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  1. To piggy back on this statement...there was a reveal teaser for player driven tanks being in the game in one of the first developer diaries (The video of the M1 Abrams in the forest driving around and firing) before BoS was even out. Rumor has it was a side-project of one of the devs that seemed feasible enough to add to the game.
  2. This. I'm seeing the usual suspects as the naysayers in all the tank threads. You have absolutely no idea what resources were allocated to create this part of the game. Don't pretend like you know. They could have had people sitting around twiddling their thumbs or brought on new personnel after reaching financial goals from BoS/BoM that could have been working on this.
  3. 12.OIAE_Snake9: Master Project Manager that has all the secrets and answers on how to solve every issue with an ongoing development project...Doesn't want to divulge those secrets, would rather express expectations and disapproval. Seems like a legit perspective.
  4. Any ideas?... Running Windows 10 Home. Not sure if certain libraries or specific programs are required...I've got none of that coding stuff.
  5. Awesome. Thanks for the update and the info! Oh and I forgot to ask, but I haven't tested this yet...am I able to change which vehicles are in the convoy? I imagine this will be possible once they're in the mission through the editor, but will that change/ruin any functions if their object names change? For example if I want all trucks with one or two AA units mixed in (and no tanks).
  6. I agree. It's very silly and not a good experience for the user to see 3 functions that essentially do the same thing. I'm sure a lot of questions were asked in forums and in-game about how to trim an aircraft before it was realized. It's not an argument...it's what happened. I'm pretty sure it's a developer bandwidth/implementation issue. Coding speed-to-actuate-control limitations on trim for all aircraft probably takes some time that is better used on other priority items. I mean, I'm sure devs are just extremely busy cycling overpowered FMs from one nation's aircraft to another every single day judging by the forum threads I've seen. Yak1 OP...109 OP...LaGG-3 OP...190 OP...back and forth...hard work, ya know?
  7. Think I may be doing something wrong here...or maybe the .exe is referencing a folder on your system that isn't on mine? A little guidance would be appreciated Thanks! E:\Downloads\CreateTankColumn-0.3>CreateTankColumn.exe -u 10 -n 3 -f E:\Download s\CreateTankColumn-0.3\ColumnCoconut.Group -o E:\Downloads\CreateTankColumn-0.3\ Coconut.group Failed to create columns because 'Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Users\jo hann\Documents\Visual Studio 2013\Projects\sturmovikmission\data\TankPlatoon.Gro up'.'
  8. What you're describing is simply a UI issue. Just bind the various trim buttons to the same corresponding buttons and it's all the same function on the same buttons. They won't because of the nature of slider controls (zero resistance/force feedback on sliders) and how unrealistic it would be to adjust trim so quickly and enhance performance of your aircraft unrealistically. The real 190 has trim on buttons, by the way, not a wheel.
  9. Rearm/refuel function in the mission editor applies to AI aircraft and vehicles only within the range you set, and only if they are marked as having limited ammo, as far as I've tested. This does not apply to player aircraft. The function allows missions to be created that will simulate supply lines or field repairs governed and utilized by the AI...useful for a moving dogfight/persistent dynamic battle across the entire map or large area. Airfields (spawn points) have a configuration that allow them to restock aircraft if an aircraft is returned, or restock aircraft based on a time limit starting after it spawns.
  10. There was a complaint during early testing that trim on sliders would allow players to quickly whip their aircraft around like RC planes using trim only (this is what you see happening a lot of the "look how much BoS sucks" videos). I don't think there was an efficient way to code something quickly within the budget that prevented this (slowed the input of the trim to a more realistic speed according to how much your slider moved a la DCS:P-51) so static values of adjustment speed were bound to boolean (up/down) commands that you see today. (My belief, I didn't have direct contact with developers and visibility on their decisions during my time on the testing team)
  11. They especially like to complain about accidental friendly fire while they're being saved from an enemy on their 6.
  12. Nope, still TWB The Eagle's Nest! We're getting our ducks in a row and working on some cool things for the very near future. Tell your friends!
  13. Also note that this picture will show for the entire server when activated if you're playing in multiplayer, not just an individual person. It can get dangerous for the screen to display the picture in the middle of a mission if someone is on final about to land!
