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  1. @YoYo Jason only confirmed that no effort was going to be coming from their corner to implement VRSS since they´ll be switching to deferred rendering in the future. Makes sense. If I have understood it correctly, VRSS uses the sample grid of MSAA to selectively apply Supersampling in the middle of the screen. As for IL2 and functionality, I haven´t tried it out myself, but Fenris seems to have discovered sth.
  2. Gonna try it out myself in the next few days, let‘s see whether my RTX 2060 even has enough overhead at 1.0x Rift S resolution. Another interesting test would be to have subnative resolution and check whether VRSS even works like that.
  3. Can‘t check myself, am not at home. IIRC, startup.cfg is in the data directory in the Game directory
  4. You can easily test this yourself, change the in game settings and check the startup.cfg file. There we have an option saying multisample. If it changes, then I‘d say that we have a strong indication that in game AA is Multisampling. Can‘t be too sure without a dev confirming it though.
  5. VRSS itself wasn‘t really developed to give you more FPS, it‘s supposed to give you the same visual quality as 8xSS in the middle of the screen, whilst keeping the surrounding areas at the selected resolution. But who says it‘s impossible to simply turn down said resolution to gain the desired FPS?
  6. Am sadly unable to play currently, would someone be so kind and post a video (YouTube or sth) so I can see how it looks in motion?
  7. So_ein_Feuerball + BON Thax a lot for doing this!
  8. TL;DR no apparently it doesn´t do anything
  9. If we‘re talking turn performance, decreasing the fuel load would just about compensate the added weight of the MG/FFs. Roll performance is a different matter though. The further removed a weight is from the axis of roll, the slower the resulting roll. But in the end, unless you plan on fighting at high altitudes, taking the MG/FFs won’t change the 190‘s handling characteristics by too much. I personally always take them, doubling the amount of 20mm shells I lob at my enemy is well worth the minimal change in handling.
  10. From personal experience, I have the R5 3600 and it´s definitely not the limiting factor in VR. CPU frametimes are well below the 11.11ms (or in your case 12.5ms) limit at all times. The limiting in VR for me has always been my OC´d RTX 2060 which usually struggles, but especially so near the ground.
  11. Off topic, but does the SLI option in the launcher even do anything?
  12. Why isn´t it possible to start the game with the launcher on steam anyways? Most games I play (granted, it´s a very limited number) have a launcher. Is there a specific reason why this doesn´t work?
  13. Apparently the devs are working on switching to deferred rendering, so maybe that´ll bring spotting improvements.
  14. it won’t work after the switch to deferred rendering, unless Nvidia changes how it works. @Jason_WilliamsIf you don‘t mind me asking, what are the advantages to switching to DR for IL2? Also, would it be possible to keep forward rendering as an option for VR? Especially since: Best regards
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