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  1. If you want to make transport the Ju-52 you must select the cargo option in the arming menu.
  2. We know our history. It is about positioning aid, because Polish units, as they did not belong to the Red Army, although they fought bravely side by side on the Eastern Front from Lenino to Berlin, could not be awarded with the Guard title. Like the French Normandie-Niemen regiment. After the Battle of Lenino on October 12, 1943, it happened that Comrade Stalin gave several Polish soldiers the Hero of the Soviet Union. Someone noticed that it is only given to Soviet citizens, so they did not take the titles, but they did not give more to anyone. So we wanted to find out how it was with you. Fr
  3. One of the hallmarks of adulthood is reading comprehension. There is probably something wrong with that with you. I haven't written anything about my skills before. I just wrote about not crying on the forum. In fact, TAW is not for everyone. And with this I end the discussion on my part.
  4. You should have thought before you wrote. And so you write, you delete. Why are you making a fuss. As you fly as you write, I am not surprised that later it is just crying on the forum.
  5. You can see here. http://forgotten-taw.tuttovola.org/ LG change side every campaign. This is our first for blue side on west front. You need to know what you are writing about, and if you don't know, it is better not to write, because you can write something stupid and then you have to delete your posts like some people. Also don't cry. War is for men and men do not cry, they fight like 300 Spartans. Little boys are crying, but for them there is a place in the sandbox.
  6. http://taw-server.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=26578&name==VARP=Ribbon This sortie? You damaged your plane above 50 %, and you must wait until your ground crew fix it. Very simple. What planeset would be good for you. Bf 109 E7 vs. P-51D? Ju-87 vs. Spitfire mk.IX? If you say that LW planes are better, just fly on blue side. Without exaggeration. Only a few for the entire map. There are restrictions on their use. Read the manual. And don't worry, it's normal on a TAW. This server triggers states like yours now. That's what it is for. 😉
  7. 309 SQ received Mustangs mk.III in october 1944, and as a fighter squadron took part with escort missions. The pilots of 309 sq shoted down 3 of Me-262 in april 1945.
  8. Ok but still this was main training plane in VVS. I know it's job was also to be a bomber and other tasks such as liaison. Our Polish second air regiment "KRAKÓW" ( night bomber) used them. Anyway, it's skin is in the game.
  9. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/21029-tactical-air-war/page/501/?tab=comments#comment-1029330 I ended this discussion with this post. It is a pity who did not understand. The one with the Lawyer is more promising.
  10. I do not think so. I think it was still a basic training plane. I know there were different UTIs, but the first flights probably continued to be on Po-2, as we should actually call this plane to celebrate N.N. Polikarpov.
  11. You mentioned this category. You mentioned "3 times". If you do not understand what should be compared... Sad for us. This category means - "team deaths". If you got it differently then I'm sorry. Multi-page translation is not always good.
  12. We could just exchage smiles, but if someone wants to prove something to someone in the tables, go ahead.
  13. Mainly i wrote. What do you see in the tables, how did you fall in battle? Take a look at your homeland and compare it to Germany. There, millions of surviving German soldiers rebuilt their country, and in your country, millions of those who lost their lives in senseless attacks such as on Berlin in 1945, very similar to the behavior of your team during the last campaign, were unable to do so.
  14. The U-2 was mainly used as a training plane. Maybe a team that lost three times as many lives as the next team in this category could use it to learn to fly.
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