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  1. I'll Take one of the reserved [DBS] IL-2's please Tip. Thanks once again for all your hard work in creating FNBF. Kind Regards, MDS1
  2. @Gambit21This is a truly brilliant Campaign, and worth every penny. I just wanted to make a public note of Gratitude for the hundreds of hours of hard work that must have gone into the production of this masterpiece. Although the AI don't fly in a tight enough formation by [DBS] Standards ( ) .... it's pretty damned good. Thank You. Kind Regards, MDS1
  3. Thanks for setting this up Tip, please may I join you in a JU-52 - looks like a fun mission!
  4. @LuseKofte come along and join us on a Friday or Sunday evening buddy. We use Discord for in flight Comms usually - no dramas or pressure of any kind, just drop by and say hello Kind Regards, MDS1
  5. Hi Beebop, The Mission Editor in Great Battles is vastly different than IL-2 1946, as I'm sure you have discovered. I'm still at the "toddler" stage of mission building /editing, however what I do regularly is 'adapt' already made missions by other members. I guess this is what you are trying to do too. I have a selection of Jade Monkeys single player missions, which I have altered to reduce the AI numbers and skill (more to my own personal skill and taste) and changed the planes which the player can fly. I just open the ME and select "File Open" and select the mission I wish to adapt/alter. I then change the AI settings on enemy aircraft from 'normal' or 'high' to low, as when attacking bombers I've found that the rear gunner AI above "low" is way too accurate. After I have changed a few parameters of the Mission, like player aircraft, weather,turbulence,wind etc. and added a few objects here and there, I "Save As" to my single Missions folder with a new name -leaving the original mission intact, and unaltered. I have attached a screenshot to try and explain what I am on about. BTW, it's good to see you here Beebop Kind Regards, MDS1
  6. Hi Tip, thanks for organising this event..... Ju-87D-3 for me please
  7. My old gaming PC, that I purchased pre-built, must have got shaken about or dropped in transit, and as a result the CPU cooler was not properly attached. I was totally unaware of this - but did think the fans were a "bit noisy" when playing games. It was like this for at least six months. I eventually checked the temperatures of my system, and to my horror the CPU was running at between 96 and 99 degrees C under load. It only crashed once in that time, hence why I never thought anything was wrong. Of course once the problem was diagnosed, and the cooler correctly fitted - it ran much quieter, and at temperatures below 60C even under full load. That CPU is now over two years old is used everyday in my Son's PC and is holding up strong. I would hazard a guess that your system is OK, no damage done - it just overclocked to a point of instability, and as a result..... shut down. For the record the CPU that was utterly cooked for the first six months of it's life was an i5 7400. Kind Regards, MDS1
  8. @busdriver you are absolutely right. We were actually "testing" what happens if aircraft accidentally touch during close formation flying- and the test was unsuccessful. We were just mucking about really, having a bit of a laugh. When the gunner joined my plane (I sadly don't know who it was - poor fellow) we decided to try and scare him a bit with "ultra close" formation, just for comedy effect. It went awry. So I made a short video of it, just for fun. Kind Regards, MDS1
  9. Excellent Video! nice work - well done! Kind Regards, MDS1
  10. Recorded on Wings of Liberty server, during a low level attack flight with IL-2's. I don't know who my rear Gunner was - but he didn't expect that outcome, I'm sure! LOL! πŸ˜„
  11. My humble homage to the excellent "Gun Cam" videos out there.... my own little compilation of Bomb runs. Mainly on Trains Enjoy! Kind Regards, MDS1
  12. I guess it's up to me then.To be more patient, and forget everything about mission building in FMB 1946 - and start from scratch. Thanks for the valued input guys
  13. Thanks JimTM and Thad, I have got Pranksters' Tangmere Pilots guide to Mission building, but I must be reading it wrong. It appears so complicated compared to the Full Mission Builder in IL-2 1946. Maybe that's my mistake.... trying to build missions the way I used to with the FMB. Where I get lost, and frustrated - is that all I wish to do at first, is set waypoints for friendly's and enemy's without all this timer trigger MCU malarky. Just waypoints on the map with planes following them. That's all πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„ Thanks anyway fellas, and @JimTM what you say makes a lot of sense. Cheers!
