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  1. OK thank you. Do you know how to contact them? I'll have a look myself of course! Well can't find it so far. Not here Just seems ridiculous tbh, just not logical.
  2. Anybody know how I can change my email address on my account? My provider is binning support soon so I need to change it to a working account. Couldn't find a way to change any of it from the forum settings. Help please ~S~
  3. The tag is irrelevant. It doesn't matter what tag is used, you simply can't use a username that somebody else has used. It means there can only be one guy called "Falcon", even though there are probably about 10 guys called "Falcon" in the CFS community and they are all in different crews. Is there a game anywhere which does this? It's a terrible idea.
  4. Dear devs, I'm head of ACG and we've just brought our entire group of about 180 pilots over from Cliffs of Dover to BoX to take on the eastern front, but we have a strange problem that I find really illogical and I'd like to get some understanding on this. When setting your in game pilot ID it has to be UNIQUE for the entire sim, ever. Please see the attachment. This is regardless of the tag. Is this right? It does not make sense, do you know how many guys are named after birds of prey or famous pilots? If there has to be only one ever, and if this sim intends to grow, then this is just very annoying. So I have a lot of new guys trying to set up their ID's which they have used for literally years, that they've been beaten to it at some point. It's wrong, please can you fix this.
  5. The problem was that they popped up too high for a moment and were detected. They had remained off radar for some time. The system is built historically though, so the radar points out to sea with a height but once near land the virtual 'observer corps' take over and height doesn't matter.
  6. Roblex no apology was desired or needed, I was just pointing out that it is public and we do share it but it's not announced or advertised as such. We always face a problem with image because of the leadership at another place unfortunately, I just felt that this needed saying, sorry if it appeared a bit defensive
  7. Yeah but that's not true. That video is on our website 'about us' page and YouTube channel. The tools are also shared to any other group who ask. All of this was done by volunteers for free Unfortunately there are people out there who stated publicly that these are private and hidden away for us alone etc etc etc. It is difficult to counter that what with being banned for trying, and having such nonsense repeated elsewhere by others, so I just don't bother. Caio It could be. Easily.
  8. Yes, but they acclimatise over several weeks and make one summit push where the climb is several hours. They don't get up their in 25 minutes. And of course even though they are literally the best climbers in the World rather than drafted kids, some of them still manage to die trying.
  9. No biggy. It was an excellent discussion until the troll bongo turned up and made it some sort of 'battle he must win'. I think everybody agreed it would be a good thing to do, start simply and extend from that. Blakhart didn't brag about what he does, but at the time he was flying the MiG-29 for Poland iirc. The first few pages get to the nub of it and would be nice if the devs took it on board.
  10. I posted this 4 years ago https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/1125-pilot-limitation-under-load-and-stress/?do=findComment&comment=22469
  11. OMFG it's actually me in my campaign crate!!!! Larry you sneaky bugger!!! :D I must've just got a medal from the King. Fame at last!!
  12. Sure but we don't know that because no schedule or target date has been published. I've seen Buzzsaw's reply to Wolverine on the ATAG thread about the scope of it and it appears that we are talking about a fairly feature basic and 'hardcoded' system which isn't configurable via scripting. So it probably won't be particularly useful for our needs since we would need to track individual machines over a long campaign fought in different sessions, and without gets and sets it is unlikely to work in the way we need. But we don't know because that detail hasn't been provided.My guess is it's another thing in the source which has been discovered and commented out which could be uncommented, polished and debugged though, hence the claim for no impact on delivery. When is delivery scheduled for please?
  13. I'm a project manager for software products, and I can assure you that when a lead dev tells you it'll be fine you just don't believe them if you don't want a rollocking from the boss. TFS won't even give us a release date for 4.5, so they don't know when TF5 will come let alone if this has impact on delivery (which it will)
  14. People. PLEASE READ THE QUESTION. Do you want this for TF5? Do you want yet more scope creep on this already massively late update? If you ask for this TFS will put the release off even further. Sure I want bells and whistles, I wrote a long post on the ACG thread for this topic and it would in particular benefit ACG greatly,,,,,,BUT,,,,,,right now I don't have anything. PLEASE JUST DELIVER SOMETHING FIRST. I'd love to see pilot failures before that. Would have a far greater and more realistic impact on air combat. https://tfbt.nuvturais.de/issues/879
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