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  1. Yes, despite, rather than because of, its pitiful bombload. More due to the aforementioned teamwork etc.
  2. @RedKestrel, can't thank you enough for this. I spoke too soon tbh. Still getting stutters. It's definitely cpu related though as I'm getting them at all graphics regimes. It was butter smooth before the windows update...
  3. It's so cute when they try to dive away 😄
  4. If the Spit IX is a classy lady, the Tempest is an out of control raging hormone monster. An absolute brute, in the best possible way. So effective it's terrifying. I dove after two far distant contacts on KOTA the other day, and by the time I'd id'd them as bomb laiden 190s, not p47's, I had gone between them close enough to part their hair and left them in my dust as if they were standing still. She demands to be treated with respect and is one of the few (fighters at least) in the sim that can genuinely get ahead of the pilot. A different type of challenge to most. Rewards cerebral, planned out attacks and when you connect with those cannons it's plain and simple murder. Really puts the zoom into boom and zoom, but you can still mix it, as the Dora I put down the other day after a good 3 minute rolling scissors can testify. I'm a fan.
  5. Only in Britain would you get a 'Please before a 'Keep Off' sign' 😄
  6. Generally, if you say in chat you're interested in hopping on Discord or similar there's helpful types around who are willing to team up. If you ever seem me online, pop up & I'll gladly fly with you. It's worth getting on the Discord servers of the big servers; they provide a super easy way for people to drop in on comms with you.
  7. look down - they're on the cockpit floor. and there's one behind your left shoulder, but you don't want to fill it enough that that one becomes relevant.
  8. /thread drift I always found that song strangely produced for the Prodigy; like, the Spitfire sample they've used is hugely underwhelming. You'd have thought they'd really crank it and blow you're ears out through your nose as if the damn thing was parting your hair, but instead it's a much more gentle 'woosh'..... /thread drift.
  9. You can always call the err gentlemen in the long black leather coats and wide brimmed fedoras to err investigate your ground crew. But what would that do for your serviceability rates?!
  10. /as a team to complete objectives. Gonna be even more of a headache for the LW now that we actually have decent bomb loads comparable with what they have available...
  11. I think this is what happened to me too; it was smooth as butter before the update in sp (hadn't tried mp), and then post update we're in stutterville...
  12. 'Big Dick' 🤣 Hell of a statement to put on your plane!
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