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  1. I noticed a detent on the throttle which produces a uncontrollable power settings. Has anyone removed the bottom cover to fix this ?? There's got to be something better then this joystick. Thanks a lot...
  2. I checked on double binding and it is not that ??? I'm beginning to think it could very well be my Thrustmaster t1600m fcs rig. If I buy a new joystick , could I get a twist rudder. I really don't know what's out there . I don't have room for rudders. Really appreciate all your help. thanks , Mark
  3. Hi...here's the image of my P47 map. Do you have suggestions? Thank you.
  4. Thank you, i'll try that... In custom mode I have unticked The 3 boxes
  5. I started flying Hell hawks over the bulge and my throttle oscillates all over the place. It can go from 0% to 100% My thrustmaster 1600m works with all the other aircraft. Did I map something wrong. I'm lost. Any suggestions. I would appreciate it. Thank you for your reply .
  6. I hate coming back to this problem.{ The Throttle on the p-47 and p-38 does not go above 1200 rpm } Last time i posted this issue there was not alot of help.. Does any one know how to proceed. I wish i was more savvy on this Thank You for your help.
  7. Note, I did not say it was a OVERSIGHT. Thanks. Chris..
  8. I wish that the developers put in some HIGH ALTITUDE P-47s missions . Actually, The P-47 was made for that type of missions. They shotdown more enemy fighters at 20,000 or higher.
  9. Where can i find AUTO ASSIST ENABLED on the engine controls. ?????? Thank you very much
  10. Fellow Pilots, I'm ready to pull my hair out regarding how to map throttles in P-47 and P-38 scripted campaigns. I've gone as far as i know about how to do this . This only happens in "lighting strike and P-47 over the bulge" Achtung Spitfire. etc. etc. That i purchased. In "career mode" the engine is always running so you don't have to be concerned about it but i prefer starting the engine myself. It would be great if they could put that in " Career Mode ". Anyway, I have a Thrustmastert1600m FCS. It works great!! By reading all the info you guys put out it tells me that you really know th
  11. My throttles will not work on my P-38 in Lighting Strike. My mapping is correct. Any help?? Thank you......
  12. My throttles will not work in the p-38. Any suggestions. I have the throttle key mapped O.K. This only happens in {lighting Strikes] Thank You..
  13. I thought i would ask a question but with you guys i think i will do a loop and get out of here !!!! a 77 year old real fighter pilot. I thought i would ask a question but with you guys. i think i will do a loop and get out of here !!!! [ a 77 year old real fighter pilot.]
  14. Here i am coming back from a mission, almost back home when i see enemy fighters behind us in formation. i'm getting shot down. No one in my formation does anything. What gives here ??
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