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  1. I can say racing sims are a lot better at higher refresh rates, helps the sense of speed. FOV helps there as well.
  2. As a former Huey pilot, I can say you're doing something wrong if you are pissing blood after half an hour...
  3. iRacing if you want realistic competition. Pricey but having skin in the game is what makes people follow the rules, unfortunately.
  4. I'm able to run 80 fps on index with max everything but MSAAx2 and 120% SS. This is with 3080. I'm happy.
  5. I don't understand how anyone can not like VR. Don't like the performance? That's understandable. Don't like the visual fidelilty? That's understandable. Don't like the cost to max it out? That's understandable. But not liking it because you just don't enjoy stereoscopic gaming and the massive increase in immersion brought with 1-1 head tracking? That's absurd. FS2020 will disappoint in VR if you are expecting the same visuals as what's currently provided w/monitor display. But I don't care, I want to be "in" the cockpit!
  6. Yesterday I took the plunge and bought the premium deluxe version after the enthusiasm I saw in this thread. Holy hell, this has the makings of a great sim! The avionics needs a little work but for being only 3 months old, I'm impressed. Better visuals than any FAA certified sim I've sat in. I thought anything without combat would be boring; happy to be wrong! Let me chime in with a buy recommendation if you are even remotely interested in flying VFR/IFR anywhere in the world. The scope of what's offered is just an absolute bargain if you're looking for a true "sim" experience.
  7. In a fierce dogfight, the amount of force I place on my pedals is pretty nuts. No creaking, no noise, it just takes it. If you don't have a good HOTAS, obviously nice pedals come later -- but I don't regret spending the money at all. I once had saitek pro combat pedals -- not even close to the viper rx's.
  8. I have the Viper V1's, great pedals. I don't really see what changed with the V2's, but the V1's were certainly worth the money in my mind. No plastic anywhere!
  9. I don't understand how people can fawn all over this crap. Went to reddit (my mistake) to try and see if anyone had figured out how to bind HOTAS controls when you have more than 4 devices (and I'm NOT giving up IL2 keybinds for this!) and they're falling all over themselves like they've never played a proper flight sim before. It's just garbage for the filthy casuals, really. We should demand better from game devs. Eve: Valkyrie is literally the same game design and it does it much better and HOTAS wasn't that difficult to set up!
  10. If they ever add proper damage modeling then DCS could become a proper competitor to IL-2. Their flight model's are superior (just speaking from my experience with their P-51 module), but their damage model kills it. IL-2's damage model and the "feel" of their war theater environments just absolutely dominate, in my opinion. It's not an issue of cost. For most of us, this is our main hobby and we spend far, far greater amounts on hardware supporting the software. Give me a full fledged WW2 sim and I'll spend A LOT.
  11. Game is absolute shit. I don't recommend in its current state. Good thing it was gifted to me, but sad my friend wasted his money doing so.
  12. My performance was garbage until I reset everything in Nvidia control panel to default. Seems somewhere in a VR spotting guide on here I had made some modifications that were pretty performance negative, once I went back to default I probably gained 20 FPS. I have a 1080ti and I can run balanced w/2x MSAA and 120% SS on Valve Index for a pretty stable 80 FPS, even in multiplayer. Since the Index does 80hz native, makes for a really smooth experience. There are the random dips down to 70 but its not enough to bother me. Also running 5.0 Ghz overclock... Looking forward to 3080 whenever it's ava
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