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  1. I don't want to enter the competition, but this seems likely to be the only opportunity to share with you all a joke wot I actually made up (oh yes I did). Ready? Strap in. Here goes! How warm should you keep your uterus? Womb temperature! I'm available for weddings, bar mitzvah's, and all other social occasions featuring no more than 6 people at once.
  2. It's Friday and the world hasn't quite ended yet! Reckon the good folks in the dev team will squeeze out a DD this week??
  3. You're the 2nd il2'er I know of in Ely, which, given it's population of exactly 7 people, must make it one of the highest concentrations of il2'ers in the world! We should have an East Anglian fly out sometime! I wonder if you've noticed that one of the RAF career biogs grew up in Kings Lynn... that may have been me... 'Yokel Flight to Inbred Base, are you receiving me...?'
  4. My dear old fruit, that's not the form at all! One should be gently but firmly shaken awake by ones batman, then handed a cup of tea with a tot of whiskey in it. That, then two or three cold hardboiled eggs and one further restorative slug of Islay's finest, is the only proper way to prepare for a 3:30am jaunt over Hunland.
  5. Hello yes I'm ready for my treat now yes thank you.
  6. This is the kind of Classical clickbait the world needs more of! 'You won't BELIEVE where Vulcan placed...'
  7. just victims of the in-house drive by You say 'Hump' we say 'how high?'
  8. Not unless something properly drastic has happened to the direction of the Earths rotation. Mind you, I'm not ruling anything out at this point...
  9. Given the Current Circumstances, frenzied speculation with you 'orrible lot and enjoyment of this sim is just about all thats getting me though this. Jason & team have been doing incredible work keeping us happy and delivering us all these shiny updates..
  10. One thing I noticed with the new Spit IX skin was that the tires have small bits missing, also the exhaust nozzles have areas see-through. Minor points but just thought I'd mention!
  11. Weird, IL2 is my coitus substitute... It's just as frustrating lasts longer and costs less.
  12. I'm old enough to remember the Month of Surprises. The goodies just kept on coming...
  13. Unexpected is earlier than expected? Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be surprised!
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