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  1. I cant play it beceuse the screen is totally out of Range. I only See the Upper left corner zoomed in. Change the Files or run as Admin dont help here either. I Hope for your help
  2. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/121-updates/ Check out the second video for PERFECT looking Tracers!!! From October 😄
  3. We are not talking about any stupid zig zaggy Tracers! Everyone knows its unrealistic. Im talking about tracers beeing Cartoonish and outdated, way to big, i whish this Sim could make them similar to lets say Clod
  4. They have to because Operation Bodenplatte its mostly about ground pounding Im sure he mean this. We allready all know how Tracers do look in real life
  5. Yeah for my taste they are way to thick Lets See maybe we get some improvements here also
  6. Just like the Title says, i wanted to ask if any improvements are still planed for 3.007? - Ground hitting effects? The Dust still looks better in Il21946 when strafing Grund Targets. - Tracers textures effects still from BoS Early Access
  7. Great! I was really waiting for this! +100
  8. Im sure you are right BlitzPig_EL :D Butt still its just great to see this :))
  9. spotted a enemy Aircraft flying on the deck above a Forest BY ITS REFELCTIONS on its wings!! ( It was a shiny day on Kuban Map) This is so nice to see :D
  10. It`s sad that the attention to Detail is not the same on each Plane. I have postet Pics some time ago.. Post no.7 http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/12255-graphics-models-and-maps/ Still no change on it.
  11. Bravo! E7 is good lookin. Any Update on the Cloud Engine?
  12. Dont forget about the Glass that you are looking through. Your edited picture is more like a view without glass or goggles.
  13. The Yellow one is 2D effect. Wich is useless..ROF style. Those New Trails are cool but dont have Smoke charecteristcs. (more like a steam not smoke)
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