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  1. As an example of what Jason just wrote, I initially bought BoS on Steam and everything else subsequently on the IL2 store.
  2. The use of 4K textures will benefit even a 480p monitor, since texture size and pixel count have little to do with each other. The same naming has more to do with how gullible people fall for marketing gags, for monitors, it´s more accurate to talk about the resolution being 3840x2160, whereas for textures, "4K" usually means 4096x4096. Since not even a "4K" monitor can display the entirety of a 4K texture on a 1:1 basis, why would resolution make any difference? The use of "4K" textures simply increases the detail of textured surfaces, which will always benefit. In some cases "4K" can possible not be enough and still lack detail. As an example, cockpit textures of BoS planes only use one single texture, but you won´t ever see the entirety of the cockpit on your screen anyway, even with "4K" textures. In the end, texture size will increase the visual fidelity of the game, and if you do have the necessary GPU headroom and enough VRAM to use them, do it.
  3. @hegykcCould you perhaps also do a video on the Spitfire grip? I´m curious how the gun button works, whether it´s one side only or whether we can press both at the same time, as well how the brake lever looks like in action.
  4. This is awesome, thx! I don´t think you´ll be able to have anything resembling stock the first few months after release!
  5. @hegykc I´m currently building an aluminium extension for my old T16000M and planned on using a 3D printed, swappable grip on top of it. With the apparent quality of your sticks, it would be a shame to not use them for this. Do you think it would be possible for you to also sell spare connection pieces, or something similar, so I can 3D print a socket to which I could fixate it to the aluminium pipe? As for throttle quadrants, I really hope there´ll be a Spitfire Mk IX one as well, because I plan on buying one as well as the FW190 one.
  6. Hey guys, just something I noticed just now in Oyster_KAI´s 4K mod thread, they seem to have fixed this.
  7. AFAIK the cowling changes from the K4 would be pretty small, though it would need the extended tailwheel and the G14s wings also.
  8. I mean, the Erlaa Haube is obvious, but how can you discern whether MW-50 is used? Also, an AS variant would have been much appreciated, perhaps like the 150 octane fuel it will come at a later date?
  9. While they do influence top speed, the bulges don‘t really cause much difference in sustained turns at cornering speed, parasitic drag only really kicks in after that. At least that‘s my understanding of it. IIRC there are three kind of turns. Sustained turns, where your engine compensated for the energy your loosing form the turn, so limited by engine power; Instantaneous turn, where your turn causes you to loose energy faster than your engine can compensate for, these are limited by the max amount of G your pilot can pull; Instant changes in aoa, which are mainly dependent on CoL and CoG and limited only by onset of G.
  10. @Panzer-Red IIRC, the G6 has about 77kg more in empty weight when compared to the G4. I assume that most of that weight is due to the MG131s. With all of these kilos near the front of the plane, I assume this influenced the centre of gravity to be further forwards in comparison. I think this may be the cause for the perceived sluggishness, as this IIRC reduces the rate at which the G6 can change angle of attack. So in testing, with similar weight configurations, a G6 and G4 should theoretically have similar sustained turn rates, but instantaneous turns should feel more sluggish in the G6 due to to the slower increase in AoA. If this is utter BS, please feel invited to correct me, I‘m always happy to learn.
  11. Really would be cool if we had the possibility to use these in more populated MP servers. IMO the best thing the devs could do would be to give servers the possibility to whitelist or require certain mods.
  12. 3D printed material needs a bit of thickness to gain enough tensile strength.
  13. Concerning speed disparages between the A3 and A5, the A5 should be faster on all altitudes due to the ability to close the gills on the engine cowling. This should AFAIK be the only change affecting parasitic drag. As for the weight, AFAIK this has only an effect on induced drag, which becomes less important the faster the aircraft goes. The 71kg difference would then "only" make a difference in acceleration, climb speed, instantaneous as well as sustained turns. Another factor affecting instantaneous turn is the CoG. Whether these changes are realistically portrayed in the sim I wouldn´t know though. A8 has a minimum weight of 3697 kg, the A3´s max weight is 4385 kg. Would be cool if someone directly compared the two.
  14. Just curious, is the picture on the right with the "More realistic clouds" mod? If so, which version are you using?
  15. There seems to be some sort of scaling in place even with normal visibility. The issue is that this scaling seems to only work until 2.50 km at which point the contact is pretty small at max FoV. IMO the issue with the current system isn´t the visibility at long range but rather the tendency of contacts to become nigh invisible at distances of 4-2 km. Another issue is the tendency of contacts to blend into the ground, something real life pilots in this thread seem to agree should not be the case. This seems to be due to the human eye being good at tracking movement in a 3D space and the smooth canopy of the plane reflecting light differently than the rough ground.
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