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  1. Christ, I hope we get a DD today or tomorrow. I suspect I am going to need the distraction.
  2. There is a server called Berloga which is perfect for learning (and losing!) dogfighting. It's basically just a massive furball. You pick a side (doesn't matter which, and also there are ai fighters in the server if there aren't enough human players), pick an aircraft and load out (its basically just fighters but nevermind), and spawn in and you'll be basically plonked right into an intense furball. There are no complicated rules, so get involved and die as much as you like and, after a while, you'll start to get the swing of things. One day, I think it took me a few months of constant death, you'll actually get guns on and bring down a Real Life Human Player. I cannot possibly overstate how awesome this moment is. Go chase it!
  3. Life span? Pfft. Goggles on, chocks away, last one back's a **** 😛
  4. PR blue is a very handsome look for the mossie.
  5. Best way to access British ground forces? Carry an umbrella into combat and claim that its because you can never remember passwords. Works every time.
  6. Can't help but feel like the OP will never be satisfied. Clear and cogent explanations have been given, but it's become evident that, since they didn't get the answer they want, they will never be satisfied. Where's Luke with his dead horse gif? The maps are 1:1 dude. The actual sizes of cities may vary for resource reasons. They are representative rather than reproductions. The devs owe you precisely nothing. If you could be bothered to do the work you could work it out easily for yourself. Give it a rest.
  7. How much ammo do you get with the 37mm? Bought the vanilla 9, but holding out on the 9t- I'm an awful shot!
  8. I don't think that this is what was said. I thing Jason had said that changes to the engine would be iterative, and would work in a similar way to the iterative updates in a certain other popular simulation product.
  9. Also super hyped for the tiffy!
  10. Best possible choice in my mind. Already pre-ordered and can't wait for the new British kites! Between this map and bobp, it should be possible to run an raf career from 1941 (hurricane) to the end of the war. Amazing. Also pre-ordered a hurricane and a yak 9. Fantastic early Christmas present. Thank you so much Dev team!
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