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  1. 3 hours ago, Mcdaddy said:


    Interested to hear more on why you think this?


    There was a cheater caught on video by DerSheriff not long ago, if that is what you are in reference to? Don't know if the devs banned him from accessing the game but he has been banned by server admin and not been seen on the server again since. 


    Online manipulation of gameplay parameters are tested by an independent group of enthusiast players on a monthly/2-monthly basis and are still not seeing any difficult obstacles to prevent aforementioned manipulation using simple and common methods.


    As I understand, the problem isn’t big enough to dedicate significant resources according to the dev’s actions/updates. Look at scoreboards on certain servers where tracking is available, the surface-level evidence is there as well.

  2. Salutations,


    In reference to you 'recon mission'. Realistically, why does the recon plane have to get back... no radio? Or is it just for gameplay timing?

    The trigger required your aircraft to actually fly over the tanks at their actual real time location as they traveled to their objective and "take photographs" for real tangible intel. It would have probably been more feasible to have a radio for a recon flight of this nature in real life, but this mission was created for players that didn't always want to participate in dogfighting or bombing...just provided some variety.


    I have this function as a module that can be inserted into any mission if any mission makers want to use it.

  3. I could make a program which spam a reload key so problem solved.

    If I recall correctly, this won't be a solution as it will reload the moment you fire a round...and the ammo system is such that you cannot recycle used belts/boxes if you've already reloaded them soooo...bye bye gunner ability after 3 rounds.

  4. I completely disagree with you Space Ghost. I play a lot as a gunner, and not having to reload each time helps a lot and make one more mouse bouton usable so for me it add value. 

    I don't think everything in the scope of gameplay is designed to help you or make it easy. It's a slippery slope when you start adding these things...it starts with automatic reload, and then press X to auto-aim at target, to press X to kill everything around your aircraft.

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  5. Thanks,


    If i Bought BOM would that free one up? Just curious as ive been thinking about buying it anyway.


    Thanks for the response!

    Buying BoM will give you immediate access to the BoM pool of planes. In this part of the campaign the 109F2 is available at the start, so yes, you would have access to a fighter. Alternatively, you can fly three sorties with the aircraft you have available in the TAW campaign right now (Ju87 or He111) that are each at least 15 minutes long (starting from take off) or 5 minutes long with a ground or air kill. Each sortie that you make it back to an airfield alive will give you 1 combat mission. 3 combat missions awards you one aircraft...in this case it should award you a 109F4...but only one. If you lose it, to you have to fly 3 combat missions with your other available aircraft again.


    Make sure you have only BoS selected on your pilot profile page on the TAW website and it may help to have only "fighters" selected as well...or just buy BoM.

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  6. Hi Guys,


    Signed up and logged on but it says I cant use the BF109 F4 and if I dont change the plane I will get kicked from the server. I only have the deluxe edition of BOS.


    Is this a BOM plane?

    You currently do not have any 109F4's in your pool of available aircraft. You need to perform combat missions to start earning aircraft. It seems you'll need to fly a Ju87 or He111 a couple times before you can get into a fighter since you do not own BoM.


    Check your available aircraft at your profile page on the TAW website here: http://taw.stg2.de/pilot.php?name=SnakeBT6

  7. Every map the same story: VVS takes over half of the map while there is no/almost no opposition. The previous quorum would at least put some stop into it, but people disliked it and now we came back to "square almost 0".

    My theory is that most of the people that want to fly fighters only and play only for air kills want to fly German due to the assumed superiority of 109s. That does not bode well for a campaign that is based on ground objectives.


    428 Erich Hartmanns can only get one thing done...and helping their tanks advance on cities does not seem to be it.

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  8. Nicely done! U are the best! As i said not all of your users can have a mate or a whole squad to fly with. They maybe fly one hour a day and they are alone. I and my squad destroyed entire vehicle column with 3 or 4 planes but we were lucky most of the time. This week i was killed 5 times by AAA cannons flying 109. In 4 cases i was flying at 3500-4000 meters with 65% throttle (so near 450Km/h IAS). In my last death i was shot down flying three top level at 560km/h after a longi dive by a cannon again. I just heard a pair of flak's explosions and i think maybe the 3rd or the 4th round got my engine. Do u really think that this is realistic? Obviously my whole squadron got many casualties flying fighters getting destroyed by AAA cannons!

    You could find a suitable group of people to fly with in the same time and effort it took you to write this post.
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  9. I flew with two large groups of Stukas, but without TS communication you can't properly coordinate an attack! Chat communication is also not comparably helpful as TS is, since it's especially during fighting pretty difficult to fly and write in parallel...


