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  1. I had the same problem,but when i fire only the cannon without the mg it works
  2. Maybe you had Il 2 opened several times,close it in the Task Manager and try again.
  3. Thank you for your help:) But what do you mean with("Plus the landscape filter is basically AFaa") AFaa?
  4. Do you have any tipps for a better image quality in the Oculus Rift. I tried Supersampling with the Oculus Debug Tool,but i dont see any Difference,maybe i made something wrong. Is it normal that all what is a few kilometers away look like shit?
  5. Uranium45

    German 20mm

    I experienced that it's a lot more easy to destroy Aircraft with the Russian 20mm,than with the german 20mm. With Russian 20mm the Wings Rip off easier. Do you guys also experienced this? (Ps:Sorry for the bad Englisch)
  6. I want to buy a Oculus Rift.Can i play the game with my Computer in VR. Specs: Gtx970 i7 4790k 16gb Ram
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