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  1. I just ordered the Reverb pro version from HP , they say a week or so to deliver. I'm also going to buy a desktop fan to keep me cool. Glad to see your reviews, I can't wait to try it out.
  2. Wow two new skins, thanks for the pics they look awesome. I'm really enjoying your metal skins a lot, their all I fly around in now. (love your reflected metal work).
  3. Another beauty, can't wait😎.
  4. I just downloaded and tried your skins Tom, and I love it. Your skins are the most metallic aluminum looking I've seen yet. This is great work! Thanks so much for doing them, they are very realistic looking.
  5. More of your fantastic work, these are great skins😎. Thanks so much Bugsy.
  6. Another beauty Raptor! Thanks again for doing all these great looking historic skins.😎
  7. WOW! These are absolute beauties. Thanks so much Rap😎
  8. Microsoft is price matching the SO+ to the sale price for their customers who bought the headset from them online at the Microsoft store less than a month ago. You have to call their customer support number to do it. They just did it for me. You gotta love their Customer support, also have your Microsoft order number ready. Hope this helps. Also I have a youtube link show how you can buy off newegg and can get international shipping to Europe.
  9. I thought I'd let players who might want the SO+ at the black Friday sale of $299 that as of 11:20 it's still available and not sold out yet. Here's the links if your interested. Cheers! https://www.samsung.com/us/computing/hmd/windows-mixed-reality/hmd-odyssey-windows-mixed-reality-headset-xe800zba-hc1us/ or the Microsoft store for Canada. https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/p/Samsung-HMD-Odyssey/8N2D0NK20P8M?icid=MRVRcat_Hero1_SamsungOdyssey_11182018&activetab=pivot%3aoverviewtab
  10. Ha ha. I think this thread is about the Odyssey +, give it a try me laddio. I think they're becoming hard to get for obvious reasons.
  11. Hi again, obviously everyone will set their VR settings to which ever way they enjoy their gameplay, my settings are for own tastes for visual clarity, so of course it's not meant as a setup guide for everyone. It's clear to me some players here get angry and hurl insults when others play differently or are less demanding with the gameplay, Whatever. However the headset is great and this link may help European players who want to take advantage of a great Black Friday deal. Hope this helps you. Have fun.
  12. Here's where I got my info of the sale. https://www.roadtovr.com/holiday-deal-brings-new-samsung-odyssey-vr-headset-just-300/ Have fun
  13. I get between 45-90FPS with 8 planes in the air with a GTX 1080, I just measured it. Anything above 45FPS I consider silky smooth frame rate (avg. was mid 60's). Hope that clarifies it for you better. To each their own view of what is smooth but these HMD's top out at 90 as you all know. I can only wish I could get the same in DCS world as BOS. I know your pain. Vulcan seems to get the best frames for me in Aerofly FS2. Here's a pix of my settings I hope it helps.
  14. Hi I have the Samsung odyssey + and play il2 BOS, I've found it to be the best available. Yes I can highly recommend it compared to my Vive, it is greatly superior. I've been playing BOS on it every day for a week. The screen door effect is gone and if you turn up super sampling in WMR steam beta it's amazing visual clarity and sharpness no softness ( I set mine at 200% on my GTX 1080 and 142% on my 1070 and BOS runs silky smooth frame rates). It is the best display image you can buy (aside from FOV which is only 110% but it was the display image quality I really cared about), but the beauty is that you can have the best visuals out there for the foreseeable future (Verified by reviewers as better in comparison to Pimax 5k+, 8K, StarVR one, Vive pro , the orig Odyssey even the Xtal) and you still don't need to upgrade your hardware from your oculus or vive setup. I would be very skeptical that the future new valve or oculus upgrades could match this display image because Samsung has already said that they will not share this tech with anyone else and that's where the others get their AMOLED displays. As an aside Samsung just announced this HMD is going on sale for $300 on Nov 18th. I predict this headset will become the main VR HMD for simmers. Oh! it does bleed light if you have a narrow face like me, but I fixed it very easy. The new blue tooth tracking is flawless( fixed from the old Odyssey blue tooth issue some older PC's had, it's now built into the headset properly).
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