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  1. Yak 7B is one of my favorites on the Russian side. So far. Amazing plane.
  2. Thanks for your input guys. Sounds like I have to give it more time. No I don't use glasses. I guess I need to tveak it more to get a better picture then.
  3. Thanks Alanzo for clearing that out. Yesterday I bought the Rift to see if it was something for me. My Rift was stuck at the 45 fps with the ASW making the extra frames. Maybe I am just too old to new things, but I have never felt so motion sick in my life before. I believe the motion sickness is mainly because of the lack of frames, but also because everything looks blurred and out of focus, I read here on this forum that you can get used to it, and the motion sickness will go away. Just thinking about going through that process stops me from wanting to fly more VR. Sadly 😪 The bad experience could be because my computer CPU struggles. I don't know. But until they find a way eliminate the motions sickness in VR I stick to my trusted TrackIr. These are my cons and pros about VR in Il2: (Its important to mention that this is only based on one day of testing the Oculus Rift). My computer specs are: i7-5820K CPU 3.30 GHz. 3.30 GHz NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080 16 GB RAM Pros: - Very immersive feeling. You REALLY feel you are in a ww2 plane. Great made by the Il2 team. - Perfect tracking compared to my TrackIr which sometimes lose the tracking. Cons: - Everything looks blurred and out of focus.(I followed the Rift instrcutions to get the best and clearest picture) - Spotting and identifying planes from further away was to me imposible because of the low resolution. - Motion sickness. (As mentioned above this could be because of my computer struggles to give me enough fps)
  4. Looks good to me . Lets buckle up for the VR world.
  5. I remember that flight FlyingNutcase. That was great fun and I don't mind dying over and over in the game. For me the immersive feeling of flying is more important than being competitive. For the same reason I have built my home cockpit for Il2. Now I feel it is time for me to finally get to try VR. I ran the compatibility check and everything should run okay.
  6. I am in the same boat. Been using TrackIr 5 for many years now. From what I read on this and orher forums, the Oculus Rift seem to be one of the best VR headset for Il2. I just hope I can still identify with the Rift and the lower resolution. If the Pimax 5k plus is a winner I can later upgrade for that. But for a start the Rift seems like a good option. My system is: i7-5820K CPU 3.30 GHz. 3.30 GHz NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080 16 GB RAM Thanks for a great community. See you in the skies of WOL and the other multiplayer servers.
  7. I am a proud owner too of the Ju-52. Fun plane to fly. I preordered is as soon as it was available.
  8. Thanks for the advice. I will go for the Oculus Ruft CV1 then.
  9. I can get the DK2 version. Why is the CV1 better? The DK2 has higher resolution. Thanks all for your replies.
  10. My thought was to wait for the next generation of VR's. But I am not sure I can wait now. Which VR is the best for this game? HTC Vive or Oculus Rift Dk2 Thanks,
  11. I love it!!! Now we just need it on the Wings Of Liberty server.
  12. hmmmm better in which way? I have Hotas system, TrackIR and pedals to simulate FLYING.
  13. Best thing is to join a Sqaudron and use Team speak. Then the multiplayer part really becomes fun. I made a small video from my Sqaudron on the Wing Of Liberty server, which I think shows how fun the muliplayer part in the game can be. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUnQxsg-TH4&feature=youtu.be
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