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  1. This game is fantastic! I've never experienced terror from a video game, but this comes pretty damn close. Bravo, Valve, you set the standard for a AAA VR title.
  2. Really curious how the PT-actuators feel in IL-2. The extra 50mm movement has me leaning towards the PT-actuators vice the SFX-100 for both sim-racing/IL-2.
  3. There's only one output. Bass shaker implementation doesn't currently support in-game audio as a second output.
  4. Great app! Sometimes when there's layered effects (gear actuation with engine rpm, etc), one or both of the effects is removed for that overlapping period. Anybody else notice that? Compression did not help. That's with Buttkicker Gamer 2, btw.
  5. Anybody seen any fixes to this? I'm getting it a lot, pretty annoying in Kuban.
  6. I did 4k prior to going VR (Oculus). 4k is abysmal for spotting, I assume 1440p is worse than 1080p.
  7. Will negatively impact your ability to spot other aircraft, but it'll be prettier.
  8. This game (along with other sims i play) is cpu limited. My 1080ti isn't even currently running at max utilization using VR. I'm sitting this gen out, too expensive for what you get. Just ordered a new 8700k cpu/board/ram combo instead. As long as I can stay consistently above 60 fps in VR multiplayer, I'm happy.
  9. I know I won't play the game without it. Closest thing to being a real life WW2 fighter pilot you can get. It's only going to get better. I'm happy with current resolution, I'd just like larger FOV. Ideally though, foveated rendering will solve it all and we'll get massive upgrades to both resolution AND FOV.
  10. The mod solves identification, make sure you are using blurred landscape filter to help spotting below. Also, super sampling negatively affects rendering size of distant targets, so there's a tradeoff involved in the better visuals.
  11. Feels like it to me, especially on red side. Flare high and you'll float forever...
  12. Asynchronous Space Warp. I call it frame doubling, which is probably wrong.
  13. Buttons aren't an issue. Just mod the stick you prefer externally using an extension.
  14. Get the 3dmigoto mod, disable the prop. Turn on frame doubling using rt ctrl+numpad 4. Will really smooth out motion, especially rolling motion. I'm a pilot IRL as well and I agree. That's why I'm averaging 100+ hours a month in this freaking game. I don't get cannons IRL. Crack cocaine!
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