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  1. A simple way to prove your interpretation is to take metrics of network output/input on a client machine while AAA is firing once in your assumed culling range and outside of your assumed culling range and see if there is a difference in output/input. Also measure this on the server at the same times. You can do this with Windows Task Manager or any network traffic app. This type of data is something the devs will actually look at and reply to. Also, this is still ignoring the fact that Dserver can't control all of those AI units at the player load this server populates, whether flak firing 80km away is affecting it or not. If fixing a culling bug is the proposed solution, that's a band-aid on a bullet wound. The real issue is offloading AI cycles somewhere else, using multi-threading, or whatever.
  2. I'm trying to help you understand. Player planes are culled from the recording track, not clients in game. Track recordings are not a representation of network traffic. The absence of a method of network transmission (network culling, in this case) is not a bug as if it can be fixed with a quick review of code. Network culling in the context of this thread would have to be added to the game first for it to be a bug.
  3. The bug here is that the track player shouldn't be displaying parachutes and flak so far away outside of the "display bubble". People observing this are mistakenly attributing it to a "network culling bug" when there is no network culling feature in IL2 multiplayer. All of the relevant data from every entity is being sent to each player during gameplay whether it's visible on the track or not. The issue is too many AI entities in the mission and/or dserver can't handle so many AI/player/network operations on one thread. Whoever owns that particular issue is up for debate based on the intention for what parameters the game limitations are designed. Are missions with 50+ active AI AA with 80+ players really feasible?
  4. Online manipulation of gameplay parameters are tested by an independent group of enthusiast players on a monthly/2-monthly basis and are still not seeing any difficult obstacles to prevent aforementioned manipulation using simple and common methods. As I understand, the problem isn’t big enough to dedicate significant resources according to the dev’s actions/updates. Look at scoreboards on certain servers where tracking is available, the surface-level evidence is there as well.
  5. Short answer: Poor. Poor security.
  6. I've got it. I know what it is. Secret sources tell me that 777 have been developing the F18 Hornet and a Strait of Hormuz map and they're going to beat ED/DCS to the punch. Called it. You heard it here first!
  7. I have two GTX970s that I'm looking to get rid of if your first donation falls through.
  8. The trigger required your aircraft to actually fly over the tanks at their actual real time location as they traveled to their objective and "take photographs" for real tangible intel. It would have probably been more feasible to have a radio for a recon flight of this nature in real life, but this mission was created for players that didn't always want to participate in dogfighting or bombing...just provided some variety. I have this function as a module that can be inserted into any mission if any mission makers want to use it.
  9. This guy! This guy gets it. Everyone should watch this video and listen to this man. Well done. Bravo!
  10. If I recall correctly, this won't be a solution as it will reload the moment you fire a round...and the ammo system is such that you cannot recycle used belts/boxes if you've already reloaded them soooo...bye bye gunner ability after 3 rounds.
  11. I don't think everything in the scope of gameplay is designed to help you or make it easy. It's a slippery slope when you start adding these things...it starts with automatic reload, and then press X to auto-aim at target, to press X to kill everything around your aircraft.
  12. Buying BoM will give you immediate access to the BoM pool of planes. In this part of the campaign the 109F2 is available at the start, so yes, you would have access to a fighter. Alternatively, you can fly three sorties with the aircraft you have available in the TAW campaign right now (Ju87 or He111) that are each at least 15 minutes long (starting from take off) or 5 minutes long with a ground or air kill. Each sortie that you make it back to an airfield alive will give you 1 combat mission. 3 combat missions awards you one aircraft...in this case it should award you a 109F4...but only one. If you lose it, to you have to fly 3 combat missions with your other available aircraft again. Make sure you have only BoS selected on your pilot profile page on the TAW website and it may help to have only "fighters" selected as well...or just buy BoM.
  13. You currently do not have any 109F4's in your pool of available aircraft. You need to perform combat missions to start earning aircraft. It seems you'll need to fly a Ju87 or He111 a couple times before you can get into a fighter since you do not own BoM. Check your available aircraft at your profile page on the TAW website here: http://taw.stg2.de/pilot.php?name=SnakeBT6
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