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  1. so just came here to say we had a BLAST wednesday night! it had the same feelings than "good old days" when we hosted our monday night missions and it felt pretty damend good the stutters were pretty much absent on my side and I don't recall anyone in our group complaining about it. so that seems to be one problem out of the way. timing wise, it was close to perfect. time between take off and first wave was just enough to let us patrol the sky where need and feel the tension rising as we were waiting for it to come. time in-between the wave was enough for us
  2. don't be too sorry, the only people who never make any mistakes are the people who do nothing. We discussed the issue yesterday and I don't see how you could easily check for this beside trying each and every spawn point one after the other. maybe could you put them closer to the center of the airfield and avoid the outer edge of it. BTW I really appreciated the attention to details, i.e. the board and chairs along the runway and the MANY balloon over dover
  3. Hi, as a debriefing, a couple of point might arise to perfect the further missions. We did have some slowdowns and stutters due to high density object area, and some red people were reporting server lag. It did not prevent me of enjoying the missions. As you stated, we did not have the message for the second wave. Briefing from ATAG_Flare told us a little bird told him about a supposed second wave. we stayed in air after the first circling around Lympne but after 1.5h of flight we decided to RTB with no idea where the second wave were. briefing format
  4. as SoilWorker said, how handy are you? Just to reassure you, throttle cable extension was my first ever soldering project, without any experience and using a ancient soldering iron borrowed to my father. No need to be too fancy, just add length to all wires and Voila! Grab yourself a couple of colored wired for electronic, a soldering iron, a beer or two and you should be good to go. it took me a night to figure out what I was doing and actually extending all wire. maybe the hardest thing would be to get over the thoughts you are about to ruin yo
  5. I've long wondered what this hinge was there. Never have I thought of this. you opened my eyes on this! the seating position in the wulf was notoriously more leaned/ this gave the pilot advantages with high G load. your body not being standing up right, it is easier bear higher G. so as you guessed, there must be room to fit the pilot's legs, hence the two stepped dashboard. not everyone like it, but the layout turns to be exactly to my taste. upper panel is flying information, with outer instrument being less important (i.e. speed and ATA, and most
  6. it might be as simple. I have to check that but I guess this is what happen on my side, as I can see my FPS counter stuck to 50 most of the time and I did'nt notice any blurryness...
  7. so again, thank you for the reminder. I managed to install it. I guess I tried before but was not able to complete to proper install. Anyway, I can feel a slight difference now, in a good way, but still this is not a true game changer. I recently acquired a second MSFFB2 and while I was testing if it was still in working condition, I was amazed how much smooth it felt. the mechanism under moderate load is super smooth compared to my G940 which could not help but remind you it has plastic gearing. I comfort me in the fact I will go back to a modded MSFF
  8. that is definitely worth a try. I'll tell you what I think about it, I'll give it a go tonight. thanks for the share, I think I knew about it but never tried. nice reminder though
  9. I see you are a man of culture I had the exact same plan for a while, i.e. modding my G940 like they did on their FFB2 but I plugged my FFB2 just to have a feel and I was shocked by the difference of feeling with my G940 that's why I leaned toward a frankenstick based on the FFB2. But I don't rule out putting the stick of the G940 on the ffb2, even getting the board inside a new box in parallel to be able to keep the trim pots and the throttle. but your idea is not a bad one. I don't think using RC helicopter gearing would make a huge difference. the improvement co
  10. nice way to poor oil on the fire man no kidding, this could be made without too much tooling. I am eagerly waiting my unit to come in to take measurement and making some sketches. out of curiosity, back in the old days there was a site compiling info about our beloved MSFFB2 and modifications made by some. here is an oudated example : http://www.simprojects.nl/ms_siderwinder_ff2_hack.htm is there a newer version or should we all spend hours digging old forum post on the internet?
