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  1. @=LG=Kathon Is it possible to uncheck "BoS" in the pilot profile and only play with BoM aircraft? If I do that mid campaign will it take away all of my BoS aircraft once I make the change?
  2. You severely misunderstand what's happening here. I'm having a discussion about the generalities of cheating and answering a question that Kathon asked me. Not even accusing tractordriver of cheating in my post. Fairfight isn't something you just buy for your own server. It's something that's built into a game by the developer studio. I bring it up because it shows that anti-cheating can be achieved by analyzing player statistics...also because IL2:BoS/BoM has zero anti-cheat system in place. I'm not trying to sell or advertise it in any way (you can't just buy it as a consumer), just letting people know that this method of cheat prevention exists since everyone wants magical "proof" that they can't seem to describe. In various cases, statistics are enough. I question BlackSix because transparency is vital to the validity of this topic...also, he's a community manager and probably not the guy that would be assigned to developing an anti-cheat solution, last I knew. And if you're talking about following forum rules...you're implying I be banned because you don't want to agree with what I'm saying which is questioning/discussing moderator actions. Ironic. Why the vitriol while I'm making an effort to make the game you bought and play safer from cheaters?
  3. Just for reference...there are entire non-invasive anti-cheat engines that are built solely based the statistics of a player based on the averages and algorithms for pattern recognition linked to cheating/hacking. Apparently this anti-cheat has received praise and is effective. Doesn't even require this magical 100% undeniable proof thing that everyone keeps waiting for to make an intelligent decision on who's hacking and who isn't. https://www.gameblocks.com/products
  4. I don't want to simply ban people for doing well in the game. I do want to make people aware of the risks of online gaming and threats to fair play...this seems to be the challenging part as people simply don't want to believe because of their lack of knowledge on the subject. I do know that the IL2 devs have had challenges prioritizing addressing existing online cheats and do not have an active way to detect and police the offenders...I'm not even confident that they have an effective passive way to detect unsanctioned changes as none of these cheats are committed to an account to be "checked". This is the part that people don't know or care to look into (for some strange reason). Surely as a server owner you must be aware or at least wary of the risk of hacking, yes? As a server owner what are your tools to deal with such instances? Do you have a clear resolution path or are you left to just suffer the problem of cheating because you can't 100% prove it without a doubt that people are cheating? All I know is that all the difficulty settings you can set in a quick mission are available as options to switch on/off at will when joining an online server given the player has the correct basic tools and basic knowledge of those tools. I can only observe and be vigilant of the clear results and the clear symptoms. I cannot take an edited video as source of evidence citing no wrongdoing from the suspected offender as a valid form of resolution to this issue...and neither should anyone else if you're willing to think logically. Obviously blatant cheating like invulnerability would be ridiculous and too visible, but other things like padlock and icons aren't as obvious and easily hidden when being observed from the other side...affording almost no proof by any means other than from within the game code itself and the appropriate level of statistics on the leaderboard of someone that is alerted of everything in a 10km bubble around them. Keeping this discussion alive will merit a response and action from the people that can actually do something about it. Hopefully something more than "We've specifically checked...<jedi handwave>" from a community manager without an explanation of what was done. Should he be banned...my opinion? Yes. The things my group and I have witnessed on a daily basis along with the leader board numbers is proof enough for me. Mind you, this is not a personal vendetta against the guy. Aside from last night's events on the server where I got shot down by TPAKTOPUKT 3 times in a row, after this discussion started curiously enough, I barely ever saw him first-hand personally. I'm just calling it how I see it...and other people see it too. Statistical anomalies often have correlating explanations. I already warned you yesterday. 6. It is forbidden to discuss the actions of moderators and administrators in any form on the forum. All questions are to be sent via "personal message" to the administrator/moderator. http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/25544-taw-bugs-errors-and-problems/page-2?do=findComment&comment=399459 7. Comments containing profanity, personal insults, accusations of cheating, excessive rudeness, vulgarity, drug propaganda, political and religious discussion and propaganda, all manifestations of Nazism and racist statements, calls to overthrow governments by force, inciting ethnic hatred, humiliation of persons of a particular gender, sexual orientation or religion are not allowed and will result in a ban. 30 day ban on entry
  5. You know, all this can be solved if everyone that's bothered by chute shooting would just stop trying to shoot me down. The 1 out of 50 times I actually do a reversal correctly or dodge a bounce and turn it around to somehow miraculously get the kill to enable me to put your dangling man-parts in my crosshairs I miss the shot anyway. Obviously everyone here is getting entertainment by poking at your mindboggling perspective on a video game. It seems most of you don't even have a direct first-hand complaint or evidence of getting shot down while swinging in the wind, which is confusing on its own.
  6. So I take it you'll be uninstalling the game and never flying again when you get shot down to simulate your death, correct?
  7. Fact: cheating exists in this game. Again I ask...where in the leaderboards do you think cheaters would be? Not even talking about tractordriver in this post. This is solely questioning your perception of online game play. You seem very secure in your perspective regarding this issue and I'm curious why. You're right, I will probably never have 100% bona fide rock solid proof that anyone is cheating...and apparently neither will the developers until they build some real tools and countermeasures to provide that proof. Do I need proof to be suspicious? No. Does bringing attention to that suspicion help bring awareness and priority to the problem? Yes, definitely, as it has earlier this year. As for your rapist comment, if someone was exhibiting familiar signs of someone who commits rape, whatever those may be, yes they would be suspected of being a rapist. You act like I'm running around accusing random people willy nilly of cheating for no reason. I'm not even the only, nor the first, to say something about the issue! You're saying I'm wrong because your perception says otherwise, right? I'm working on vetted facts about the state of the software we're dealing with and trying to bring attention to the problem and its symptoms in hopes of people having enough awareness to warrant a fix.
