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  1. FWIW, I added an extra top of the head strap for the Odyssey using parts from an old GOPro head mount (basically it mimics the top strap of the Rift). It made a huge difference in the comfort levels of the Odyssey. Before I made the adjustment, the stabbing pain in my forehead made it unwearable after about 3o minutes. Now I can go hours. And I really love the IQ over my Rift. The increased resolution and contrast (the contrast might make the biggest difference of anything) make going back to the Rift very disappointing.
  2. Are you 100% sure? Setting ASW to 45 on a device with a 6ohz refresh rate would surely cause problems.
  3. I think ASW for Oculus limits to 45fps because of 45/90 fps native refresh rate of Oculus. It would be weird if it tried to force Odyssey to 45fps as that would create all kinds of stutter because unlike Oculus, Odyssey has a 60/90fps refresh rate.
  4. Why would WMR set FPS to 45 if the refresh rate of the Odyssey is 60 or 90?
  5. Added more specs to my signature 7700K, 1080Ti FE, 16GB, 1TB SSD, 4X4 16GB DDR3 @ 2400mhz, 512GB M.2 PCIe SSD (Boot) + 1TB 7200RPM SATA 6Gb/s (Storage)
  6. So after playing all weekend (single player quick matches mostly) I am still unable to get my GPU above 50% utilization or my CPU (any core) above 30% and I am stuck down in the 50s in fps with a fair amount of stutter when I maneuver sharply (doesn't matter if I use normal, high or ultra settings with SS=1.0). I also get the double vision when fling low to the ground and looking at stationary objects like trees. There is so much promise though. When you are flying smoothly at high altitudes or looking at a contact maneuvering at distance it's so much crisper than the Oculus. The stutter really is a bummer though. I almost never had it with the Oclulus in single player (happened all the time in furballs in MP). I know I am pushing more pixels with the Odyssey, but I feel like my GPU and CPU should be doing much better when I reduce settings. I'll keep messing around with some settings and hopefully I will find something that works. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
  7. The Odyssey's native refresh rate is 60 and 90, so i get a lot of stutter around 45. I used riva tuner to cap my fps at 60 fps and turned off AWS so that helped a bit. But now i'm stuck again with neither my GPU or my CPU being fully utilized (had this problem with Oculus early on). Even on low setting I am not getting a smooth 60fps with native SS (100%). Played another couple of hours today and I am really impressed with the increased resolution and contrast. If anything the better contrast might be more noticeable than the resolution.
  8. So things finally look like the right scale and the IQ is a huge step up from my rift. The only problem right now appears to be the fps. I want it locked down at 60fps, but the game uses to try and set it to 45. Any suggestions?
  9. It's been two months since I have played BOS because of this issue. Really looking forward to trying it out this weekend.
  10. You can't set the resolution with Odyssey. And the increased resolution is definitely the source of the problem. Instead of using the same perspective with a higher pixel density, it's like the game is treating the extra pixels as an extended field of view. This in essence creates a reverse cropping effect, where the perspective is zoomed out from original perspective ( ‎2160 x 1200) , so that the original perspective is just a subset of the new perspective (2880 x 1600). This is making things look really small (and screwing up the IPD). i have seen a similar issue in other indy VR games. I'm guessing this is a relatively simple fix for IL.2 (rendering the exact same FOV at a higher pixel density), but they probably won't be able to do it until they get their hands on the device.
  11. Me too. and I have basically stopped playing since I picked up my Odyssey because I can't go back to lower resolution and contrast in the Rift.
  12. I don't see how people can think the Rift comes close to the Odyssey in terms of IQ or resolution. Maybe if you are comparing within an unsupported game. But the improved resolution and contrast are impossible to miss on (the admittedly few at this point) the games that support Oddysey at full resolution.
  13. Even with ASW disabled. I still get double imaging artifacts when I enter a large enough fur-ball in Wings of Liberty.
  14. I own both. Right now IL2 is broken for Odyssey because of scaling issues. In general the Odyssey has noticeably better resolution in every compatible app I have tried. Also, and more important for VR (IMO), it has a much better contrast ratio. That being said, performance may an issue even if they make all the fixes to the scaling issues. My setup can barely run the Oculus in large fights on Wings of Liberty as is. Adding 75% more pixels will degrade performance even more. Although the availability of 30 and 60fps refreshes refresh rates might mitigate this somewhat.
  15. I can't fix the issue on my own. I'm giving up until someone else (devs) fixes the issue.
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