  14. It seems to be already possible to adjust the camera to simulate a guncam/wonderwoman view as per N8's video:
  15. No, the DED guys are referring to creating a mission...BOSWAR was an online MP campaign generator that could automate troop/ground unit movement and mission creation with a nifty step-by-step HTML interface that even a monkey could understand. It included functionality for two team forces electing a commander to direct, manage, and supply ground units in a battlefield before each [weekly] mission event to achieve objectives that were heavily influenced by their team's (players) actions in the weekly mission. It was like storm of war for IL2:1946/CloD, but a little more in-depth in regards to mission objectives and overall outcome. I beta tested it alone and the work they did was amazing, even in its developmental stages. I haven't heard anything from Stenka in a very long time though.
  16. Anyone have any information on what the GIAP guys were working on in regards to MP campaign generation with their BOSWAR tool? I haven't seen any information on it in a very long time and none of the GIAP guys seem to check their inboxes.
  17. It's in the mission briefing...if it's the same mission I'm thinking of that I saw, you have land 10 aircraft at the base (doesn't specify which kind of aircraft, so I'm assuming any) and it will become available to your team. Heh, after creating MP missions myself, I'm astounded by the amount of people that don't read the briefing that are looking for answers to nuances of a mission (I'm guilty too). Not trying to offend you (really), just making an observation.
  18. Speak for yourselves...I enjoy manually started engines in games like DCS...and using a TM Warthog HOTAS there's enough switches and buttons that I don't have to touch my keyboard for any of the WW2 aircraft (plus the Saber) other than the circuit breakers in the FW190 (which feels more appropriate on the keyboard anyway due to the CB setup). You guys gotta remember that you aren't single-handed spokesmen for the BoS community when writing your posts.
  19. They're also available on the Eagle's Nest server as well as a medevac mission which involves He-111 transports ferrying wounded troops out of the pocket... https://youtu.be/vynvXgU7REI?t=52
  20. Dogfighting in a fighter and dropping bombs are not the only roles to play in this game. Unarmed recon/search for ground targets, bomber escort, ground attack, spotting for artillery strikes, AAA suppression for ground attack, medical evacuation, and base resupply are all variations on gameplay that can make a huge difference...and they're all implemented in MP missions that have been created. Even directing the airquake lemmings to a centralized location or transit lane that resembles some interest of the a force moving toward the objective can get the server adrenaline pumping if just 1-2 people are actively trying to hit a ground objective or resupply in the same area. Of course 32 people not in communication with each other aren't going to get much done in the ways of teamwork and cohesion, but if you orchestrate it just right and nudge people in the right direction, with the influence of the tools available to mission creators, interest in completing an objective more often than not happens naturally. The thing that surprises me the most is why Wings of Liberty came about to be the most popular server...their missions don't even lend themselves to easy airquake scenarios (very large areas of playspace = long time sweeping/searching for opponents) meanwhile they seem to fall a bit flat (imho, no offense) when it comes to objectives (in the scope of possible objectives and gameplay mechanics that are possible in this game). If people are literally only on that server because they refuse to play with anything higher than a 30ms ping, then I think I can assume they're also the kind of people that will do anything to get an edge to just win a dogfight, rather than play a sim in the spirit of a sim...so the effort of all the aforementioned is moot...which again brings me to the point of if people just focused on the planned objectives, whether that be dropping bombs or escorting said bomb-droppers, their preferred "dogfight everything that moves" scenario would be exponentially more interesting and meaningful. Something, something, can't see forest for trees, something, something, yadda, yadda.
  21. Hey thanks a bunch, JagdNeun! I appreciate the kind words and appreciation for a objective oriented mission! TheElf is working on a new mission that is modeled as a very accurate representation of some key battles that I'll be doing some features on. It's coming kind of slow due to the apparent lack of interest for anything other than airquake (my enthusiasm is waning), but keep your eyes peeled.
  22. This is one of the main reasons why I basically stopped creating/updating missions for MP servers. No use in creating intricate scenarios outlining historical milestones of the eastern war when everyone will just be playing airquake with no endgame purpose anyway. The sad thing is, if people started playing the objective on any mission they'd realize that the action they're looking for would be 100x more centralized, tense, and of higher quality than just meandering over to the enemy airfield looking for fighters.
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