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  1. I KNEW I'd seen this somewhere:
  2. I played il2 from 2001-2008, had a decade break.
  3. well, I was trying to hold out, but I just bought the GAZ-MM 72K. Should be useful for backing up some of my more Tank-y buddies on Finnish!
  4. getthe feeling i'ts gonna be a big, fat, 2,200hp sort of DD...
  5. I just slapped together a build with a 5600x, RTX 3070, 16mb ram etc. I get (depending on weather really) 85+fps (85 is about as low as they go) with everything turned up full blast in game and a whole bunch of extra bells and whistles turned on in the gfx card settings at 2560x1440 - native monitor resolution. I'd probably sit comfortably at 144fps if i went down to 1080, but where's the fun in that?!
  6. Its got to that creepy stage of the week where i keep checking the 'online forum users' list narrowed down by '1CGS' filter... Which is fine.
  7. I'd pay a dollar for a theodolite DLC
  8. Bottom one is Field of View in degrees.
  9. I was today years old...
  10. If the button on the virtual joystick isn't being depressed, there is something going wrong with your controller input. My trusty t16000 is coming to end of life at the moment, and the trigger sensor is starting to get a bit iffy, not registering when squeezed. Is it possible you've got a dirty sensor / old hardware issue like this? Obviously it always happens at the worst possible times...
  11. An unexpected find in the Library today... Should be useful for those new collector vehicles...
  12. Cor! that Tiffy's cockpit is looking awesome! Thanks for the update.
  13. i say, steady on old thing! That would be like having two cakes. Rampant hedonism.
  14. Jsut an inquiry, have you guys rolled back the incidence of bad weather? It's been nothing but blue skies or light clouds that I've seen recently #bringbackthegloom!
  15. You must be fun at parties...
  16. The reqorking of the Rhineland railways is completely unexpected and very welcome. Underpromise and overdeliver as always. I love it!
  17. It's a beautiful day for a DD! Though... Perhaps not. Didn't the team take this week off? And good for them!
  18. @RyanRI wouldn't let it put you off dipping a toe into Il2 multiplayer. That sort of behaviour is only really exhibited by a small group of emotionally fragile Hartmann wannabe's with, one supposes, personal issues they feel the need to compensate for. It also only really happens on Berloga*, which is a pretty consequence free air-quake dogfight server. What you'll find mostly online is that, for all that we are a rather cantankerous bunch of folk, it's actually a super welcoming, kind, patient, and fun community out there. I would go so far as to say that
  19. Yeah. They take a hit, then pop the canopy while they are attempting to run away, hoping you'll assume they're bailing out. Super lame.
  20. The 'fake bale' is the latest commonly deployed LW trick you see on Berloga. Been going on for a couple of months now. It doesn't work.
  21. Without wishing to indoctrinate you into the dark arts, this one simple tool (no idea who made it - Spiff, apparently?) is like suuuuuuper helpful... https://spiff.ddns.net/il2bcalc/
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