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  1. Not sure is this the right place to ask, but just wonder can anyone make a T 34 tank painting based on Mariya Oktyabrskaya, the famous Боевая подруга, aka Fighting Girlfriend? If that comes out, that will be very cool, after all it I personally consider that as one of the greatest female revenge actions in WW2.
  2. Just wonder, why for a long time many players including me made lots of amazing painting but bad things is we can't actually use it in the muil-play. I think probably in the future this problem will be solved? Other wise, it is pretty bad can't show others our unique fighter which painted by ourselves.
  3. For me, I do both, the steam is a good platform to manage and update the game, at least I heard lots of my Chinese friend complain about the slow game update from the original game client meanwhile I was in steam and I had already finished update even I was late to update the game than my friends. But since IL2 has its own account, and we already has bos, we can purchase the key directly from officially website and active the key. I can fully understand about the Chinese localizations about game, because 1C will eventually understand the potential huge market in China, they are millions of player who are still play 1946 now, and if the game will be locatlized, could be good news for both side. Not everyone in China can be educated in Australia and speak three languages like me.
  4. I highly recommend =CHN= AT6 to be the future candidate for the future Chinses forum. Just base on one simple reason: he is very enthusiasm about serious combat fly sim and the future fly sim industry or fly sim group even when he was in high school, and now he is almost 40s. I think people who play the old IL2 and DCS can make good friend with him. By the way, he is also in charge of the dof.cn which is one of the most biggest fly sim community in China, so he has the ability to handle that.
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