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  1. Armamos los vuelos por whatsapp, escribime 2932615916, al Facebook: Ariel Gualdesi
  2. I'm not asking for the gunners tell me jokes during cruise, but just somehow report when the IA see a contact. In the case I report some gunner did damage on the fighter, but didn't heard their guns until the reds started shooting. I believe that happen to me before, mostly in two seaters that the gunner seems "disable". Like the rear gunner didn't see or shoot the enemy but the others did.
  3. Was flying a transport mission on TAW an got jumped by 3 reds. Only knew it when I saw the tracers above my cockpit. How come that the gunners fail to inform the pilot of the enemy contacts. Shouldn't they be scanning the sky? Only a while after taking fire one of them called "he's engaging". An early warning could be useful to survive. I'm sure that in reality the gunners would look for contacts and notify the pilot as if their life depend on it. On a clear day in a low flying bomber the gunners should be able to see the fighters against the firmament before that them see my plane. Maybe then escape even before the fighters see me.
  4. Thank you all for the help. I ended going back to default and re-binding all my commands.
  5. I tried editing the file "current" in the input folder, but when i run the game it seems to change the file to the previous mapping
  6. I was playing with the key binndings and changed the default key for chat (ENTER). Now i want to put it back, but when i try it just take me away from the binnding window. Its like the ENTER key also has a use in the menu of the game so instead being recorded on the binnding it just click the "accept" option. My original intention was just to change "chat to friends" to (ENTER) and "chat to all" to (CTRL-ENTER), the opposite as it comes by default. Any solution? its becoming really annoying...
  7. I use to fly a lot of attack missions on TAW and Random Expert against artillery and defense positions for the USSR side on IL2 and fighters. Generally my altitude for the ingress, attack and egress from target is around 500 meters. What is your thought about that? Should i fly higher depending on what type of aircraft im using?
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