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    Because there's plenty of airframe that the pilot can scurry around inside and hide in!
  2. Bf109 G-6 Skins

    That skin is beautiful!
  3. Il-10 Sturmovik: Battle of Korea

    I approve of anything that lets me get my hands on a Sea Fury. Dang I love those things.
  4. DD today?

    Some people might call this the ideal time for a DD. But I prefer mine.... later.....
  5. Another point which is often overlooked is the fear which pilots often had for their own aircraft. Towards the end of 'The Big Show' Pierre Clostermann frankly admits how scared he is every time he has to get into his Tempest V, 'Le Grand Charles'. He's fully aware that these high performance machines can be just as deadly to their pilots as any enemy action....
  6. new Spitfire WIP skins

    Looking gorgeous!
  7. I should point out that the incident occurs in a work of fiction. However, it has the ring of truth to it, and if you haven't come across Mr Robinson's work, I cannot recommend him highly enough: https://historicalnovelsociety.org/reviews/piece-of-cake/ http://www.derekrobinson.info/ https://www.amazon.co.uk/Piece-Cake-R-F-Quartet/dp/0857050931/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1523460257&sr=8-3&keywords=piece+of+cake n.b. apologise for tedious information / link spamming. It's a librarian thing
  8. There's a great passage about this in Derek Robinson's superb novel 'Piece of Cake' (I'd tell you to go out and buy it, but since you all already own a well thumbed copy I shall save myself the bother), where mid-dogfight, a (Hurricane) pilot is described as pushing the wrong lever, which makes the engine scream, this flusters him and he tries to correct by pushing another lever, which makes things worse, and he gets so caught up trying to deal with this cascade-failure that he fails to notice a 110 sneak up behind him and blow him in half. I am prepared to place large sums of money on this kind of thing happening frequently. young, hurriedly trained pilots in complex aircraft in stressful circs.... If you get distracted trying to manage your engine for a few seconds....well, that's all it takes in a dogfight. Just one of the very many reasons that you might not see an attacker.
  9. A-20B Skins

  10. new Spitfire WIP skins

    These are looking super dooper!
  11. Fearless Prediction

    I don't see the appeal of Central Pacific tbh, carrier ops are a gimmick which, sure, looks shiny, but only serves to add interest to the beginning of a flight and a crash to the end. The bit in the middle, where you navigate with a stopwatch and compass over a featureless blue sea sounds fascinating. Surely one of the defining features of central pacific ops was the fact that, often, air forces were operating at or beyond extreme range. I don't see a way to make that given the admittedly limited scale of maps possible in Great Battles. Even if you could make the maps reflect the actual size of areas of operations, it's a few masochistic players who are going to enjoy taking off on a strike mission knowing that even if everything goes perfectly, they aren't going to have the fuel to get home. The plane set is dull too - generic radial fighters on both sides and generic radial dive / torpedo bombers, including some which played pivotal parts which are unlikely to be modelled due to licensing issues. Although, I will grant that 16 hour Catalina flights to gain intel before the strike forces could even take off would really stretch out game time on multiplayer servers. If we have to go PTO, then I'd much rather go SE Asia or SW Pacific. My main preference would be SE Asia '41/2. You could have a brilliant plane set which would also fit well in several other theatres: Allied: Hurricane (!), Buffalo, Blenheim, Hudson, Albacore Axis: Oscar, Nate, Mitsubishi Ki-21 Sally, Mitsubishi Ki-30 Ann, Mitsubishi Ki-51 Sonia. AMMIRITE?!?
  12. Clipped wing Spit has already justified my BoBp pre-order. And I am nowhere near finished being thrilled with Kuban yet. But, lordy, surely this thing is the epitome of how to do armed recce with style.....
  13. What Do You Listen? - Music Thread.

    Here are some of my favourite tunes to fly to: All killer, no filler!
  14. DD today?

    Goodness Herne, you must be in my neck of the woods. I'll be the chaps at Duxford are taking advantage of the strange blueness of the air, accompanied by the presence of that weird glowing yellow thing....