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  1. Diggun

    DD today?

    I think that there is a possibility that next week we will receive a short devloper update!
  2. Diggun

    DD today?

    new moon-on-a-stick functionality?
  3. Diggun

    DD today?

    that'd be nice. ....oooo look at all those lights and buttons.....
  4. Diggun

    DD today?

    I would like to express my opinion that there will be a brief developer update today. thank you.
  5. Diggun

    1966 carrier ops

    I urge you to watch the link below. 1966 carrier documentary on HMS Eagle. I found it very affecting. Also, the SIZE OF THE OFFICERS MESS on that thing is, frankly, mental.
  6. Diggun

    Stay alive in multiplayer

    I can't completely agree any more coz you edited your post, cheeky! Everyone has an absolute right to complete freedom of expression within the forum rules. And everyone has the right to choose whether or not they reply, engage with, or even see anything posted. Some forum users and members of this community add value. Others, unfortunately, don't.
  7. Diggun

    Stay alive in multiplayer

    Amen to that. The ignore button is a massive quality of life improvement when certain Boring, Self-important, Repugnant types are about. They certainly spoiled the RoF forum. Shame they insist on carrying out their continual stream of verbal diarrhoea here too. Still, that there ignore button? Can't recommend it enough. Bliss.
  8. Diggun

    DD today?

    Excellent... My spidey senses are tingling...
  9. Diggun

    DD today?

    Next week I reckon. Those guys are surely enjoying some r&r. Just out of interest, at what point during BoK development were the FN & G6 announced? Not that I want to start getting hyped for the unveiling of the Mossie & Arado AR234 collector planes..... ....and a Tiffy just for the s & g's..... ....Finally followed by the announcement of 3rd party Piper Cub & Lysander....
  10. Diggun

    What is your favourite plane

    I do love the f4, but due to the usual online balance issues I play Red 99% of the time online. A20's for strike missions, Spit's for tea & medals. And the VB is an amazing instructor in the fine art of trigger control....
  11. Diggun


    T. E. Lawrences' final report on passing out of Sandhurst famously reads something like 'The only reason I can imagine men following this officer into battle is out of a morbid sense of curiosity to see what happens next...' 🤣
  12. Diggun

    Announcement: Achtung Spitfire!

    Phrase in common cultural usage. No case to answer.
  13. Diggun

    DD today?

    Squeeze one in before Russian holidays? I like it. Make it so!
  14. Diggun

    Who lives in London, England???

    Surely it's 'why is American beer like having sex in a canoe?' 'it's f***ing close to water!'
  15. Diggun

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!

    Yo ho ho! Oh, wait, that's pirates...