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  1. Okay, this shouldn't be this hard...odd. Do you have "enable unrecognized apps" in the Oculus settings? Maybe IL-2 is trying to run of the iGPU instead of the dGPU?
  2. This is a problem that every combat flight sim has unfortunately. I feel the GB gunners are actually less OP than 1946, and CLoD.
  3. The German cannons are also WAY overpowered based on this:
  4. I didn't even catch that LOL. What is that gpu from like 2010? Can it even run flat screen in 720p on low @30 fps?
  5. I really don't think the Rift S is a bad headset at all. The cable issue (random disconnects?) you are describing may be due your power management settings. Once I turned my thunderbolt 3 port's power saving off in device manager, I have had no more random disconnects.
  6. In many ways, this looks more real than GB...the tracers are amazing and the damage effects so fluid.
  7. I guess I don't have any interest in flying 1939-40 planes with two speed or fixed pitch propellers when I am used to 1942-45 planes. For the pacific I would prefer Guadalcanal which would be a 1942-1943 plane set. BoF is neat, but there is no way it happens or should happen with Bodenplatte, Normandy, and CoD existing (which all feature parts of france).
  8. What the hell did I just watch?! 😆
  9. Good news! I already own both and anxiously await vr support to play both again (have no monitor or trackir), but I hope this helps grow the community. It really is a great sim at its core...the only things lacking are a good gui like GB, content (Tobruk helps a lot), modern graphics rendering (true sky will help a lot and so will the terrain updates), and vr support. Yes the ai commands need some bug fixing too, but this is still miles ahead of GB. @BuzzsawTFS rock and I look forward to the future of the Dover Series!
  10. I would personally like to see a Malta or Sicily scenario (or both). Wouldn't that mean we would need p-47s, p-51a, and fw-190s (for Sicily), in addition to the Italian planes that I know nothing about. A cool thing about either is I assume we would get carrier ops? Again, I do not know a ton about either scenario, so please enlighten me.
  11. It would be an easy solution because people would only fly the servers without timers because they are stupid and historically inaccurate.
  12. I really wouldn't be interested in France or BoB again now that we have Bodenplatte and Normandy (channel map and can do BOB scenarios with better planes). For me, it is Pacific or bust. We have too much eastern front also. I have played so many BoB and BoF scenarios over the years in 1946 and CoD that it would be redundant.
  13. Wow, this mod really helps. The banding in my vr is really bad, like 1946 level bad.
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