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  1. Idk, I've flown in open cockpit 30's biplanes and warbirds and it sounds perfect to me.
  2. I don't think we have anything to complain about
  3. Guys, just to say have been having a blast on the server recently. loving the more varied weather, and maps. Keep up the good etc!
  4. zomfg I've been thinking the exact same thing...
  5. Almost certainly! I'm a regular at Old Warden, it's properly amazing. Shame 'Dodge' Bailey didn't manage to dodge that fence post! V glad everyone was ok, and with characteristic sang-froid the show went on - despite pretty miserable weather. And was very glad to see the tripehound back in the air this year!
  6. And now as she will look after 5 minutes with me at the wheel...
  7. I would like to state for the record that I would perform strange and unnatural acts for a Sopwith Snipe...
  8. So. It's tuesday. Man I'm hungry for news. I reckon we're gonna get something big & beefy before that thar xmas...
  9. In my adventures as a daring but incompetent low level pilot, I frequently manage to brush treetops with my prop. I've seen everything from instant prop break and engine seizure to severe vibration and rpm fluctuations to getting an 'engine damaged' notification and marginal loss of speed with no other real consequences. Admittedly this is terrain damage rather than projectile damage but it does seem to indicate that different states of prop damage do exist...
  10. Did... Did we miss the downtime?
  11. If you're dropping flaps in a Spit in turns, you're doing it wrong. Those puppies are for whipping out for landing only.
  12. Juicy development gossip plz. I've got a long weekend too, gonna get me some stick time in. 😄 How very dare you! This is a v serious discussion thread. It would hardly have gotten to 238 pages if it was just whimsy and idiocy now, would it?
  13. All the way on Page 2?! Madness. So, assuming we get a DD today, it's an absolute wildcard, right? My money is either on some pics of the TC AAA vehicles, or (because I have been an especially good boy this week), maaaaybe another sneak peak at the Spit XIV?? Lets speculate and be wrong!
  14. You can only turn one on at a time. In game, you can't select, so it's the port one.
  15. I had never realised that 'a lot' meant 'the i-16 doesn't have an artificial horizon'... Does have turn and bank indicator, slip indicator, ASI, altimeter and compass though. But maybe I'm missing something?
  16. Thats awesome! Thank you guys! That's my weekend sorted!
  17. Needs more bad weather imho. Levels the playing field, especially early war, between the Russian & German types. Plus, most of the areas in these maps aren't exactly known for their year round perfect weather... Plus interesting navigational challenges, awesome graphics, generally much more interesting tactical environment than clear skies. Other Servers Are Available for that.
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