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  1. This is also a very useful tool https://il2missionplanner.com/ You can properly plan out routes, speeds etc, so you can practice some actual navigation
  2. Christ. Look at the size of that target! Also this: Two aircraft, K9270 and L5286, acted as flying testbeds for the Napier Sabre engine.[47] Modifications included the adoption of a fixed undercarriage, large ventral radiator, and an auxiliary intake. The two Sabre-equipped Battles accumulated roughly 700 flight hours.[47] That'd be like sticking a supercharged V8 in a Reliant Robin....
  3. 'For all of you who hate landing, we present the Fairey Battle!'
  4. Coz all the currently available light bombers / attack aircraft are too survivable for your tastes?!
  5. Well, as we have the Tempest, and the Typhoon and Hurricane are on the way, I'd love to finish off the Hawker line with a Sea Fury. Still, if wishes were horses we'd all be eating steak.
  6. somethingsomethingeventheplayingfieldfortherussianssomethingsomething
  7. Yeah, but we gotta build up the hype!
  8. Thus weeks DD is gonna be HUGE. It has been confirmed.
  9. I guess the Eastern front and western Europe between autumn and spring are both famous for the continually perfect weather conditions...
  10. Unfortunately server admins do not take advantage of these features anywhere near enough in the mp environment imho. The sim is capable of hugely adverse weather but we don't see it anywhere near frequently enough to represent realistic tactical air war conditions. Just blue skies and a cloudbase at 3k.zzzzzzzzzzzz
  11. Nope, you can only drop all of your eggs into one basket. If you see what I mean old bean.
  12. I really really hope we get the option for a bubble canopy modification for the Spit XIV, though perhaps I'm being optimistic... Would be great for using across BoBp through to the end of the war...
  13. Also, just to say, hello and welcome to our weird little community! The p-40 is an iconic plane, but I would offer the caviat that, as represented in this sim, it is challenging. The engine management is some of the most unforgiving in the sim. The climb rate is sedate, and you will find yourself often losing energy faster than opponents. However, with discipline, you'll learn to love the dive rate, and the 6x.50s are very powerful, and you have ammo to spare to walk your shots into the enemy / set up a wall of lead for them to fly into. Leave the canopy open and you both look stylish and have a great field of view. Personally, and with a degree of national and personal bias though, I would perhaps point you in a different direction. Have you considered the Spitfire V? The spit is generally available in both East and West front scenarios, even later in the war, and though she may lack a bit in speed, she's more than capable of outmanouvering anything the opposition can throw at her. 2x20mm and 4x.303 are pretty powerful, though you only have 6 seconds of 'squirt' for the cannons. So it'll teach you trigger discipline and the importance of setting a correct convergence for your guns. With the two engine options you can optimise for either high or low altitude business too. @ShamrockOneFiveis too modest to do it himself, but I'll point you in the direction of his excellent blog, https://stormbirds.blog/, particularly the 'aircraft gazetter' section where he discusses strengths and weaknesses of most all of the aircraft currently in game https://stormbirds.blog/aircraft-gazetteer/ Have a peruse, its actually like a nice little showroom to browse before you part with your hard earned cash monies! See you in the sky!
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