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  1. Dear Lefuneste, For me , last version from today is turning all the screen black, but only when you start flying. At first, I thought it was a problem caused by the inclussion I do of some LizLemon shaders. (his sun shader he created is a must for me). But that was not the problem. I uninstalled everything and started from zero, with no external shaders, and the black screen appeared anyway. Can you check it? Thanks a lot.
  2. Count me in!. I would love to test VR (Primax 5K+, running smooth like butter) with Flying Circus, also Tank Crew. I own both. Thanks in advance.
  3. I tested it with both normal and large FOV. None of the default settings (LShift+F1) looks well for me. I would like to fine tune them on-the-fly. Like the fine tune on the zoom. Also, black (well, non aligned) mirrors, missing horizon, shadows and textures with artifacts... Not usable for now, at least for me. Using latest Pitool, latest drivers, etc... Thanks.
  4. Pimax 5k+ user here. I always have 29-35 fps unless I try flying with Large FOV and/or >70% SS on SteamVR and/or >1,25 SS on PiTools. My question is: Any advantage of using 90hz instead 72hz ? I can't see any difference. Do you? Also, FYI , I´m using these drivers ripped from Windows 10 Insiders fast ring, and I'm very happy with them. Supposedly they solve the high GPU usage on some games, like DCS, but if the last version of pitools also solved that , I dont know if they worth the time. Anyway: Maybe with help some of you, in case official drivers are not working as they should. Cheers.
  5. Nope. Same brightness. Maybe the next one...
  6. I confirm this problem too. Before last patch, looking in the direction (not directly to) the sun never was as blinding as it is now. You can't see anything, except white light. Even if you manage to put the cockpit frame between you and the sun, the white light covers everything. Nobody can fly with that light. I hope this will be solved in the next patch. Pimax 5k+ here.
  7. Just for info, using VR, the problem is even worse and more evident. Aircrafts turn into big transparent jagged blocks when they are in front of the clouds. Its very annoying. I fly with a Primax 5K with high settings, and even if you increase AA SS, use Lefuneste mod or any tweak you try, improves the situation. Flying at 4k on a monitor, highest settings, the effect is still there but not very noticeable.
  8. Yes, I can buy the DAS, but without printed adapters is useless with Pimax units. I will pay for those adapters, if any spanish Pimax user would be so nice to print them for me. 🙂
  9. Thanks Chili. I´ve spend the weekend testing 5k XR and I must say, once you find the correct settings, the experience is great. I´ve never owned a 5K+ or 8K but with the Pimax 5K XR the blacks are great and there´s no glare at all. Or at least, I cant notice it. The FOV is very good, but what I was looking for was the readability of the cockpit instruments, and I must say is really surprising. For me, in the sweet spot, once you focus your eyes on the zone of the instruments, for the first time, I can say I could fly (not only IL-2 but also other sims, like DCS, Aerofly FS2 or War Thunder) almost the same as if I was using an external screen. I´m using PiTools and I´m sure if I tweak it more (I readed something about changing offsets for improving sweet spot??) I will get even better results. But...I have only a big problem with this 5K XR , and is the uncomfortable that it is. Nothing compared to Oculus Rift. I need to constantly adjust the unit in my face because the strap system is terrible. The lens zone close to the nose is constantly touching my upper nose zone, and its really hurting me, and I mean real pain. Now I understand why some people uses a "counterweight" in the back strap, to lift the unit, and avoid the fall of it over the nose. I know this problem maybe could be solved with a better face cushion and the Deluxe Audio Strap from Vive, but in Amazon Spain, the cushions you mentioned and use, are no longer available, and for the DAS , you need also to print some plastic adapters, and I dont have access to a 3D printer. I see you managed to do some nice mods with your 5k. Could you help me ? Could this work as cushion? https://www.amazon.es/Miayaya-Almohadillas-Espuma-para-Vive/dp/B07R559TPP/ref=sr_1_15?__mk_es_ES=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=reemplazo+de+cara+espuma+htc&qid=1563163957&s=electronics&sr=1-15 I dont want to loose FOV and I know the size of the cushion is important. With this one there are two sizes. And for the DAS, do you know if its possible to buy or print the adapters somewhere?. I am zero in this 3D printing world. Thanks in advance. Gracias.
  10. I ordered the new Pimax 5K XR OLED headset from Amazon some days ago, and threads like this make me think if I made a grave mistake. I will receive the headset tomorrow and I´m already worried instead of hyped, as I should be. I come from the Rift CV1, using it on IL-2, War Thunder and DCS sims only and , sincerely, I decided to go for this 1000 eur. Pimax because the HP Reverb (new revision) headset is delayed until August and, thanks to Amazon, I will be able to return the unit in case I´m not satisfied with the results. I read on some places the the 5K+ is better, others 8k is better, lots of through the lens comparisons videos, lots of software tweaks are needed for a decent flight, lots of pitools beta versions, etc... My point, and my real question, is anyone happy and flying with Pimax 5k or 8k daily? With Rift CV1, and my current specs, my flight is smooth as butter, with all setting at max and SS at 180% on SteamVR. I cant stand the low resolution flight dials and the unreadable text of the cockpit, the low fov, or the glare, so I decide to change. I wonder if I will notice a real improvement over Rift CV1 with same settings. Thanks in advance.
  11. The sun Halo problem is really annoying. I´m looking forward to try 10.6 version. Could be a nice christmas present... 🙂
  12. Ouch!! In the rush for purchasing immediately both releases, FC and TC, I didn't noticed the RoF discount possibility in the news today. I purchased ALL aircraft, addons and terrains available of RoF, so I´ve lost a good discount. 😣 I suppose nothing can be done once purchased FC, right? 😢
  13. But, where is v0.46? File name on Mediafire link says v0.45 since forever...
  14. Thanks so MUCH!!! I will test it inmediately!!!
  15. Darkcyde, do you have a TM profile yet? Its almost impossible to find a good one, with complex comands. DCS has thousands of them, but IL2BOS .... :-( I´ve found some, but they are too old or too simple. Please, share yours if you dont mind. I lack of any programming skills and I see you know script language. I´m sure a lot of people is in my same situation. Thanks in advance!
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