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  1. If you are being shot at from the rear, and they are aming at centre mass (whatever people say here, it is only a very small % of the community capable of consciously and continually targeting individual components) then your elevator is one of the the first bits of you that the enemy fire can hit. Likewise, if they are coming in at an angle, their deflection is off - too little- , but just by a touch, it is your rudder / elevator most likely to be caught. Best way to avoid this would be to ditch the elevator and get some nice canards up front I reckon...
  2. I love it's hunchbacked look. Like a Russian Hurricane...
  3. Friday. Hmmm... Spreadsheet or obsessively check forums. Tough call....
  4. I would like some more handling tips for the big beasts. The reason I always take a fighter / il2 / Jabo online is because I don't have the confidence with anything bigger. This is doubly frustrating as it means that I either have negligible effect on target, thus not helping my team, or just stooge around in a fighter like everyone else. Just getting the big stuff off the ground is a 50/50 for me at the moment (yes I have seen Requiem's guides. Yes they are great.) And I don't want to take a twin engined aircraft, make a hash of the takeoff/bomb run and deprive my team of the asset....
  5. Why thank you, I'll see if I can catch you guys!
  6. Fun as it is providing target practice for the opposing team, and doing minimal damage with my solo il2 attack runs, I have decided that I need to wing up! Is there a squad out there for me?? I am UK based, fly both red & blue fighters & attack. Not mastered bombers yet. Would be great to be able to team up with some folks and become actually effective.. Anybody??
  7. Wherrrrs ma ocelot? Btw getting drunk is going well. LIBRARIANS INNA HOUUUUUUUSEEEE
  8. I caved. I actually did a whole hours work. Pub now.
  9. If this dd doesn't drop soon, I may actually have to do some work...
  10. Hi all, just wondering if any of you have tried using track IR with steam streaming. Any success?
  11. If you ever want to appreciate what that 'holding the plane steady while the crew bales out' thing actually means, I recommend reading (or finding the BBC radio version on YouTube) Len Deighton's Bomber. That will haunt your dreams...
  12. By default BoS will try to use your laptops native graphics. Make sure it knows to use the 740M and you should see better results.
  13. I nearly got Subnautica today in the steam sale. But then I thought 'Jack, don't be an idiot' and pre-ordered the g6 and la-5fn. Can't wait to get my hands on these beauties and the yak7. Kuban is gonna kick ass!!
  14. We get to pick one for each side right?? For the reds, I have to go Yak-1b. Gotta love that all round visibility. I can actually SEE the person about to kill me. For the blues, 109E-7 please. I can do me some light ground pounding (where I might actually kill something) and still got some bite / maneuverability up my sleeve. Plus two cannons are better than one. And it's got the best paint jobs
  15. I have just finished mission 3 of this and I am actually sweating. Total carnage over the combat zone. I lost count of the number of times I checked 6 and had a nasty surprise, have never been so busy managing my engine and trying to maintain SA. Eventually I managed to sneak up on a G3 and blow his wing off (easily the most satisfying AI kill I have ever made), and made it back to base. Most pleased with the fact that all 3 of my IL2's somehow made it out of that mess. Amazing.
  16. What do you know, turned up today, 6 days early! Now just got to survive the next three hours of pretending to be a Very Busy and Productive person...
  17. So, anyone care to share these? I realise this has probably been covered.
  18. Yeah, am using the thrustmaster t16000m hotas stick and throttle set up, and it was a toss up between pedals and track ir. However, looking at ninjas on YouTube, I reckon being able to look about naturally probably trumps having to put up with stick-twist-rudder for now...
  19. ...Sweetest words I have read in a long time. 'Delivery date 7th Nov' less so. I want my new toy now damnit! I am assuming that track ir will make me an instant Biggles/Jedi level aerial killing machine, right?? :D
  20. Yeah different show. Saturdays was much less dramatic. Both landed safely and will be flying again soon hopefully. I must say that coming from RoF to BoX it is lovely to have a bit of power at my disposal. Plus not having to panic about ripping the wings off in every dive!
  21. S! Just made the transition from RoF (I know, late to both parties), and as soon as my track ir arrives I shall be filling your gunsights online. Anyone else at this airshow today? 6 Hurricanes in the sky at once! Two P-51's seemed to have a minor coming together. One came in to land very hot (and downwind) and when the other landed (also before it's display), it had a mark on it's prop when it shut down near me. Pilot got out and lots of teeth-sucking and head scratching ensued. Does anyone have any further info? Diggun.
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