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  1. Doesn't play multiplayer. Opinion on multiplayer "issue" is worthless.
  2. ??? He's saying he'll literally level the playing field. No stacked zoom! Are you dense?
  3. I will say that without this "mod" I wouldn't be able to play the game in VR, and thus I wouldn't play (I've become spoiled -- VR or nothing for my gaming these days). Some of you might like that idea, but that's where we're at with the state of VR. IL-2 is a fantastic game, my all time favorite. Please don't ruin this for us. It's not cheating for VR users, we're already handicapped as it is with our various neck injuries and debilitated vision lol.
  4. Supply/demand, I'm guessing. You can't find one new ever since CV decimated China production. Same w/Index.
  5. Input lag is a big issue as well. Image/sound packets must travel from the streaming system to your computer. Then your computer has to send control inputs to the streaming service. Then the streaming service sends your updated computed position info to the IL2 server. Then the IL2 server sends updated position data of your multiplayer peers to the streaming service.... Basically 2x the network traffic and latency. Not a good option for multiplayer, IMO. Single player might not be too noticible, depending on distance of their nearest node.
  6. Thanks lefuneste, this works great! Now TrackIR users don't have the owl-head advantage!!! 😈 One small note: If you move your head while activating the snap turn, when you release it will recenter your view. Have your VR camera centering button handy!
  7. I run 120 hz on the Index. Motion smoothing makes it a great experiance, it's my preferred refresh rate. 144 hz is a bit too far for my pc. 1080ti and 8700k. Where high refresh really shines is sim racing.
  8. This game is fantastic! I've never experienced terror from a video game, but this comes pretty damn close. Bravo, Valve, you set the standard for a AAA VR title.
  9. Really curious how the PT-actuators feel in IL-2. The extra 50mm movement has me leaning towards the PT-actuators vice the SFX-100 for both sim-racing/IL-2.
  10. There's only one output. Bass shaker implementation doesn't currently support in-game audio as a second output.
  11. Great app! Sometimes when there's layered effects (gear actuation with engine rpm, etc), one or both of the effects is removed for that overlapping period. Anybody else notice that? Compression did not help. That's with Buttkicker Gamer 2, btw.
  12. Anybody seen any fixes to this? I'm getting it a lot, pretty annoying in Kuban.
  13. I did 4k prior to going VR (Oculus). 4k is abysmal for spotting, I assume 1440p is worse than 1080p.
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