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  1. You must be fun at parties...
  2. Someone may have aldready done this, but... DVD in Morse (which Jason has history of winding us up with) is _.. ..._ _.. which (if converted to binary & then to decimal) is either 499 or 524. If we sub the numbers into letters we get DII or EX or EBD. Does that get us anywhere? Nope. Dang.
  3. Even by the rarefied standards of these parts, that is a bloody niche dream!
  4. Amphora? I barely know 'er.
  5. Guysguysguys... it's gotta be Dick Van Dyke! 'Van Dyke left high school in 1944, his senior year, intending to join the United States Army Air Forces for pilot training during World War II. Denied enlistment several times for being underweight, he was eventually accepted for service as a radio announcer before transferring to the Special Services and entertaining troops in the continental United States.[11] He received his high school diploma in 2004 at age 78.[12]' Soooooooo.... Dick Van Dyke doing guest audio as a radio announcer in Marshal Mode??
  6. I had some troubling thoughts and had to go and have a quiet lay down.
  7. The reqorking of the Rhineland railways is completely unexpected and very welcome. Underpromise and overdeliver as always. I love it!
  8. It's a beautiful day for a DD! Though... Perhaps not. Didn't the team take this week off? And good for them!
  9. @RyanRI wouldn't let it put you off dipping a toe into Il2 multiplayer. That sort of behaviour is only really exhibited by a small group of emotionally fragile Hartmann wannabe's with, one supposes, personal issues they feel the need to compensate for. It also only really happens on Berloga*, which is a pretty consequence free air-quake dogfight server. What you'll find mostly online is that, for all that we are a rather cantankerous bunch of folk, it's actually a super welcoming, kind, patient, and fun community out there. I would go so far as to say that
  10. Yeah. They take a hit, then pop the canopy while they are attempting to run away, hoping you'll assume they're bailing out. Super lame.
  11. The 'fake bale' is the latest commonly deployed LW trick you see on Berloga. Been going on for a couple of months now. It doesn't work.
  12. Without wishing to indoctrinate you into the dark arts, this one simple tool (no idea who made it - Spiff, apparently?) is like suuuuuuper helpful... https://spiff.ddns.net/il2bcalc/
  13. 8 hours in Finnish this year, all in Fighters. I just feel like most people would like more, not less, varied weather. And I say this as someone who actually does regularly fly bomber and attack aircraft.
  14. Almost 2 straight days playtime in the server this month, 0% of that in attackers or bombers.
  15. Got this in hardback. Wonderfully written, Beevor has an eye for picking out detail while also making sure you understand the wider picture.
  16. People with less fancy setups, and who ay not be able to afford better, can't. And they should not be excluded from playing though.
  17. Had an absolute blast flying last night, really great work with this update. Attacking targets defended by aaa is now at least 7 more scary and immersive with the new self destruction ammo effects. Its a real credit to the team that every update has at least one thing that makes me say 'Holy sh*t that's cool!' out loud!
  18. Awesome sauce! New ''splosions look great! 44. The hook on port cranes is raised higher so it won't prevent larger ships to dock underneath; Hopefully this will mean I tear the wing off my a20 on one less frequently...
  19. Also published as ' Mosquito Intruder' and available (in the UK at least) MUCH cheaper under that title.
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