  14. I hope I have posted this query/question in the right place.... does anyone know what the Mission Editor Support feature is in Flying Circus or Tank Crew ? I notice that none of the other titles in IL-2 Great Battles offer this. I own BOS/BOM/BOK/BOBP and despite many hours of tinkering around in the Mission Editor, the best I can do is "Adapt" other folks missions. I have watched many YT Videos, and downloaded the excellent manuals available.... but this Old Guy just can't get his head around Mission Editor. I am seriously considering getting Flying Circus, although WWI so far hasn't appealed, and IF there is some form of simpler or easier way to build missions with "Mission Editor Support" then it's in the shopping cart I would gratefully appreciate it if anyone could expand on what Mission Editor Support actually is. Thanks, Screenie Attached. Kind Regards, MDS1
  15. Thanks for all your hard work on setting up the FNBF Missions Tip, enjoy the family get together - see you soon! Kind Regards, MDS1
  16. Hi Tip, Put me forward for PE-2/A-20 Please.
  17. Nice review Shamrock, thank you for taking the time to write it. It was very informative - good stuff! Great to see Req trying out the 262. I must be honest I doubt I will fly the 262 much (accept maybe on a super quick bomb run) but I'm grateful for the addition to the Game. Kind Regards, MDS1
  18. If possible @[DBS]Tx_Tip could you add me as an Axis Bomber Pilot for Phase Two? if I'm too late no dramas. Kind Regards, MDS1
  19. I'm pretty sure this is a bug of some sort, I've seen it a couple of times in WOL myself. I have no idea what causes it, or how often.
  20. Reference the "static" noise left behind after deleting the radio sound files, it's not very noticeable at all. As Geronimo says, it doesn't "intrude" on the game in any way. I only notice it TBH, if I'm home alone - and flying with the volume set to "shake-the-walls" maximum. That's rare. (I do tend to set the in game volume higher.... now that the shouting has stopped.)
  21. I agree with everything said above, (LuseKofte your English is fine buddy - and far better than my Norwegian) AP rounds may have small benefit in busy Multiplayer servers, as the tracers are non-existent or very difficult to see. I have had quite a few occasions where I have shot at an enemy fighter with AP rounds, missed, and the enemy pilot was unaware I had shot at him, so giving me another chance to open fire undetected. His Wingman didn't see my rounds being fired either. Helpful.... for a less talented pilot like myself
  22. @DD_Arthur Beautiful, serene, perfect.... Radio Silence. I have hated the "Radio" feature of this wonderful game with every fibre of my being - from the word go. Thank you so much for this simple way to turn the useless, annoying, repetitive radio gibberish off. A total game changer for this old guy With gratitude, MDS1
  23. Really looking forward to this..... release with major update due May/June 2019 (Me-262 /P-51) maybe? It's on my "To Buy Immediately" list whenever it's released. Thanks Haash. πŸ‘
  24. @SYN_Haashashin I'm always late to the party, very late in this case. I've just completed this Campaign, it's the best scripted campaign I've played so far.It's brilliant. Thanks for all the hard work that went into making this very enjoyable, immersive Campaign. (A note to any other latecomers that wish to download and play this campaign - there have been many game updates since it's original release, so what I did to ensure the game reads the files correctly, is unzip the "Alberts Life" folder into Campaigns, then open STeditor and use the tool 'resave' ) Kind Regards, MDS1
  25. Thank you Roblex for taking the time to review my video. I have a lot to learn, and that 2 minute track took me nearly eight hours to edit. Constructive, honest and unbiased critique is very helpful indeed, and your comments have been duly noted- with gratitude. As a side note I do have track IR, but you are right - it doesn't really look like it in that Clip. Here's to learning and improving! Thanks Buddy πŸ˜„
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