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  1. Dug this up from the old IL2 days, Sadly most of the guys who helped to film it have passed on now.
  2. I got to crawl thought the 909 back in 94 with my 4 year old daughter at an airshow here in VA. I got to meet the pilots and crew. Such a sad loss.
  3. ^ That. Klaus beat me to it. At cruise it sips the fuel until you get hit. Always good to have some extra fuel for that.
  4. I have been in bombers for most of my gaming life. On many games, Warbirds, Aces High, '46, CLOD, IL2 BOX and sure I'd love to see the bombers get some love. I do like the fighters and dog fights on line from time to time. But the real thrill(for me) is planning the flight, way points, headings, speed, altitude and dropping the bombs. Then getting back to base. I'd love to see IL2 do a bomber spin off like they did with tanks and WW1 aircraft. I think it would have more support than they think. One can dream! Until then I'll be happy with what we have now.
  5. Love my LaGG, although I don't fly it as much these days. Great shots!
  6. Great turn out today, we got more than six in the air, along with our JG51 fighters and most of the red side gunning for us! I'll share a shot from a squad mate Oxo of some of the flight getting in the air.
  7. We are going to do it again today! Hope to have six or more
  8. Same here I have all of it and bought all of ROF so here ya go, post if you use it. Here is an additional discount code for 25% OFF any previously released product in the IL-2 webstore (excludes Early Access titles) as a THANK YOU for your previous support. Please visit the official IL-2 Sturmovik webstore to make a purchase and enter this promo code before September 14, 2018 to receive your discount. R7W53YKN Gone.
  9. I'd like to see more of the twin engine bombers now. Sure some day we will have to have the four engine one's, but I'm not sure this map is right for it.
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