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  1. I do have to say I am a little disappointed the sim didn't have at least a single player scripted mission campaign with it on release. I'm a fan of the company, but someone who purchases this sim after it goes out of early access is going to wonder what to do with it. I believe quite a few buyers are going to be shocked and disappointed by that.
  2. When you have 2 planes selected in tacview, there is a label box that shows distance and orientation between the 2 adversaries (hot, cold, etc) Is there a way to remove that label box without unselecting one of the planes in telemetry? I find it's always in the way, and often hides one of the planes I'm wishing to view.
  3. Sure! My apologies if what I described is out of your control! https://www.dropbox.com/s/36o709bqxjwhygp/career-2-Hans Kruger-1942.2018-03-18_09-46-57_00.zip?dl=0
  4. Thank guys! That explains it then. If you would be so kind as to report it to the devs on the testing side it would be appreciated. As you noted, there really isn't a reason to cruise above 400 to 420 for these planes. We have nothing to do a lot of time in transit, so being able to at least formation fly a bit is part of the fun. Right now it's really stressful. Especially watching your flight stir up the target area and then getting to fly into the maelstrom well after it's all hit the fan!
  5. Hello Vyrtuoz, love your app! I'm not sure this if this is existing behaviour or not, as I've been using Tacview with DCS lately more than IL2. WIth the Kuban release I've been playing a German campaign a ton and noticed that when I view my tracks, a lot of the Russian planes and at times ground objects aren't colored the opposite from me (I'm blue, and they should be red in my mind). In addition, objects aren't being marked destroyed in Tacview when they are killed. This is mainly happening with ground objects. My plane is also not picked out when I load the track, I have to manually find it and set it up as the primary plane. I'm used to DCS tracks doing that, I'm not sure if that's something IL2 does.
  6. Ahhhh, this explains why I'm sent with my 4 man flight to knock down 12 bombers with 8 escorts. I thought hard would basically adjust AI difficulty, not necessarily the amount of planes. I thought density would control the amount of planes.
  7. I believe the Germans really upped the requirements for medals during the war in the east didn't they? Pilots were getting so many kills that it made getting a medal pointless, so they kept raising the standards to achieve those medals in an attempt to continue to give them meaning.
  8. I have a few suggestions after having played a bit of the campaign, as stated before, I'm having a blast! It would be nice if there was a squadron join date listed for personnel in the squadron. Because of losses, people come and go. It's hard at times to feel connected to these people as they don't have bios, etc. Having the date they joined the squadron listed would help me tell who was an old hand, and who is a newbie over time. Which would help me associate a bit better with my comrades. On the headquarters screen, it lists airfields and what squadrons are based there. In addition, it shows you the missions scheduled for that day, with the ability to click on a previously completed mission and see what the waypoints, etc. were. It would be nice if the previously completed missions also showed you the kills from both sides from that mission on the map as well. This information is already shown on the map at the completion of a mission, so it's already generated. If all the previously accumulated results from the current day was shown on the headquarters map it would give me more of a reason to go to it, and would help you see the total results from that days sorties in one place in a graphical format. Right now there isn't really a good reason to go to this screen during the campaign. But adding the results from all the days missions as they go definitely would get me to go to this screen every day to see how our squadron did.
  9. Loving the new campaign system! One thing I'm struggling with when I'm not the flight leader, and I'm not sure if this is a me problem or an AI problem. The AI are flying at a much higher speed than I can waypoint to waypoint. They are leaving me behind! I'm doing a German campaign at Stalingrad, and I'm currently in the BF109 G2. The waypoints on the map are calling for speeds of 470 kph. With full tanks, I'm only able to do 450 kph without getting into combat mode engine wise. Because of this, the AI end up way ahead of me, and I'm always playing a game of trying to cut corners angles wise to close the gap. Anyone else noticing this? Am I doing something wrong?
  10. In flight radio messages tend to call out various flight call signs for you and various other aircraft around you. The mission briefing though doesn't tell you who is who. Therefore I can't see a way to tell to whom a message is directed at. It would be helpful if along with the pilots names in the briefing as it is now, if it also listed various call signs for various flights in the mission, airfields etc. Loving 3.0 so far!
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