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  1. This is like saying you can say how the car handles by watching it and not driving it. It's sad to see there is so little logic. Does every other thread in this forum about other games want to sell people about the game? Ever heard of discussion, tin foil hat territory much?
  2. You played it 17 years ago...... but 5 months ago was released aces high 3, which is different under the hood. I also played it 17 years ago..... and back then il2 was way better, but now Aces High is the best, and it will be only better because the game is constantly upgraded...... there are 19 updates only in this year, while there aer no new ww2 flight sims on the horizon. Aces high has a chance yet to be a new king, gameplay is there, graphics are being upgraded. Graphics are not everything that make a game.
  3. If you would go and see for yourself, and if you have any knowledge of flight, you would instantly see why AH has the best flight model
  4. Someone try those moves in other flight sims...... this is what set aparts AH from other flight games.
  5. if you think real life is arcade, because AH is the closest game you will have that planes behave like in real life, the author of the game flew the real p51, he knows how it's like to fly a plane, and you don't
  6. Too bad you don't want to fly a game with the best flight model available from any ww2 flight game.
  7. Aces High flight model creates torque maneuvers, something which you can't do in other flight sims.Other sims just simulate controlled flying. Aces High creates flight with simulated aircraft in a simulated environment. That's why the post stall gyrations in Aces High match what you see with real aircraft in airshows, although with obvious differences from the different power/weight. here is an example: Torque maneuver as seen from your own plane
  8. I'm not sure players here know but Aces High uses VR and supports Oculus and Vive
  9. Yes, AI ground infantry fighting vs each other and players would strafe them
  10. Imagine the strain on bandwith in todays times if it had top notch graphics with 500+ players, it's simply not possible today. To have a massive environment there need to be sacrifices made.
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