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  1. Diggun

    Developer Diary 203 - Discussion

    I'mma look so much better when I'm going down in flames now....
  2. Diggun

    DD today?

    Can't believe nobody's done this before....
  3. Diggun

    DD today?

    Anyway, today would be a great day for some kind of DD, amirite?!
  4. Diggun

    DD today?

    At a risk of putting my boring librarian hat on, pics like that hardly do the image and reputation of flightsimmers any favours....
  5. Diggun

    DD today?

    right, I'm actually trying to do some work now, so this would be the perfect time for the DD.....
  6. Diggun

    Royal Aircraft Factory

    jaysus! You would NOT get me sitting up front in that....
  7. Diggun

    Air Strike

    Whats that beard doing? Destroyed my immersion.
  8. Diggun

    DD today?

    *insert drummer joke here* Whats the definition of perfect pitch? Getting the banjo in the skip first try! Incidentally, I had a total breakthrough last night. I've had TrackIR for nearly a year now, but it's never been optimal. I set up with @SYN_Requiem's very generously provided profile, installed blackout curtains, attached receiver to laptop screen with copious gaffer tape, etc. But the durn thing would crap out at the worst times (i maintain that this and only this is the reason I am combat ineffective 99% of the time), which made it impossible to reliably track bogies and generally made playing a stressful experience. I gaffer taped up my whole headset and mic, which improved matters somewhat but it still wasn't right. I was convinced that this was due to the fact that I wear glasses, and that the reflections from my lenses were confusing to TrackIR. Not ideal, but oh well, I would just learn to live with it. UNTIL! After a couple of missions last night, I had to go use the relief tube (don't you find there's something liberating about peeing with your TrackIR antlers on?), and as I dutifully execute the Post Pee Tactical Hand Wash (PPTHW), I glance into the bathroom mirror and spot it. There is a metallic button (for reasons I am told are to do with 'fashion') on the baseball cap I use with TrackIR. What a fool I've been! Two minutes with scissors, and I have a button free hat, and a seamless and infinitely improved and smoother TrackIR experience! Which is to say I should be approximately 7% more deadly online now. So that'll bump me up to 8% overall...
  9. Diggun

    DD today?

    Not sure that's even possible with this team. Remember the 'month of surprises'?!
  10. Diggun

    so what games should i try with an old pc?

    Hector: Badge of Carnage. Proper old school adventure game. Don't get more reasonable tech specs than that... Plus you'll wet yourself laughing. https://store.steampowered.com/app/94620/Hector_Badge_of_Carnage__Full_Series/
  11. Diggun

    On the topic of Thunderbolts

  12. Diggun

    On the topic of Thunderbolts

    Capital T's surely? For that really is The Tactic. And a really beautiful sight!
  13. Diggun

    DD today?

    You're making dangerous assumptions about how firmly i am attached to reality here Shamrock....
  14. Diggun

    DD today?

    What we want is the DD to drop today so the update can happen tomorrow
  15. Diggun

    DD today?

    If they introduce a recon mechanic, I can see a recon plane pack - Perhaps one 'slow' and one 'fast' recon per nationality? Germans - Fw-189 & Fi-156 / optional recon mods for Ju-88 USA - Piper Cub & Optional recon mods for P-38? Uk - Lysander & Optional recon mods for the Mosquito? Or mods for a proper PRU Spitfire... USSR - Already has PO2 on the way .... Other than that didn't they mainly use the tried and tested Guys-On-Hills_with_binoculars school of reconnaissance? (Yes this post is shamelessly attempting to subliminally get Lysander & Mosquito lodged into peoples heads....)