    The only way to become more succesful for the blue side is to more often use to TAW-TS - obviously "red" seems to make more frequent use of it and therefore is more succesful (the number of clans/Geschwader seems to be relatively equivalent for bother sides, for the number of skilled pilots is the same I guess)

    It's not difficult to find a group of folks to play with. All the resources are available to find a group. Try contacting anyone on the squad list at TAW and see if they're on your wavelength. If a community pariah like me can find a group, anyone can.

  10. A question.

    How pilot who was killed in mission get the "in flight" status and earn one CM ?

    Compare this:




    It was head on. I have more luck and lost only coolant, he got black smoke (probably burning). Finally we both were out of combat, but ... I've bailed out later (20:44:47) than he died (20:44:23).

    So  .... in what way he got "in flight" status, when I got "bailed out" ? Moreover, he got one combat mission.


    Strange thing, don't you think ?



    This is worth being looked at by Kathon, but if it eases any concerns it seems that sortie awarded a combat mission then swiftly took it away upon being killed...but still displayed "+1CM" on the website. Additionally, that i16 he was killed in was his last and the concurrent sorties after did not count ("NOT VALID PLANE"). I think the +1CM you're seeing is simply a display error on the website, but the proper amount of stats are being recorded correctly.


    EDIT: Actually, for my theory to be correct he would not have any i16's available right now, but he has 1 left. So, I'm not sure.

  11. Thanks - just saw this!


    What do mean exactly by "the Roller"? Doing barrel rolls?

    Yeah he means barrel rolls/rolling scissors with a bandit.


    Play a few sorties with TheElf on teamspeak and you'll hear a litany of useful terms and information to pick up on that make your experience ten times better. He's magic!

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  12. Either way I think it should be changed that you don't get those kills counted for you, but that nothing "bad" like losing an aircraft occurs. That will keep stat padders from doing alt-f4 since it does nothing to add to their precious stats. Still amazes me that people will do things like that in a simulator (or any game really, it's just a game).

    This is truly the most effective and reasonable solution. I really hope the LG team considers this.


    done right - Damaged - Disconnects - death and the loss of the aircraft.

    We must still deduct points for this sortie


    The boy, the war in the mission with disco was over, there was no need to return.

    Can you see my special disco during the war? Evidence?

    You not have them and never will be, because I always fly to the base.

    X = an example number in this instance.


    Not everything is about you!

  14. Well that seems like a cheat:


    Collected from today's changelog v2.005


    14. A way to cheat without using memory hacking software by making an aircraft invulnerable has been removed;

    15. A way to cheat without using memory hacking software by making an aircraft cockpit invisible for improved view without using memory hacking software has been removed;


    ...but guys, this is impossible...there are no cheats in this game.

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  15. Attn:




    Bloodyhell, I must remember not to press send until I have edited everything!! LOL I edited my original post to add some other bits, however, I thought I would mention this here to you so you didn't miss my updated post. Therefore, please make sure you see my additional sections as I do believe that getting the community behind you in one area is the way forward in rectifying this whole cheating issue!!




    Phil (Haza)

    Saw it. Thank you. Your forum ideas are a step in the right direction.

  16. -snip-

    May God have mercy on your soul and your honor if you decide to play Mario Kart and get a red shell powerup. The velocity in which red shells hit those go-karts would kill a man. What would your family think? They're just trying to race!

  17. Mate,


    I was in the process of deleting my post.  Whether you mentioned that he was a cheat by name or not, you actually named a player that you believed should be banned in a whole discussion about cheating, so indirectly I believe that you still believe that he is a cheat.  Although I'm not a lawyer, I guess that you are correct in technical legal manner, however I'm only saying as I see it, to coin your own expression, as I'm sure others would read it. 


    That said, the main reason why I withdrew my post is to stop this back and forth as my original post was a very light-hearted post, that on reflection I realised was rather pointless (as I have mentioned in its place).  I  commend you for trying to do the right thing to make this game cheat free, however, there is a correct way to go about doing the right things, as intentionally breaking numerous rules to get the outcome that you want is perhaps just as bad as a cheater for breaking one rule. I certainly do not believe that I implied that you should be banned, but was merely pointing out that numerous measurable rules were being broken by you, and wondering why you hadn't been banned.  Indeed very similar to what you have been doing regarding the so called cheater, however, at least my evidence I believed was factually based.  


    Perhaps some would question your methods or even applaud them, however, I for one have no further intention of engaging with you as we are both appear to be on the same page regarding ensuring that the servers remain cheat free, although perhaps we are both not reading the same paragraph!  




    Phil (Haza)

    Thanks. Salute!

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