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  1. I am really looking forward to fly the Spit 14. Also I see more and more people coming to this sim because of the tanks. Especially the servers like the Finnish feels more and more like a complete war. The best of 2 worlds with WW2 plane and tank enthusiastics. Keep up the great work team.
  2. Such an amazing plane. Armed with 4 x 20 mm Hispanos this bird is a beast. Plus it can take a lot of beating. Strange feeling to see the 109 and 190s catching fire so fast when lit up by 4 x 20 mm Hispanos. 🤣 As someone wrote in the chat on the Finnish server earlier today. "If you did not know it, you would think it was the Battle of Britain". .................Thats how many who were flying the Hurricane. Again thanks team for the Hurricane. Looks fantastic in VR too by the way.
  3. Used TrackIR for amost a decade but since I got VR I will never go back. The VR is so well made for this game.
  4. I thought the F10 saving only worked outside VR and with TrackIr. Thanks I will try it.
  5. One of my favorite planes in the game is the Spitfire Mk.IX, but it is also the worst for me to use with my Reverb VR. When I VR center I am always positioned to the right of the cockpit....and not infront of the crosshair? The BF 109s are perfectly positioned. It also feels like in the Spitfire Mk.IX I am sitting at an angle looking to the left. Anyone has the same experience? Is there a way to change the pilot position for each plane?
  6. True but for me the lack of resolution has been the main issue with VR coming from TrackIr. Let us know why you maybe think the Index should be better for Il2? I am not using my HP Reverb for any other games.
  7. I have to reactivate mine too after a complete reinstallation of Windows 10. Do we really have to contact Andre to get a new key everytime?
  8. Consider the HP Reverb. From what I know it has the best resolution of the current VR beides the Pimax. I had to return the Rift 1 since the resolution was just not good enough. The HP Reverb made me not want to go back to my TrackIr and my 40 inch 4K monitor. 😉
  9. I went to the store where I bought it. They took the VR Reverb out back of the shop to test it and it came up with the USB error code 43. So now I just wait if they fix it or I get a new one.
  10. No mine is bought from Elgiganten. Good call Niiranen.VR. Maybe a new cabel can solve the problem.
  11. I have made a Windows 10 reinstall and can now totally confirm that my VR Reverb has a malfunction. Same USB error code 43. 😥 Man thats a real bummer. Hopefully I can get a new one very soon since I still have warranty. I just hope same thing will not happen with the new one. 😟 When I look on the internet there are a lot of similar issues with the VR Reverb.
  12. I have done the same with mine Niiranen-VR. 😊 I have tested my HP Reverb on my sons computer and same error occur. I assume my HP Reverb has a hardware failure and have sent the case to HP through their website. ........sadly I wont be back flying for some time then.......I really can't go back to TrackIR. Btw Nirranen-VR I got my Jetseat and it so amazing together with the HP Reverb. I can highly recommend it.
  13. It is actually the second generation with the plastic clip. I made sure of that when I bought it. I wish there was a place to download the HP Reverb USB driver manually. It keeps saying USB not recognized no matter what I do. I will now contact HP directly. Thanks anyway Spitfirejoe.
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