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  1. I gotta say the single worst thing about all of this is that somehow my il2 install corrupted (thanks steam) so I've had to do a full redownload and such. Hoping my keybinds and graphics settings were tied to my account...
  2. Today is an odd one, I'm shutting the library up for the duration. Just me in, and the place is very quiet. Spent the morning moving all our plants into one location for ease of watering during weekly site inspections. Students have been leaving town all week and many have been very emotional. Senior management just sent round a fairly unbelievable document about working from home... Of particular note is Page 5 where they literally suggest that during leisure periods one might want to watch things online or cook food during the working from home period. Gee, thanks for that guys...
  3. Anyone else had this? I normally launch from a desktop shortcut, just fired up the computer, click on shortcut and instead of running the game, I get a steam pop up saying I'm about to install it. Steam also seems to think the game is not installed when I open it there. But all the files are where they should be, and it was running fine last night and I haven't deinstalled anything! I'm probably missing something super obvious. Any ideas?
  4. Been having enormous fun razzing around on Beloga in my 7b recently, my appetite is definitely whetted for the 9. Next week maybe? 😇
  5. On strike (again!) next week, so a nice little DD today and an update featuring the Yak next Tuesday would be champion....
  6. The Bob scenario just needs different rules imho. Brits on pure defence, no targets to destroy for them, a whole bunch for the German team though. Maybe make the maps shorter and the win/loss conditions more like of the Germans destroy 50% or more of their targets in an hour and a half? Dunno if this is doable though. Reckon you'll see plenty of spits and hurricanes in the air...
  7. Plus the clipped wings looks much cooler?
  8. Should sound a lot like this, this man of questionable sanity built a pulse-jet and attached it to a bicycle...
  9. Jasta 5 Flugpark is usually the best bet.
  10. @Yogiflight is right, if you purchase BoK premium from the il2 store and then 'link' that with your steam accounts (search durum for 'link accounts', it's a 2 minute process), then you can launch Battle of Stalingrad through steam and all your BoK content will be available in game. This has the added bonus that the monies from anything you purchase through the iil2 store direct (which has sales slightly more frequently than steam) will 100% go towards directly supporting the dev team, and not helping Gabe afford yet another dososkin rug. [WARNING: POTENTIAL NATIONAL BIAS] In game, I think the Spit Vb is a dream. No lockable tailwheel means she can be a bit of a handful on the ground (you'll get used to seeing Spits gracefully pirouetting all over taxiways if you dip your toe into multiplayer), but once in the wild blue you're in an aircraft with many virtues and few vices. She's showing her age a bit by the BoK time frame, sure, but you have a very powerful 5 minute boost, two very powerful 20mm cannon (limited ammo though, 6 seconds, so be conservative and fire at convergence), she'll out turn almost anything in almost any situation, and unlike most soviet built fighters, you can dive at considerable speeds and things don't start falling off. All this and you look damn stylish doing it.
  11. i ain't ever heard of no ammo counters in no RAF fighter cockpits.
  12. Right? That big ol' radial just sounds slow. Even when you're cutting along at 300mph it doesn't seem fast. But it is!
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