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  1. I'm not sure if he's mine or not. I'll see myself out.
  2. Phew! Far too much excitement for me.
  3. An update? On a Friday? That would be so surprising my monacle would ping across the room... Plus PR Spitfires are the handsomist spitfires. Lovely clean lines and that beautiful single piece windshield. In fetching blue AND daring pink!
  4. got them weird wings. XXI? Hardly even a spit by that point imho. Mind you, I remember when all this was just fields.
  5. I would guess so - given that USA & UK moved away from wooden blades throughout the war & it seems only Germans persisted with them. Same with wooden tail fins & rudders on later 109s?
  6. different design philosophies leading to similar outcomes. to extract more power more efficiently from their engines throughout the war (broadly speaking), USA designs used longer blades, German designs used thicker blades, and British designs used more blades. All three approaches have advantages and disadvantages. You pays your money and takes your choice.
  7. My granddad was in the home guard (he was of military age but lost a few fingers in a printing accident before the war. Back when Work Experience was downright hazardous) in St Albans, north of London. Him and grandma describe hiding from 'doodlebugs' pretty much daily for over a year - 'you were alright when you could hear them, when the engine stopped you took cover'. They had a very sophisticated shelter - at the appropriate moment they would both dive under the kitchen table. Grandpa's other claim to fame during the war was rousing the rest of the St Albans home guard one night after hearing marching feet approaching. A roadblock was swiftly constructed, and the interlopers questioned. They turned out to be troops just returned from Dunkirk. Their reaction to Granddad's initiative is, alas, not recorded for the history books.
  8. Thanks so much Rap! Now I can go down in flames in style...
  9. I feel, like the La-5FN, its going to be one of those beasts where you strap it on and then you're along for the ride, rather than feeling cool, calm, and in control the whole flight... 2050hp. That is a lot of sauce.
  10. Maybe we need 'Battle of Oder–Neisse' or 'Battle of Seelow Heights'? Seem to remember there was a very good Seelow Heights map in '46. Great fun razzing around in an il-10...
  11. Hope so, but maybe not as I don't know if the team will have had a whole week at work yet after Russian Christmas.... I'd be very pleased to see almost anything though (as the Bishop once said to the netball team)...
  12. Also being able to fly an (almost) complete fighter career in the Hawker family from the Hurricane II in Sept 1940 through the Tiffy to the Tempest. And similar Spitfire career from V to IX to XIV. Can we pleeeeeease get an earlier engine and 2x20mm 4x.303 armament mods for the IX?? I've been such a good boy this year...
  13. For Barbarossa? What about... Do-17 HS-123 (I almost never fly German, but would LOVE to have a razz around in this lil beauty) 109-e4? (this may be too similar to the E7 we currently have, but, since drop tanks are coming....) FW-189 (its so weird I love it, but probably limited application / appeal until reconnaissance gets tweaked) Throw in a couple of Italian / Romanian birds?
  14. Daring low-level cross-channel raids in Typhoons and Mosquitos. Dash in at dawn, under 500ft to avoid radar, pop up and blap the port / uboat pen / marshalling yard / enemy airfield, then run away back home before the oppos have got their slippers on. Can we have fog? It would be great if we can have some proper fog...
  15. How dare you Sir! I'm not Scottish! Down here all that's required is a soft, damp flannel, some Jeyes fluid, a vigorous scrubbing motion, and one of Sgt Wilson's Extra Strong Turkish Cigarettes.
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