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  1. Thanks a lot Sokol1! I think I can snatch some old cables from my work. One more question, is this part needed? I have no idea what's that for?
  2. Greetings. My beloved cat decided to eat my T16000m cable and I'd like to try replacing the cable before getting a new one. My question is, what kind of USB cable I need?
  3. Smells more like "Lets milk the maximum cash with adding some trivial features before next gen sets" This is the same Vive designed to run on lower pc's, cutting edge my ass.
  4. Might be something to do with IPD? IIRC, when i decreased my IPD from the headset switch, objects stopped disappearing.
  5. Brother, I believe You have found the truth!
  6. We need to keep this quiet, but I figured it out... Pringles was sold from 1967, so it can mean only one thing : We are going to Vietnam
  7. Maybe it's just me, but I'm tired of those trailers that show extreme excitement, graphics, drama and strong music, when the actual gameplay proves to be far from the trailers... What we need, is some actual gameplay showing that this sim is not just for those pro pilots who have flown thousands of hours, flying in disciplined squads and such but you can have fun too. Good example is the professional sim tubers, they have sadly quite mediocre reach. Then you have something like Bohica and Bismarck videos, those attract 100-300k views easily and people are asking for more. In my opinion, these fun vids create customers and profit. That said, I'm probably on TAW KOS list now, should i ever enter it
  8. Hmm, I'm more interested in a mannable wind sock than these weird helicopters or zeppelins. Destroyers might be fun for few hours. Submarines, I love those. In multiplayer, not so. Unless you enjoy getting old doing nothing but crawl around at 5kts. Korean War, maybe. After Pacific.
  9. You have excellent voice! Let's hope everybody hears it in Bodenplatte
  10. Have anyone been able to use both, the throttle paddle and the stick twist as a rudder? For some reason it does not work but you can still use the sticks throttle as a rudder in conjunction with the twist... Infuriating.
  11. Damn, I've been thinking those are some individual plane's engine setting commands... Thanks for the help!
  12. A noob question, but how can i increase difficulty, like enabling engine management??
  13. And there goes my hope, down in flames and smoke... So we need to invest few thousand bucks more to play Beat Saber fluently
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