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  1. Ok but still this was main training plane in VVS. I know it's job was also to be a bomber and other tasks such as liaison. Our Polish second air regiment "KRAKÓW" ( night bomber) used them. Anyway, it's skin is in the game.
  2. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/21029-tactical-air-war/page/501/?tab=comments#comment-1029330 I ended this discussion with this post. It is a pity who did not understand. The one with the Lawyer is more promising.
  3. I do not think so. I think it was still a basic training plane. I know there were different UTIs, but the first flights probably continued to be on Po-2, as we should actually call this plane to celebrate N.N. Polikarpov.
  4. You mentioned this category. You mentioned "3 times". If you do not understand what should be compared... Sad for us. This category means - "team deaths". If you got it differently then I'm sorry. Multi-page translation is not always good.
  5. We could just exchage smiles, but if someone wants to prove something to someone in the tables, go ahead.
  6. Mainly i wrote. What do you see in the tables, how did you fall in battle? Take a look at your homeland and compare it to Germany. There, millions of surviving German soldiers rebuilt their country, and in your country, millions of those who lost their lives in senseless attacks such as on Berlin in 1945, very similar to the behavior of your team during the last campaign, were unable to do so.
  7. The U-2 was mainly used as a training plane. Maybe a team that lost three times as many lives as the next team in this category could use it to learn to fly.
  8. Therefore, e.g. Jak -1 p.69 is in the planeset in 1941, where it should not be. We try to be consistent with the history, but when necessary, we do so that there is a balance. Wait for the new planeset for the Eastern Front that is already being prepared. Then we will discuss.
  9. Well, it had to be a well-designed plane, since such differences (almost 10 percent of the weight and engine power) gave only 13 km / h. Remember that we're handling game data here. In the real world therefore, Soviet pilots had to fly at reduced engine RPM and power, and the actual performance of the early (1941) Jak versions was significantly lower than that achieved by Jak in 1942. These problems about you wrote did not only concern the early versions of the Yak-1, but also the later ones, since a lot of time was spent on designing the Yak-1b to improve the cooling system. However, the JGr8_Leopard is right. In this planeset, greater protection was given to the Soviet side in the selection of aircraft and their equipment. But this is theme for other discussion.
  10. Marginal differences you said. Yak-1 series 69 Empty weight: 2365 kg Maximum power in Nominal mode (2550 RPM) at sea level: 1240 HP 110 HP more and 220 kg ligher you wrote. Almost 10 percent. Marginal?
  11. You are wrong. Do you hear about V-105 and V-105 PF engine diferences. Also laterJak or ŁaGG had less weight.
  12. Ok. Perhaps there was such an event. Anyway, this game is for providing emotions. And a simple rule contained in the most famous book on earth: "who is without fault, let him throw the stone first". My main point is that you accused someone of stating the name of my squadron without giving any evidence. There is evidence that somehow the matter can be addressed. In any case, we have to take care of cultured and compliant behavior on the servers. See you in the air.
  13. Where? Do you have proof? Why are you accusing someone for no reason? No sense. Your case will be reported to the administration of this forum. One must not accuse anyone without reason. Also. You are writing in some strange language. You have your russian forum written there in Cyrillic alphabet. We communicate in English here.
  14. Could you point to these screens a =LG= member because i don't know what you are writing about.
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