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  1. Anybody seen any fixes to this? I'm getting it a lot, pretty annoying in Kuban.
  2. I did 4k prior to going VR (Oculus). 4k is abysmal for spotting, I assume 1440p is worse than 1080p.
  3. Will negatively impact your ability to spot other aircraft, but it'll be prettier.
  4. This game (along with other sims i play) is cpu limited. My 1080ti isn't even currently running at max utilization using VR. I'm sitting this gen out, too expensive for what you get. Just ordered a new 8700k cpu/board/ram combo instead. As long as I can stay consistently above 60 fps in VR multiplayer, I'm happy.
  5. I know I won't play the game without it. Closest thing to being a real life WW2 fighter pilot you can get. It's only going to get better. I'm happy with current resolution, I'd just like larger FOV. Ideally though, foveated rendering will solve it all and we'll get massive upgrades to both resolution AND FOV.
  6. The mod solves identification, make sure you are using blurred landscape filter to help spotting below. Also, super sampling negatively affects rendering size of distant targets, so there's a tradeoff involved in the better visuals.
  7. Feels like it to me, especially on red side. Flare high and you'll float forever...
  8. Asynchronous Space Warp. I call it frame doubling, which is probably wrong.
  9. Buttons aren't an issue. Just mod the stick you prefer externally using an extension.
  10. Get the 3dmigoto mod, disable the prop. Turn on frame doubling using rt ctrl+numpad 4. Will really smooth out motion, especially rolling motion. I'm a pilot IRL as well and I agree. That's why I'm averaging 100+ hours a month in this freaking game. I don't get cannons IRL. Crack cocaine!
  11. More relative airflow, more drag...
  12. I did a quick search and couldn't find the post I thought I remembered that stated the above. Please disregard!
  13. I have read that there isnt any real-time data export available in il2. Without an open source of information, you are going to have to emulate a device such as microsoft FFB2 or whatever il2 recognizes as a valid FFB device. That's going to be tricky as you'll need to play with Microsoft's FFB drivers. If there was an open source emulator (I haven't looked), then your task would be relatively easy. I've considered a project like yours, adding FFB externally to the warthog stick. Seems simple enough, but I think I read that they are dropping FFB support in the future. I think DCS is ahead in this respect, though our developer certainly has to choose where to spend limited resources. I'm happy with where they've chosen to put their efforts, but I do agree that FFB really adds to the immersion in games. This is especially true in racing. But how many of us would actually build our own hardware to take advantage of the capability? Probably not enough to justify the effort enabling the export, sadly.
  14. Thanks guys, that all helped very well. Now I'm consistently getting at least some kills on each map of WoL (sure wish we saw Kuban more often). It's like 500% easier with a formation partner. This going it alone stuff is tough, but can be done. I put the P-39 aside for a bit and concentrated on La-5/5FN, Mig-3 and just today tried the Spitfire VB. The Spit feels slow as molasses, but down low in a furball... good god that thing can maneuver. Oh, and full armor piercing belts on the La-5 birds are now my favorite. They never see it coming!!!
  15. I want to like the La-5FN, but I can't hit anything with those cannons. I don't know why, even against AI I'll need a few reloads at 300m.
  16. Well I've read the cobra sucks above 2k. I do all right with yak 1b at high altitude, but I'd really like to get good at p39. Takes forever to climb though.
  17. So keep the speed up then, I gotcha. Yes, usually once I'm slow I'm dead meat...
  18. A lot of these videos I see people starting high up above the 109s, basically using boom and zoom themselves. This doesn't take advantage of the down low performance advantage of Soviet birds, and so I'm really confused about how to use the birds at lower altitudes. Your point about frustrating the Germans until they come down to your altitude to play makes sense though. Understood. So then should I climb all the way to 5k (or higher) to get above the Germans? I must say im impressed with the 109s turning ability, ive never been able to out turn one so I don't know where all this "Soviets are turn fighters" comes from. Seems to me the 109s can hang with me just as well when it comes to TnB.
  19. I've played Germany a lot online, and I always thought the Allied birds were overpowered with their turn rates. Muh Russian bias and all that. But after trying the Soviet birds for a while now... man, how the hell are you supposed to beat boom and zoom from the 109s and 190s? Much respect to those Soviet pilots that can survive and even get some kills. I can't imagine how terrifying that would have been in real life. Any second someone can dive down from the stratosphere and cheap shot you. Any tips? I'm just getting slaughtered out there. I really like the Soviet birds, they seem to have more character. I really like the P-39, I just don't like getting killed constantly -- it's demoralizing when I remember how much easier it was as a german...
  20. VQBD824V used as well, Soviets thank you
  21. VYQ1LQ4N has just been used, much appreciated!
  22. I noticed that yesterday as well. Must have been in the hotfix. Unfortunately, I and at least one other have been getting sound distortions/loss of engine and weapon noises in multiplayer... doesn't resolve until restarting game. Worth the loss of head bump, IMO, especially in the 109F4 (the hit box is really sensitive in that bird).
  23. I play exclusively German in VR. Usually 109, sometimes 190. I can kill just fine, but fighting alone means I never see the guy behind me and it seems the Russians are always working together. Typing in chat box is lousy way to coordinate, and teamspeak turns into a bunch of uncoordinated babble. I'm looking for someone who plays 1800 - 2200 CST on weekdays and 0900-2200 CST on weekends. I don't care which server it's on. Would prefer to use Discord, as that filters out the noise of unrelated teamspeak. Anybody want mutual support?
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