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I have not been in a battle; not near one, nor heard one, nor heard one from afar, nor seen the aftermath. I have questioned people who have been in battle; have walked over battlefields... I have read about battles, have talked about battles, have been lectured about battles and have watched battles in progress, or apparently in progress, on the television screen... But I have never been in a battle. And I grow increasingly convinced that I have very little idea of what a battle can be like... 

           John Keegan, 'The Face of Battle' (J. Cape, 1976)


Mild mannered bespectacled Librarian. Hobbies include cooking, groundlooping, rarely returning from solo il2 runs, and swearing at trackir.


Always on the lookout for discord buddies! HMU.  


Also HMu on steam: Diggun

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