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  1. Would it be possible to upload the right gunsight leather pad as an alternative download? IMO it just looks that much better.
  2. I can only agree with the others, the right one is just simply the best. The others don´t even compete.
  3. I think one elegant solution to the planes being nearly invisible against backgrounds is what DICE did after they had ditched icons for Battlefield V. They "simply" make soldiers more visible against the background, by either making them appear lighter or darker, depending on the background they were viewed against.
  4. No one has suggested that there has not been a substantial amount of work behind the reflections we currently see, nor that they look bad. But on the other hand it can´t be denied that there are several factors that aren´t realistic, such as: Different angles onto seperate gauges not producing different pictures. I.e.: BF109 the artificial horizon is nearer to the viewer than the compass, this difference in viewing angle onto the different glasses should produce different reflections. They don´t in game. Glass at some angles becoming completely invisible. IRL Glass never is completely see through, there will always be a sense of there being something in the way. This is both due to the constant reflection of atmospheric lighting and due to glass also absorbing and diffusing light. Whilst no plane in IL 2 currently has glass reflecting the former, I´m only aware of the 190 D9 adressing the latter. So yes, the new renderer, the cockpit reflections and the performance gains of the patch are awesome, there will always be things to get better and more realistic.
  5. Have you tried changing the setting in non-VR mode, then restarting the game in non-VR mode and check the setting, then going into VR-mode to check whether the settings are applied?
  6. The one thing I find a bit confusing is that there is no visible difference between reflections in gauges that are at different vertical distances to the POV. Really not sure about this but wouldn´t these reflections IRL be different? I.e. in the K4 cockpit, even though the central panel is nearer to the viewer (especially the artificial horizon) than the surrounding gauges, the reflections in these are exactly the same. Wouldn´t the different viewing angle due to the different distance change what is reflected? BTW I´m really damn impressed by the changes to the visuals, just wanted to give you feedback on how the product could become even more visually impressive than it already is. We Austrians like to call this Jammern auf hohem Niveau (basically whining about little stuff or nitpicking😋).
  7. My game won´t even launch in 2D with this, so have you tried out whether the game starts at all without VR?
  8. This is how it actually works in VR, you see past the reflections on where your eyes are focused. Looks awesome and takes nearly no performance!
  9. thx for your quick answer
  10. @HappyHaddock hi, have you determined what the impact of update 4.006 has had on your project?
  11. Holy damn, the performance I get now! Worlds apart! Can´t wait to try it out in vr! Thx a lot for this devs!
  12. I can in no way talk about Oyster_KAI´s feeling regarding this, but IMO asking for permission to use their assets beforehand would have been better than now apologising after you´ve been caught. I in no way want to lessen your work btw, it´s pretty awesome. How did you get the glass to be reflective?
  13. I believe there´s a lot of German speaking people on this forum, if you´ve got any questions about things you´re not sure about, just shoot. Speaking for myself, I´d be happy to help.
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