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  1. yup, trying to man a turret in a bomber in VR is impossible beyond 15 degrees from the center. The VR limit view conflicts with the requirement to stay behind the gun sights.
  2. yup... pretty much all of the planes without access doors a fatal in that respect.. So far it's P39 and MkIX that have them.. everything else = death.
  3. the pimax 5K+ in the latest pitools introduced a software based IPD adjustment. I tried it out and it works.. it does modify something that adjusts the picture to your IPD offset making the viewing comfortable and without strain. I have no idea how it's implemented, but whatever their concept is it is definitely working... One can hope that HP will produce something similar. But the ultimate test for any VR headset is always: 1) buy it 2) try it 3) keep or return it. It's very subjective and personable.
  4. hi, Jason, I'm waiting on the NLR guys to let me know when they add support to NLR Motion Platform v3, that's what I have in my house. As soon as it's available I'll test it out and post the results.
  5. did you change anything in the color saturation department? Or contrast? I tried the 121 beta pitools yesterday. It has contrast/brightness adjusters, but it doesn't even come close to color richness with vivepro. Are there some other tools/tweaks on top of pitools you did?
  6. it's in a different file "user_keymapping_zoom.ini" [Key8] ;Global Shift toogle ; Key = ALT no_shift no_ctrl VK_LEFT Key = ALT no_shift no_ctrl VK_DELETE type = cycle ; modify here the first value for global shift x6 = 0.008, 0.0 The 0.008 makes it look like a Jumbo Jet in my VivePro. I had to drop it to 0.003 to get a realistic scale. ๐Ÿ˜„
  7. 3dmigoto mod (without mods on) allows you to do it as well. It's fun to set it up so wide that mc202 appears like a jumbo jet from the inside.. ๐Ÿ˜„
  8. it's exactly the same one I have. I've reached out to their engineering department to take a look at the IL2 published motion protocol feed, exchanged couple of e-mails with them, I think they're currently looking in to it...
  9. yeah, the optics is pretty counter-intuitive. I'm not sure if it's a thing with GearVR lense specific focal length, or shape of a lense... Anyway, in my opinion until you put it on and try it for yourself don't hold any high expectations for any advertised implementations. ๐Ÿ˜„
  10. unfortunately, I don't believe that's the case, purely from my own experience with VivePro. The original Fresnel lenses in vPro had a horrible sweet spot, very tiny. However the IPD adjustment within the headset didn't seem to affect anything as far as the viewing comfort went. I switched to GearVR lenses. Sweet spot is ~90% of the lense. And the IPD adjustment is extremely important, i.e. if it's not set close to your requirement you will feel cross-eyed when taking off the headset..
  11. thank you for a reality check on this periphery hardware. I'm jealous that you have access and get to try out all of the current offerings at the expo. So, in your opinion, is Racing Cube a better fit for racing rather than flying? I've been researching (watching vids, reading specs) these platforms and so far Racing Cube is the only one that offers 10cm of Heave (lift), which I'd think would be an indispensable asset for simulating loss of airpressue, or turbulence in the air. And the racing motion I've seen for it is crazy dynamic. However, I haven't noticed much of the "suspension simulation" with it, i.e. with a 4 corner actuator rig it's a lot more pronounced than on a 3 pointer system like racing cube..
  12. I got a Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard strapped to my left hand while in VR. You can see it through a gap between the VR headset and the face... plus a bunch of buttons on the HOTAS, but I keep forgetting them anyway..
  13. I've reached out to a Next Level Racing to see if they can build a plug-in support for the NLR Motion Platform v3 software. Had to explain to them the "Great Battles" mentioned in the document is the overall name for Il2 Battle of Stalingrad, Moscow, Kuban, etc.. because they couldn't find "Il2 Great Battles" game title for sale anywhere on Steam or Il2 site. ๐Ÿ˜„ anyway, I'll update if/once they provide any working prototype for the platform.. not sure how long that'll take.
  14. awesome! I have a NLR motion platform v3, it's a 2xDoF though, the IL2 doc shows it supports a 3rd axis (sway).... all i need is a simtools app to try to figure it out..
  15. in MP the biggest hit is with High preset vs Balanced.
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