier. The sound output from your computer sound card is the input in to the Amp/bass shaker.  There are all-in-one systems (like ButtKicker Gamer2), or you can build your own with parts from Amazon:  a) low frequency speaker/transducer + b) bass amplifier (50-100w) + c) speaker wiring.



    1) without software:  just pipe the game sound output directly in to the bass shaker amp/transducer. In SteamVR you can enable the Sound Mirroring, i.e. you will hear the game in the HMD headphones, and then SteamVR will mirror the sound to your computer soundcard so you can output it in to the bass shaker. Con: you'll only experience engine noise/vibration and guns firing, i.e. only the stuff that you can hear with your ears, you'll also feel it thru the shaker.


    2) with software: buy  SimShaker software (SimShaker - Wings , look in SimShaker group under Hardware in this forum). This is an advanced setup, and ultimately the recommended way to go about this whole thing. Reason:  SimShaker adds buffeting effect, ground effects (landing gear), buffeting effects, G-force overload (you start feeling it before the screen darkens), and other effects, INDEPENDENT from the game sound you hear in the HMD headphones. It does it via the game telemetry output. You'll simply designate the computer sound card as the output (whilst using HMD headphones for the game sounds to your ears), and it'll drive the shakers that way.


    DM me if you need any more details, or hints, or procedures, anything..




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  11. 39 minutes ago, kissTheSky said:

    small gap in the nose cover would diminish the VR experience


    first gen HMD's all had the nose gap. It is a personal preference no doubt, however realizing that an "Inattentional/perceptual blindness" is a real thing you'll be surprised to learn that after 3-5 minutes of a constant staring at the VR picture your brain will complete ignore the nose gap and won't integrate it in to a final picture. After that the only drawback is the light bleed, however that solely depends on the size of the gap. The bleed from a 3-5mm gap is unnoticeable for me.


    it's just another option 😄





  12. 1 hour ago, kissTheSky said:

    With practice, and a very strategically placed keyboard


    my setup:


    1) get a mini blue-tooth keyboard (like Rii brand or similar)

    2) strap it to your wrist with some velcro

    3) make a small nose gap opening in the headset so you can see your wrist


    it's a much better setup than relying on the see thru low resolution cams.  I've been using this setup for 4 years now.

  13. that's cool, I'm glad they're making the replacement "facial interface" parts, i.e. gaskets.


    @dburne thank you for the tip on this part. How does it feel in regards to the vertical FOV?  The original gasket is way too restrictive imho, so I'm using a 3rd printed replacement, albeit without magnets, etc, it's pretty lame. But it does give me an increase in vertical FOV. When I do a side to side comparison between the original and the 3d printed you can easily notice a much larger vertical opening.

  14. 38 minutes ago, chiliwili69 said:

    More along the lines, my first VR flight exactly 6 years ago, it was as good to leave IL-2. But returned when they did VR.



    you were one of the lucky ones to manage to get the DK's from Oculus!


    "From now on, there will be "a before" and "an after" in all my thinking about flight simulators." 


    😄 Right on!

  15. 14 hours ago, shrubbo said:

    The real problem is that some people expect those triple screen setups to be jammed into something the size of a scuba goggle a bit too soon


    you're spot on. It's the lack of historical knowledge and understanding of the technological advancement and its hurdles in the VR development is the main reason people expect magic from VR.


    There's a very high chance that we do sound like a couple of boomers with their "when I was your age I was walking to school 10 miles uphill in both directions", however there is absolutely no exaggeration in making such statements when it comes to the technology we lived through these years.


    I remember seeing VR in movies (Johnny Mnemonic and others) and I couldn't wait for VR to become mainstream. 


    Then in 2014 on youtube I saw some guy testing out the first Oculus DevKit1 in DCS in his basement (not a company demo room). When instead of using the hat switch or the keyboard he actually used his whole body/head (with 1:1 movement ratio) to lean out of the p51 cockpit so he could see the runway while landing, then briefly checked his instruments, verified both ailerons and elevators are working correctly I screamed: "wow!! this is it!! how?  how do I get my hands on this???".


    Then 2 years later I was already using the CIV1 and giggling like an elementary school kid. I still remember my first lawndart in to the ground in DCS. It was so vivid, scary as hell, the realization of the inevitability of death, yet somehow super exciting.


    Ah, the memories. VR 5 years ago feels like the ancient history. 😄

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  16. On 3/1/2021 at 2:37 PM, JG1_Wittmann said:

    What  boost system we do not have available  is the R4    GM1  kit (Nitrous Oxide )   Now this kit would provide  a serious step up in HP,  in addition  and not  reliant on the supercharger,  in addition to the supercharger.   The field kit was produced  and available for field install.




    NAAAWWSS you say?


    damn, son, those LW's will be living 1/4 mile at a time. The Fast and the Furious style.


  17. 4 minutes ago, TP-Bloomster said:


    I take your point but there are just too many instances of strange tank damage behaviour at the minute and I think as per other areas it needs some love. Invisible Objects, Catastrophic explosions, now this, it just feels like its a Beta product not the finished article.


    it's definitely upsetting, more so for the Tank players in MP as your time to get to the action can be considerably longer compared to the airplane pilots. The litmus test (usually brought up by the veterans & devs) is if this can be experienced in SP. If not then it's in the netcode.

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