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  1. If you too have an error when you try to recover the new version on patrick's website, you can recover the file directly on this link : http://www.pwcampaignmanager.com/pwcgbos/downloads/PWCGBoS 8.0.0 Alpha 1.zip EDIT Mm, I just saw that it's the Alpha and not the Beta. But the file was uploaded on February 26th... wrong file name or wrong version uploaded?
  2. The main problem is not the markers, the problem is that ground units also disappear in cockpit view when they're right in front of me. For example tanks behind sandbags: I will only see sandbags even 5 meters from the tank. I've tried but it didn't work for me. Units are always disappearing. Thanks for you help guys.
  3. Hello, I've been searching unsuccessfully for a solution. Bombing and ground attack is unplayable in VR, the units disappear when I approach them and only in cockpit view ... in outside view the objects reappear. I have a HTC Vive, I tried with and without 3DMigoto mod, on IL-2 without mods, purely vanilla : grounds units still disappear. Any ideas ? Thanks
  4. An image made for a friend, maybe useful to share here for those who wonder the diffeence (still working for 4.004)
  5. Thanks Pat, these updates on the development of your software are greatly appreciated. With my wing-men we can't wait to see the next update!
  6. Thank you sir ! I'll be able to continue my co-op campaign by changing squadrons now!
  7. If I had seen this message before that would have saved me from making a useless topic.... Mea culpa! But at least I would have gotten my answers and nice messages from the community. Fly safe!
  8. And without forgetting that at least we have the guarantee of having a coherent planeset ๐Ÿ˜„
  9. And that's a very good reason. I was just asking the question. I'm not complaining, it would be a little indecent for 10 bucks, when I don't even dare to calculate how much this hobby costs me between software and hardware. I just thought it was just that the increase was being done a little behind the scenes and I like transparency.
  10. Hello At the time of BOB's announcement, the pre-order was 69.99 for a final price of 79.99. For Battle of Normandy I see that the pre-order is 79.99 for a final price of 89.99. Is there a particular reason for this increase? I don't want to be controversial, I'd just like to know if there's a particular reason for this change in pricing policy.
  11. Thank you ! Co-op mission work perfectly now with binary file activated.
  12. Great, thank you very much for your answer! I was afraid of being crazy and not finding the option ๐Ÿ˜…
  13. Hi guys, I can't remember if it's possible to transfer his pilot(s) to another squadron. It seemed to me that yes but impossible to find the options... is it a false memory? (Because I'm stuck in my co-op stalingrad campaign with my friend, our squadron now has FW190 A3 and he doesn't have this plane which is a little annoying ahah ๐Ÿ™„) Regards.
  14. Unfortunately I can't test before the end of the week (but if someone else could do the test it would be nice!)
  15. Same problem on my side. Since version 7.2.0 the missions with the option "binary files = 1" work for me (I had explained my problem in another topic: link to the thread ) on the other hand, in co-op impossible to join with a mission generated with this option, forced to deactivate it in order to join (like the other person). Here is the error message when I try to join a server with a mission generated with the binary files option enabled:
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