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  1. After DISCo you lost life like after DEATH or CAPTURE. It was your third lost life during second map. You have penalty. -300 points is normal after DISCO. Dura lex, sed lex.
  2. Sometimes the rules of TAW are different as in the game. Your case is similar to the following situation: if you shoot down someone or destroy a ground target and then you die, you have it in the game, but not in the TAW statistics. TAW is a unique server and that's why TAW has its rules. The game just thought you jumped out of your territory. TAW states otherwise. Probably Kathon would explain it better, but that's how it is. There is an algorithm that determines whether a given pilot is caught by enemy troops or not. It depends on several factors.
  3. Yes this is the 21st edition of TAW. It will end if on the second map one of the parties reaches the conditions of victory or there will be a draw. You need to register in the new edition, so the statistics will be reset.
  4. Tanks do not move during the mission (trains and ships if they do not also). They're exactly where the icon indicates. Two options. The first as a column on the road, when they are far from the city / airfield being attacked, or the second option, when they are in the so-called combat formation (dispersed) when they are in close proximity to their target. Then they are usually accompanied by artillery supporting them.
  5. If you already have all the machines in the hangar, you get CM NA instead of CM. It means as if you were storing your CM. If you lose the machine then you get it right away. Only one time. Later you must collect CM again.
  6. In this case you can land on Wesel.
  7. Wait to the end of mission. You can see your ditched plane. Give the time for your ground crew to find it.
  8. Not 415 th page but 415 pages on this topic.
  9. You're right. Manual on the site needs updating. Maybe it will happen soon. I have one for you and others seeking advice. Look through these 415 pages and find information that Kathon posted at the beginning of each edition. There, you'll find the info you need about the rules at TAW. And as for your case, your airfield has been closed for take-off planes because of the advantage of your site. You could have landed on it. You cannot land at airfield that are closed at the beginning of the mission (being attacked or destroyed). Check point number 5. Changelog.
  10. Send PM message to LG Kathon. I sent him the message about this case. Good luck.
  11. You landed at a disused airfield. Not participating in the game. Your airfield Enschede is 0624.5 and you landed 0627.9. http://taw-server.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=15292&name=adler_68 My advice. Join someone on Team Speak. You will learn faster than asking in the forum.
  12. If you want, bomb the P-38 from a great height. I will use the A-20 for this. On this TAW P-38 Attacker has the role of Il-2 on the Eastern Front map.
  13. 1. Push the lever up to the max. And hold on. 2. Select the axis you would like to assign in the game settings. 3. Release the lever. 4. Adjust your setting, eg reverse action.
  14. Can you read with understaining. I wrote shoot OVER depot. This means that Metal crashed on his teritory. Lost aircraft but he can take next one in next mission. His mission was succesfull. Bombed depo and stay alive, did not captured. 😃 Even 23 or 37 mm in ŁaGG did not help. 😄
  15. This is not the place for such discussions but as you want.
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