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  1. Generally like this very much, but then suddenly in the video it causes wings to rip off in just a few hits, and I´m not too terribly sure this is how it worked IRL. What I notice with the current unmoded damage model is a lack of fires when compared to the relative density of such occurrences in anectdotal evidence, as well as a lack of impact of coolant leakage or failure. But then again, I don´t really know how it worked IRL. So in conclusion I imagine that this mod is more realistic in regards to aero damage caused by .50 cal but not in the overall structural destruct
  2. @Oyster_KAI Not to diminish your accomplishents, because they are, as so many have rightly pointed out, astonishingly awesome, but would it be possible to go even further? To make it clear with what I mean, let´s take the FW 190 series as examples. All Fw 190 Antons are based on the original FW 190 A3 premium from the original Battle of Stalingrad module. The FW 190 D9 on the other hand not only looks more detailed but als plainly better. I´m not sure what the difference is, but wouldn´t it be possible to do the same thing with mesh of the Antons as has b
  3. Just asking, but what were your elevator trim settings? Those have a significant impact on top speed.
  4. Interesting to see that the A6 was generally slower than the A5. Wonder whether that was due to the added drag from the cannons or the weight. My first guess would be drag because weight only marginally affects top speed but then again, a 4kph loss is marginal.
  5. This sounds very cool, but what exactly does eye tracking accomplish? Does it use make use of foveated rendering?
  6. Would be cool then if you added an option for CPU multithread utilisation specifically instead of under the overarching aegis of VR specific optimisation.
  7. Thx for this poll. I like how its limits are realistic and achievable for the devs instead of stupidly ambitious. If I had more than one vote and could weigh those votes, I´d argue for the following three: Netcode (more players, AI, Bombers etc.) VR optimisation (with a caveat) Damage model Though concerning VR optimisation, IL2 is already rather optimised for a game that was not specifically built for VR from the ground up. So I would rather see a modernisation effort of the underlying engine in the sense of multithreaded CPU core utilisatio
  8. The Oculus hand tracking feature seems promising in this regard too, though Facebook seems to not care about their Rift S customer base and only put it into the hands of Quest users.
  9. As an example of what Jason just wrote, I initially bought BoS on Steam and everything else subsequently on the IL2 store.
  10. The use of 4K textures will benefit even a 480p monitor, since texture size and pixel count have little to do with each other. The same naming has more to do with how gullible people fall for marketing gags, for monitors, it´s more accurate to talk about the resolution being 3840x2160, whereas for textures, "4K" usually means 4096x4096. Since not even a "4K" monitor can display the entirety of a 4K texture on a 1:1 basis, why would resolution make any difference? The use of "4K" textures simply increases the detail of textured surfaces, which will always benefit. In some
  11. @hegykcCould you perhaps also do a video on the Spitfire grip? I´m curious how the gun button works, whether it´s one side only or whether we can press both at the same time, as well how the brake lever looks like in action.
  12. This is awesome, thx! I don´t think you´ll be able to have anything resembling stock the first few months after release!
  13. @hegykc I´m currently building an aluminium extension for my old T16000M and planned on using a 3D printed, swappable grip on top of it. With the apparent quality of your sticks, it would be a shame to not use them for this. Do you think it would be possible for you to also sell spare connection pieces, or something similar, so I can 3D print a socket to which I could fixate it to the aluminium pipe? As for throttle quadrants, I really hope there´ll be a Spitfire Mk IX one as well, because I plan on buying one as well as the FW190 one.
  14. Hey guys, just something I noticed just now in Oyster_KAI´s 4K mod thread, they seem to have fixed this.
  15. AFAIK the cowling changes from the K4 would be pretty small, though it would need the extended tailwheel and the G14s wings also.
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