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  1. Hi : Could I request a K-4 skin? This is the IL2 1946 one for Adolph Borchers: Best Paul
  2. Thanks gents for the replies. All helpful! Yes, I have all the BoS expansions. Been waiting a year for Bodenplatte missions, maps etc. I really like the CLOD planes and theatre.
  3. New CLOD player seeking good MP combat sim. Pretty bad attendance, only found one easy realism MP server (Dangerdogz) and when I was on it, one "expert" (e.g., TWC_Spartacus )had mod (?) so he didn't show up on map, and just vulched me repeatedly. Lots of "fun." Not going to get many new players on the MP servers with this kind of behaviour.
  4. I like these skins for one of my favorite Allied planes - good work! My favorite P-39 skin: only have it in IL2 1946:
  5. Thanks for the info gentlemen - I've been enjoying one called EU Official ICGS Planes and Tanks Normal - Tags and external views with auto engine management. Heaven!
  6. I like this server - icons and external views, and all the robots flying even if few players on. ( If more people set up their servers with these options more players might be flying?). It's only crashed once or twice on me Congrats! P
  7. Hi Tomi- Great Snooks skin! I enjoy flying my Kobra and just looking at it. (However, I think the city name "Fresno" on the skin is misspelled - see attached profile for Snooks 2). Best regards, Paul
  8. Here's another good skin site for IL2 1946: https://www.asisbiz.com/il2.html P.S. - As to "wrong forum" reply: read the Forum heading - "Other 1C Game Studios Games" "Discussion about the classic series IL-2 Sturmovik, IL-2:COD and Rise of Flight" Plenty of us still playing IL2 1946 on Hyperlobby.......
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