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  1. I was getting CTD's with the new 190, but only on one-on-one QMB missions on the far top left of the Kuban map.
  2. Diggun

    Spad vs 109e7

    Also if an ahistorical match up is good enough for Biggles, it's good enough for me.
  3. Diggun

    Clear Blue Water

    Learn to grammar.
  4. Diggun


    This please, and the Pfaltz DIIIA, and the BrisFit for some mud moving....
  5. Same issue intermittently here. Still not spoiling my fun with all the new toys!
  6. Man that 190F8 is just deadly. Also is it just me or do the 'splosions look better?
  7. I think you misunderstood my post 😛
  8. Is it wrong that I have left reload / clear jam as middle mouse button specifically so it's not in easy reach or quick to do? #immersion.... Now I need to buy a fan...
  9. Diggun

    Finding IL-2 BoX

    Dude your content is top notch, and would definitely get people interested.
  10. Diggun

    DD today?

    Fw190 this week. Betcha.
  11. Diggun

    Bodenplatte Voiceovers

    As the owner of a Genuine English Accent, where do i volunteer my services? Will speak lines into microphone for free...
  12. Diggun

    Tactical Air War

    Awesome vid as always Darbzy. I really need to raise my multi-engine game. I feel like it really is the way to impact on map results.
  13. Diggun

    Totally lost the plot

    Agree for the fx - same team as bsg but with more experience, but the novels read like they are written for a YA audience, and the series does not improve on the source material. For my money, bsg (at least the first 2 1/3 seasons) is the best, thinkiest si fi show yet made.
  14. Diggun

    DD today?

    It's like following the news, but GOOD.