  8. Yeah I'm sure Luftwaffe pilots were angels that did nothing immoral ever so how dare this be said. Also, I doubt anyone from the either side were eager to put in their reports that they spent rounds on a pilot in a parachute, so take that into account.
  9. Hahaha @bringing real-life morality values into comparisons of actions in a video game. I press a button on my joystick that lights up pixels that light up other pixels on your pixel pilot's pixels, then I check your pilot profile on the TAW website and see your streak and combat missions go to zero. I'm a bad person.
  10. What exactly is it do you think a server admin can do? Are you under the assumption that there are admin tools for BoS/dserver that can detect stuff like this? The reason I keep bringing it up is mostly because people keep denying that cheating is a possibility in this game...and if you're going to say "of course cheating is a possibility in this game" then where do you think you'll find a cheater on the leaderboards? At the bottom? A player suspected of cheating posting his own edited footage voluntarily is like a person accused of a robbery walking by someone with a bunch of money in their pocket, not stealing it from them while people are watching, then saying "See? I didn't rob that guy! I'm not a robber!" Doesn't prove they didn't rob before, or rob again.
  11. Welp, just like other issues with the community, it's going to keep happening. Better strap in tight.
  12. If it's so taboo why is pilot tally a metric in which to count a defeat or a victory? Is it any different if I come up on you while you're flying unawares and fill your cockpit with bullets killing you instantly? You're just as defenseless in that scenario.
  13. I'm not sure if I can be considered an anti-social communist, but I am definitely shooting chutes and ditched planes.
  14. Heh, people are doing a lot more than this to win.
  15. Yeah we should just stop talking about it and hope that it disappears some day.
  16. 152 air kills and 3 deaths. Three. You can't be serious and say that doesn't look suspicious. The fact that someone can even find 152 enemy aircraft in 50 hours play time is a huge red flag when comparing the average...let alone not getting surprise bounced once when being exposed to that much combat. Suspicious to say the least. Look at MeoW.Scharfi, that player has comparable air kills (still less), but almost double the time played and five times the deaths of tractordriver...and Scharfi does not ever exhibit the ridiculous things seen in game that tractordriver does. Ask any player, in any game, in any community if a 152 kill and 3 death record is legitimate and I'll bet my bottom dollar that they're going to say "That player is hacking."...and it's not because of envy. It's because they're hacking.
  17. If this happens again, save yourself the reinstall trouble and just delete all the files in the IL2 Battle of Stalingrad/data/multiplayer/dogfight folder (paraphrasing that folder structure, I'm not at my home PC right now). And if you must reinstall for whatever reason, you can save your "input" folder and copy it to another location, reinstall, then copy the input folder back into the IL2 folder where it was originally and save your keybinds.
  18. You can use huge swaths of inactive units/objects/vehicles in various different places linked to a tree of timers that is set to start at mission start and change the various timers at each branch to have a percentage chance to start respective to how many branches there are (2 branches = 50%, 3 = 33%, etc) which subsequently cancels the timer on the opposing branch(es). This will randomize a huge set of possibilities that will foil any attempts to pinpoint exact locations given that your timer tree branches enough times to enough possible units across a significant span of play space. I did this a couple times back on The Eagle's Nest server with tank column objective and people actually messaged me multiple times with bug reports saying they weren't spawning at the location my msnbin file showed...upon checking myself in-game I found that the tanks were actually in one of the 16 different spots I'd set up each time. Fooled 'em real good!
  19. Thanks for the sane and intelligent response. My comment was not to generalize or offend people, only to point out a fact that was given to us regarding the issue. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck... In general, I find it mind boggling that people want to turn the other cheek on the issue. Whether it's thought to be legitimate or not, ignoring signs of foul play and citing the absence of 100% undeniable proof doesn't change the fact that cheating is 100% possible in this game and all online games. The devs changed the terms of service to remind everyone that cheating is punishable by permanent ban via a customer wide email. Clearly that's an acknowledgment of something everyone should be aware of in the first place.
  20. I think TWB is the biggest most active horde and no one speaks Russian. We all speak 'Merican.
  21. This was brought up earlier just recently as a suggestion and I wholeheartedly agree. TAW is great, but it's not really a true campaign experience if one team is only playing for a fraction of the reason. https://youtu.be/ceS_jkKjIgo?t=47
  22. I'm not disputing his gunnery or understanding of ACM theory or comparing it to my own. He'd probably blast me out of the sky in a duel within seconds, no doubt and I'm completely fine with that. What I'm questioning is the ability to find all these targets that he's coming into contact with in these extremely short intervals...even when the server is relatively low population.
  23. Ah you're right...I'm sure no one is cheating in a multiplayer online game..has a score that is waaay ahead of the competition and even doubles the next runner-up...in a game with literally zero active online anti-cheat protection...in a game where its primary demographic is in a region known to widely use and produce cheats for video games...and are widely known to be competitive. I guess he and the 3 only other people in this entire gaming community that can compare in skill/luck to find that many air targets in a single sortie over and over are just that ahead of the curve. I'm just being silly. Anyone want to buy some LIVESTRONG bracelets?
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