  11. so you guy just made my day! I am currently waiting for my spare FFB2 to arrive so I could take it apart and make measurement. but this is precious informations, and the sketch is almost priceless. now I have an excuse to justify buying a mill and a lathe cheers mate
  12. I mean, yeah sure he had to change more than a part. beside that, from what I can see on the pics, and bare in mind that I have almost no idea of what I am talking about, I do not see that many changes. So far, all we know is he used MXL timing belt, which is just a standard regarding the pitch of the belt. therefore we should be able to find some okay-ish part to mimic this. The pulley/belt system being standard, we could for sure find some close match for these in any decent RS shop or anywhere you would find hobby parts. and It seems he just replaced the
  13. I would be interested to know it too. That sounds like a wonderful upgragde and as far as I can tell it seems to be pretty straight forward, as long as you pick the right parts. anyway, I gues that as long as you keep the ratio between the two pulley close to the original, it should not make a huge difference but I could be wrong in there
  14. dude, you could be in for some funny technique in there around the curve. Would I have to do it, I would hesitate between 2 : either I cut thin pieces of mdf and make the curve with putty and sanding, or I try to kerf bending plywood. Note that I would probably choose the second technique as I am looking for a reason to test it. there are plenty videos around showing you how to do it and how to calcule it like this one : anyway, you inspire me and this winter might be the one I choose to put some work into making my own homepit.
  15. hm... that's a good question but considering the way Luftwaffe was organised. there is not much more plane to cover if you don't count on prototypes and Wünderwaffen... anyway, here is my list : - DO-335! that was a BEAST and so out of the box design wise - He 177 for the same reason engine wise - He 162 I always found the volksjager so cute, and really interesting - Ar234 to have a nice fast bomber - He219 but we will have to have a nice radar implementation for night mission... so... but this might be one of the most gracefull beast you can find
  16. mostly american planes, and the spitfire IIRC
  17. ... nice way to kill the mood... dayum was I ecstatic for a minute... anyway, thanks for the info buddy
  18. euh... my steam is updating a 770mb update 😀😀😀😀
  19. what made this to be fixed for you? we were discussing this odd behaviour yesterday night with my squad, and a mate raised the fact that it was linked to FFB. we were all flying P-40 in which we observed the same behaviour, but I have to test the Cobra tonight to see if it's fixed for me aswel... anyway, I'll have a look at the bug report
  20. I would be se much interrested to have access to those wonderfull loading screens aswel. yesterday night I was playing in my career when my heart skipped a beat or two while the mission was loading, letting me drooling all over my hotas staring at those magnificents Me-262. so...
  21. duuuude, is that the "interallies monument" in Liege that I see on this image? The topography seems to point to that but just wanna check... BTW on a thursday I see my beloved P-38 in progress, I learn my hometown will be modelised on this HUGE map, and that the Schwalbe is almost done. And all that the same week MotoGP are back to business... it's gonna be hard to beat this one
  22. I am with OP and everyone else when it comes to the Tempest. I 've always been fascinated by its perfect mix of british style and mean looks. it might be as graceful as a spitfire but when it comes to ground attack it is as punching as a P-47. Add to all this a book I read when I was teenager from a belgian Pilot who came from the same city as I do and flew on typhoon, and you might see why my heart was beating when I looked at the planeset anouncement for Bp.
  23. j'ai perso le TrackIR4 (et donc 6dof) qui fonctionne très bien et ce comme au premier jour malgré ce que je lui fait parfois subir. coté de ça j'ai un MSFFB2 dans la cave, j'ai testé un X52 pdt un moment mais le manque de retour de force m'a fait retourner au FFB2. puis j'ai acheté d'occaz un g940 et je suis assez content. c'est sur que c'est pas le machin le plus fiable du monde, et j'ai moi aussi eu un fil cassé. mais étant donné qu'il n'est plus produit je n'ai aucun scrupule à lui mettre les tripes à l'air et fouiller dedans. j'ai remplacé les cables foireux du throttle, suivra la réd
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