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  1. I also use RTSS with good results too, just using MSI afterburner frame times monitoring and you can see how well it work, just use RTSS with a value of 0 to monitor frame times and you ll see how big the frametimes differences are with or without this software. I don't know about your monitor, but if like me you got 60hz one, when overclocked it to 75hz with CRU , it made the frame times even shorter and the game even more smoother, but like you said in the first part of your post, this only mitigate the problem. Know there is many people with this problem , just look all the youtube video since 3.00x, and pay attention on the background when it go relatively fast or at the ground when they look left or right of the plane and flying low , you can clearly see lot of frame skipping or stuttering in most of them. good day
  2. hi @CaptaPraelium you surely have all the hardware needed to play the sim without performance problem, I m trying to think what else could cause this problem, maybe trying different USB port for the joystick and remove all non essential USB connectors from your computer but the joystick for test, and surely I d would use MSI_util_v2.exe (run as administrator) to make sure usb controller are set to msi (Message Signaled Interrupts) not ISA (know when you update windows or some drivers the settings can be reverted). It s strange this happening only with BOx , Let me know if you find how to fix the problem, I m curious
  3. @kraut1 got no time before weekend to try it but look very interesting, specially when patrolling mission in PWCG, cant wait to try it, thanks to share this sir !
  4. yes, last week it happens to me one time after doing some ingame input filter adjustments , joystick was like you said over sensitive, it was impossible to aim anything , I cant remember what I done, maybe just restart my pc and problem did nt came back since.
  5. hi I d say don't install inside C:\Program Files* folders cause the UAC , better to do a custom folder for your sim and other games, like C:\Games\il2
  6. hi @CaptaPraelium what is your O/S ? hardware specs and ingame and video card settings, what cpu gpu ram vram % usage when you got those problems ? happening single player or multiplayer ? Also if you are sure the problem is caused by input lag there is some ways to reduce input lag to a minimum with a fps limiter under the monitor frame rate. https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/the-truth-about-pre-rendering-0.365860/page-12#post-5380262 https://www.blurbusters.com/howto-low-lag-vsync-on/ if this work for you and you don't want to use RTSS , you can try the nvidi inspector frame rate limiter, with ingame vsynch on or edit the startup.cfg game file frame rate line, like ( fps_limit = 59.593 , note this number depend of your accurate refresh monitor rate if you followed the guides above ) with the NVidia panel vsynch ON. all that said, I got the feeling with 400ms lag mean you got other problem than just input lag, and there is many tweaks found on the net to reduce latencies cause by drivers, bios setting like hyper threading on or off or high precision event timer on or off and the bios cpu setting like the c-state or the intel speed step etc.. , or your window settings like the power plan to high performance , the system timers or the mouse pointer precision etc... just do some search and there is many good guide to optimize your system, if you do, do a restore point before and tune your system . I got a modest 6600k running 40-60% usage with only 8g ram and a gtx 970 running 40-75% and I run all ingame setting to max, AA transparency ON with moderate density career and PWCG air density to high and ground to medium, on a monitor overclocked to 75HZ and it keep a 75fps all the time with as much or better smooth gameplay than any il2 box video I can find on youtube , unless someone got a really weak hardware the sim should run smoothly on anyone system if mine can do like this , but you got to take time to seek and find what slow down your pc. In my case right now with all my tweaks done, only to switch on bios high precision event timer setting or switch window power plan to power saver make the game unplayable from the start, crazy lag and stutters, feel like 2-3 fps, maybe just this can help you ? some essential tools for me to run il-2 box not just playable but naturally smooth (know many need to run as administrator to run ) also doing web search with those tool names can lead you to good guides to understand and tune your pc: to check what cause latencies on your system http://www.resplendence.com/latencymon this tool below is free and easy to use, it run on the back ground and run all the time on my system and it is automatically adjust with the window power plan I use https://bitsum.com/parkcontrol/ the best tool if you want the best frametimes as possible http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/rtss-rivatuner-statistics-server-download.html you may not want to use this but overclocking my monitor refresh rate from 60 to 75 make my frametimes shorter and mitigate effect of small frametimes spikes when I use the zoom in game. https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/cru-custom-resolution-utility-tips-tricks-and-monitors-oc-lcd-led-crt.410187/ MSI_util_v2.exe found on this page below, (that can be find here to tweak system interrupts ,this one help me a lot to reduce video and audio latencies) run as administrator to work https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/windows-line-based-vs-message-signaled-based-interrupts.378044/ to monitoring hardware cpu gpu ram and vram and lot more http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/msi-afterburner-beta-download.html sorry for the long post, but you asked for advices and there can be so many more reasons having good fps but lag ,frame skipping or stutters problems, I just gave you some leads You like it or not you may have to do some search/work to get the most of your pc and really enjoy the beautiful graphics in il-2 BOx . good luck with this
  7. I d say it is the second best thing on the road haha if you know what I mean
  8. hi, you edit he startup.cfg file, so if you go ingame video setting to change any other value and click (accept) it will reset to the lowest value available in the ingame setting menu, 0.8
  9. very similar sound from 2 other very different devices lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZU95a3eLP8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bID5QB74Vjk
  10. in the task manager ,if you left click on the little arrow on the left you ll see the children processes
  11. @Cathal_Brugha hi sir, I did a delivery of few skids of pharmaceutical one time in those underground warehouses , in 2006 if I recall well, i remember it was a really strange feeling to enter an underground hole with a semi, there is lot of weight over your head there ! I was told it was a military base before but not sure of my source tough. take care and be safe on the road driver
  12. @=EXPEND=Capt_Yorkshire it is possible to have many service host task running at the same time, if you click on the one with the high cpu usage you ll see children task... from there you can have a better idea where the problem come from. edit: what all children names on your problematic task ?
  13. Hi, PWCG is the most dynamic sp mode I can play BOx... done by a single guy in is free time, you make this sim a better replayability and value. As soon my finances go back to normal I ll show you my appreciation and support , thanks a lot for now sir !
  14. @=EXPEND=Capt_Yorkshire hi Capt , you did ctrl-alt-del command to see in the task manager what process use high cpu resource ?
  15. hi again , Version 3.5 include BOS BOM BOK maps and planes , airfields are populate now, and Patrick work on version 4.0 and talk about how will be 5.0
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