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  1. I wouldn´t know whether your sound mod is at all realistic, but it definitely sounds better than Vanilla.
  2. The biggest problem about this whole topic is that the game doesn´t replicate why HE grenades were more effective than fragmentation grenades against WW2 era planes in the first place. Thin metal sheets are flexible against force, they bend and rip. The bigger the surface area of a wing affected by an explosion, the bigger the resulting deformation and holes. IIRC, currently the game simulates this by applying HE shells as a lot more, but smaller fragments than fragmentation grenades.
  3. I´m sorry if this has been asked before, I haven´t found anything with the search function. Could you specify this further? Does this cause the cockpit to look larger? Because I would love to use the Limit VR head movement option to increase immersion, but it makes turning your head to look backwards pretty impossible, especially in German planes.
  4. That´s absolutely fine, do it at your speed! A happy and unstressed modder is a good modder.
  5. Hi devs of IL2 GB series! I know, development of BoBP is still in full swing so this may be a bit premature, but IMO it can never be too early to think about the future. Since BoBP and Kuban give us a very good base of planes for both Allies and the Germans in a 1943-1945 scenario, I suggest you focus on this timeframe with smaller 1 Nation modules for the next project, such as 43-44 Italy or 44-45 Soviet union. With the appropriate maps you could sell it for about 45€ IMO, at faster production time. More diversity and choice, not to speak of the publicity of a seemingly faster update schedule, would certainly increase the playerbase.
  6. Hey LizLemon, is there any news regarding the 109 cockpit? Not that I want to hurry you in any way, it would just be nice to hear if there´s been progress since you wrote last time
  7. Emphasis on about. In DCS, the side bars of the cockpit front are way less obstructive than in IL2. If one takes a closer look, it seems as if they are bent in IL2 to fit the upper windshield, whereas in DCS they look in line with the side windows. I can‘t be completely sure without seeing both teams‘ sources, but my guess would be that the DCS team got this one right. If it‘s possible to be less obstructive, then why be obstructive.
  8. I am well aware that you can do this in Opentrack. I want this to come from the game itself, not Opentrack. Opentrack is inferior to TrackIR, this is the only thing which it does better. Since one cannot use TrackIR and Opentrack at the same time, one has to choose. I do not want to choose. I want TrackIR´s Trueview, in addition to having my in game head moving when I turn my head. I cannot do this in TrackIR. So, since I do not want Opentrack, it will have to happen in game or another solution which is not Opentrack.
  9. I mean that IRL, if you want to look beyond 90° you have to move your body also, thus shifting your head towards the direction you turn it. As you can´t run both Opentrack and TrackIR at the same time, it´s either TIR´s better Trueview, which however behaves as if you were only a head, or OTs Relative Translation, which can emulate your head being connected to a body, but is subpar in all other aspects. What I want is have TrackIR´s Trueview but also taht my head automatically moves towards the direction I´ve turned to once I´ve passed 90° of movement. With TrackIR as it currently is I can turn my head like an owl, which I do not want. Since it´s not possible to mod TrackIR and Opentrack is not an option due to a lack of TrackIRs Trueview, I want to try modding IL 2. Though I have no idea whether something like what I want is feasable with what the devs have allowed us to modify.
  10. I‘m sorry, it seems I wasn‘t clear enough with what i wanted. I already have TrackIR and I find it to be clearly superior to Opentrack in its basic application, especially when comparing TIR’s TrueView to OT‘s Relative Translation. The one thing I‘m missing in TIR is the ability to have more natural progression of head movement when I turn my head more than 90°. I‘ve already exhausted the options we currently have in game, which is why I‘ve asked about the limitations of modding. edit: is it just me or do you guys also see the last paragraph in bigger font size than the others?
  11. As per title. To elaborate, is it possible to bind certain movements to other movements, such as moving your head to the left whilst looking over your left shoulder? The maximum angle at which humans can turn their head is limited to about 90° to the sides, increasing this angle necessitates movement of the upper body. AFAIK DCS simulates this, and IMO this would increase fidelity and immersion many times over.
  12. OP never suggested they stop completely, but in the end, how much you can do with new content is restricted to the basic game itself, which can be limited in some regards. It may just increase revenue generated by new content if they increased the quality of the game itself. Also, after BoBP has been released, I suggest new content to be added on a faction per faction basis, f.e. add late war Russian planeset (La 7, Yak 3) or Italian (G55, MC205) planeset. This also has the effect that they can release new content more often, thus draw more attention to the product overall.
  13. No, it´s OP´s input, nothing more or less. There´s no duty at all for the devs to do anything about it. I really don´t get why people tend to think in imperatives and absolutes all the time.
  14. I´m all for automatic over the shoulder movement of the head. Really distracting that I have to move to the right IRL too.
  15. ha, too many pictures in this thread already 😜
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