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  1. could any pilot out there help with this problem.???
  2. Thanks for the info. on this!! My old pc won't handle windows 10. thanks again.......
  3. Gentlemen, I have been running il2 BOS on windows 7 for a long time. But, i'm having trouble now with windows 7. I'ts time to purchase a windows 10 PC. I'm really not a computer guy but how do i transfer il2 BOS files to a new computer. thank you very much.😱
  4. Thanks Adger, You are right !! To all ,thank you . mark.....................
  5. Last time i purchased the p-40 which worked fine. I did not link accounts with steam ??? LA-5 was was purchased with support. Mybe i should try again guys. thank you.......
  6. Yes Sir, Purchased La-5FN series 2. thanks.........
  7. Purchased LA-5FN on Aug 18th 2018. Key is OK, When i want to fly LA-5 in il2 bos i can't do it because it is locked........thanks
  8. Is there a lot of sim'ers flying with the "gladiator mk2 joystick and have been successful with il2 BOS. Or should i say gladiator mk2. Thanks....
  9. I know how you feel about mapping the rudder or Yaw axis. I've gone through two joysticks with no help. You can't fly a airplane without rudder or should i say Yaw. I've given up on il2 sturmovick battle stalingrad
  10. Pilot's, Went to il2BOS settings - Clicked on control device and selected Joystick - OK - selected Main controls and Mapped Pitch, Roll Yaw. OK Selected Engine Control - clicked to Engine Throttle Control - clicked Input Response Box to map throttle or slider. - when i move slider up or down the input response does not map??????? Please help, Thanks. Cris Crash
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