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  1. Is anyone else getting super regular disconnects (#10009 game server connection lost) after joining a server since the hotfix? It happens within a couple of minutes of spawning into a plane... Tried everything I can thing of at my end, and nothing seems to help. EDIT: this seems to be SRS related, if I don't start SRS, I don't get disconnected all the time. Am I being thick? Not srs related. still happening v frequently though...
  2. With the A-20 you sink a 6 pack of ice cold VB, then tool up and go out looking for a bar fight. The Yak-7b introduces you to the Yorsch, which is apparently a Russian cocktail consisting of a pint of larger with a shot of vodka poured on top. The Yak 9 looks on, pityingly, from the corner, where it is steadily working its way through a bottle of Stolichnaya to itself, alternating shots with slices of black bread and pickles. The vodka has no visible effect. The LA-5 and his big brother the FN think that any alcohol actually bought from a shop is dangerously mainstream, and are downing their home made moonshine from clear plastic bottles. They are missing their eyebrows from the latest explosive incident involving their still. The secret ingredient, they vouchsafe to you confidentially, is antifreeze.
  3. I'm sure the team are very relieved to have got that nasty, vulgar Jug out the door, so now they are free to share huge levels of detail on the beautiful upcoming Hurricane...
  4. i am excite. So excite I just accidentally the whole bottle.
  5. Can we please have this utterly outrageous sharkmouth for the Typhoon??
  6. To sum up, in Allied ETO ww2 doctrine, you don't need to knock out the tank from the air, but if you can make sure there are no reinforcements coming, and you can bomb the treeline where the tanks and infantry are hiding to all hell and back, the infantry confronting the survivors should have a (comparatively) easy time. I'm really grateful for the discussion we've had here. One of those moments where you're glad to be in this community because the passionate and interested people around here can clear up long standing confusion!
  7. Rightrightrightright. But what is demonstrably NOT true, as some in this thread seem to wish to imply, is that every time a 190 meets a vb at equal energy state the Spit is dead. Unfortunately, real life is messy and doesn't respect the numbers. Vb can and will surprise the unwary or cocksure luftwaffe pilot.
  8. As long as one goes by the numbers and factors in nothing to do with pilot skill. Which is, famously, how war operates.
  9. All very well, but that doesn't do much to reassure the PBI when they're suddenly confronted by a Panther in that village they are just clearing. 'It's OK chaps, we've got em by the supply lines!' is not histories most reassuring battle cry! 😄
  10. I find the 51 an absolute dream to strafe in. 400m convergence, set 437ft on the sight and you're away. Extra ammo gives you plenty of loiter time over target. 2x51s should be able to clear most online targets of aaa in a single sortie. It does seem strange to me though that in the ETO the western allies don't seem to have felt the need for a seriously up-gunned, heavy cannon carrying tank buster. Given that the British especially seemed to love designing cripplingly over specialised units (sometimes even for single missions) this seems odd. Was the thinking that they could just bomb individual tanks? Or leave it to Rocket-phoons? Or were the conditions so different to the vast open spaces in Russia that tank busting was more left to artillery or ground units? I know Spielberg has an especial weakness for a Ray Hanna '51 low pass, but even at the time I was confused by the ending of Saving Private Ryan. Like, just how did that 51 take out that Tiger again?
  11. No DD today. Update Tuesday? Moon onna stick Wednesday?
  12. As a fully paid up member of the liberal elite, its not all its cracked up to be. It's simply impossible to find baby chard at the moment...
  13. Hurricane stuff today perhaps?
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