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  1. so it doesn't show up in the field.
  2. Diggun

    DD today?

    Oh it is so on. Do not come in here telling me it is not on, when it is so clearly on.
  3. Diggun

    P-39 grinding sound

    Not as irritating as having to fly the damn thing into combat...
  4. Diggun

    Overlord (2018) Movie

    Actually, Red Letter Media loved it. And they are usually spot on when it comes to the movies...
  5. Diggun

    Official Poll: Theme for the next historical campaign

    Not to derail this thread, but I would totally go for a p.40 campaign in future..... .....After the Tempest & 190 BoBP campaigns obviously.....
  6. Diggun

    Official Poll: Theme for the next historical campaign

    I'd love to do some winter ground pounding! Many thanks for opening this up to the community to vote on.
  7. Diggun

    DD today?

    So, do you chaps think there might be a DD today?? Hype level = maximum safe containment.
  8. Diggun


    Self presents are the best presents. My Pilots Notes also arrived a few weeks ago. Would be interesting to know how much BoBP has affected sales of that compared to last year...
  9. Diggun

    Some love for the Dolphin!

    Yes, there's usually several heavily armed Germans hanging around keen to use my nipples for target practice...
  10. Diggun

    Some love for the Dolphin!

    I just find the ability to keep eyes on a target as you pull behind them - no top wing getting in your way- is just such an advantage.
  11. Diggun

    Some love for the Dolphin!

    Thing is, with the ugly birds, if you treat them right they're ever so grateful...
  12. Diggun

    DD today?

    Turbo Supercharger technical chat. Bet you 20p
  13. Diggun

    Some love for the Dolphin!

    In the churchyard installing the memorial for tomorrow's rememberence service. It makes a nice centrepiece. Also, according to the 1917 Eastern Daily Press (not the most reputable of news organs), Albert Ball rented a house in the village I grew up in while training in Narborough. I have been unable to confirm this anywhere else. Maybe local newspapers have always been full of 'alternative facts'...
  14. So, personally, I'm very much looking forward to the return of the Dolphin. Four (4! Count 'em) guns, an actual field of view, and just altogether a fantastic looking, quirky plane. Plus.... I've got the most difficult bit... Shouldn't be too hard to knock up the rest in the garage, right??