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  1. oOo shiny. Do we already have German radar sets in BoBP? seems to me radar being represented on the map is pretty important for Air Marshal...
  2. Hey hivemind, any of you all get msfs 2020 from Steam? I'm having some issues. I paid my money, and was able to download the 500mb-odd initial download. This has created a desktop shot cut and I can now click 'play' in steam. However, when I do so I get the little 'thinking circle' next to my mouse pointer and then... Nada. Nothing. Not a sausage. I had a Google round, and it seems like plenty of people have had instillation issues, but can't see anyone talking about this specific one. Any thoughts, oh wise ones?
  3. I'm starting to think I need to pull the trigger on purchasing MSFS 2020. I'm frankly scared how long 150GB will take to download on my modest internet though. Sure does look purdy though....
  4. Agreed! Fate Is the Hunter is one of the finest books on flying ever written, and really made me think differently about those guys!
  5. I had no idea you, also, work in academia!
  6. IDK I'm a big fan of the current 'under promise, over deliver, constantly surprise us' model of DD
  7. I'm undoubtedly impatient, I just got excited because some of those clouds looked longer /thinner /more varied than the ones I often see, but clearly there is more variation in the existing clouds than I thought! And don't get me wrong, I love what we've got!
  8. am i tripping or do some of those screenshots seem to show clouds wot are better?
  9. god, he's SUCH a tease... More flak vehicle pics? some sweeeeet xiv action?? A lil cheeky spad peek?? whaddya reckon?
  10. I'd say constant CAS and combined arms operations counts as prodding. The only reason the USA and UK could choose to 'prod' so selectively is because they didn't have an active ground front open at the time. And by the time the front was open, numerical superiority was such that they had enough aircraft available to fight both tactical and strategic wars at the same time.
  11. And, of course... I realise the chances of it happening are vanishingly small, but how much fun would a Whirlwind be on the BoN map??
  12. I'm not sure if he's mine or not. I'll see myself out.
  13. Phew! Far too much excitement for me.
  14. An update? On a Friday? That would be so surprising my monacle would ping across the room... Plus PR Spitfires are the handsomist spitfires. Lovely clean lines and that beautiful single piece windshield. In fetching blue AND daring pink!
  15. got them weird wings. XXI? Hardly even a spit by that point imho. Mind you, I remember when all this was just fields.
  16. I would guess so - given that USA & UK moved away from wooden blades throughout the war & it seems only Germans persisted with them. Same with wooden tail fins & rudders on later 109s?
  17. different design philosophies leading to similar outcomes. to extract more power more efficiently from their engines throughout the war (broadly speaking), USA designs used longer blades, German designs used thicker blades, and British designs used more blades. All three approaches have advantages and disadvantages. You pays your money and takes your choice.
  18. My granddad was in the home guard (he was of military age but lost a few fingers in a printing accident before the war. Back when Work Experience was downright hazardous) in St Albans, north of London. Him and grandma describe hiding from 'doodlebugs' pretty much daily for over a year - 'you were alright when you could hear them, when the engine stopped you took cover'. They had a very sophisticated shelter - at the appropriate moment they would both dive under the kitchen table. Grandpa's other claim to fame during the war was rousing the rest of the St Albans home guard one nigh
  19. Thanks so much Rap! Now I can go down in flames in style...
  20. I feel, like the La-5FN, its going to be one of those beasts where you strap it on and then you're along for the ride, rather than feeling cool, calm, and in control the whole flight... 2050hp. That is a lot of sauce.
  21. Maybe we need 'Battle of Oder–Neisse' or 'Battle of Seelow Heights'? Seem to remember there was a very good Seelow Heights map in '46. Great fun razzing around in an il-10...
  22. Hope so, but maybe not as I don't know if the team will have had a whole week at work yet after Russian Christmas.... I'd be very pleased to see almost anything though (as the Bishop once said to the netball team)...
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