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  1. Just for more context about my post from just a little bit ago. Just want to talk about a problem I had in TAW earlier today with an admin.
  2. Is there anywhere to contact an admin about something?
  3. gg on the campaign everyone. it was short but fun any pointers on how to fly the pony? i can fly it as a fighter bomber really well, but in a dogfight im garbage. everytime i engage i get the snot beat outa me. my basic understanding on how to dogfight after this campaign is: speed is key in the pony BnZ split-s if caught off guard by 109 thats really it, i stall constantly, i use a lot of rudder as well. any tips?
  4. Hey, I'm from the 361st FG, we're thinking of collabing with some Spitfire squadrons, especially since the new TAW campaign is coming tomorrow, what timezone are you guys from?
  5. Ooo I hope so, I love RRR in DCS feels more realistic then hitting finish mission and respawning in the same plane.
  6. It's been a few weeks since the controversy though, correct? How long does it normally take for TAW to get going again it's been like a month and half or something. Sorry if I seem impatient, the last TAW campaign was my first and I had a blast lmao.
  7. Any chance of Bodenplatte coming to TAW this coming campaign? Also any date we should expect TAW to return? Wanna make sure I'm free hahaha, last one was my first and I loved it
  8. Is there any single player career for it? I'm usually on singleplayer. Would be willing to do multiplayer too I suppose
  9. Just wondering if right now tank crew is worth it's price.
  10. Want one to use in my P51 career in the Blue Nosed Bastards, and for my wingmen as well.
  11. What is a good alt to hang around? 4k or so?
  12. I'm pretty new to dogfighting in general (I usually do close air support in the jug or the il2) and I have wanted to get into dogfighting, I've really liked the feel of the 190 series but stall out constantly, any tips on how to dogfight in the 190 series?
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