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  1. Really looking forward to this..... release with major update due May/June 2019 (Me-262 /P-51) maybe? It's on my "To Buy Immediately" list whenever it's released. Thanks Haash. πŸ‘
  2. @SYN_Haashashin I'm always late to the party, very late in this case. I've just completed this Campaign, it's the best scripted campaign I've played so far.It's brilliant. Thanks for all the hard work that went into making this very enjoyable, immersive Campaign. (A note to any other latecomers that wish to download and play this campaign - there have been many game updates since it's original release, so what I did to ensure the game reads the files correctly, is unzip the "Alberts Life" folder into Campaigns, then open STeditor and use the tool 'resave' ) Kind Regards, MDS1
  3. Thank you Roblex for taking the time to review my video. I have a lot to learn, and that 2 minute track took me nearly eight hours to edit. Constructive, honest and unbiased critique is very helpful indeed, and your comments have been duly noted- with gratitude. As a side note I do have track IR, but you are right - it doesn't really look like it in that Clip. Here's to learning and improving! Thanks Buddy πŸ˜„
  4. As a regular pilot of the PE-2, I can say it IS a tough plane, but like Mobile BBQ and RedKestrel say... once a critical part is hit, it's all over. I am sometimes able to get back to friendly lines and crash land after an encounter with Axis fighters - but I very, very rarely get all the way home once damaged. So to the Axis fighters, it's isn't quite as unfavourable as it may first appear taking on a PE-2. Kind Regards, MDS1
  5. Yes, it does. The "Signature" is at the bottom of my post. However, it is possible that it doesn't show for some reason. (maybe I have fiddled with a Forum display setting I shouldn't have.... lol!) For the record my system is as follows.... Intel Coffee Lake i5 8400 Cpu @ 4.0Ghz | MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X GPU | Asus Prime Z370-A Motherboard | 16 GB DDR4 RAM @2400Hz | Windows 10 | and an Asus 24" 1920X1080 144Hz Monitor. Nice, but nothing special. I hope that helps! πŸ˜„ P.S. Look at the bottom of this post to see if a signature shows...... Having had a quick look at forum settings.... it could be that you don't have "View Signatures" enabled. Please see attached screenshot for explanation. Go to your profile, look under settings and check the signature box is enabled. Kind Regards, MDS1
  6. @Loki_v2 although it has been stated many times that 4 Engine aircraft are not possible at this time with current game engine limitations - it really would be fantastic to have a Lancaster in the game at some point. A B-17 would be icing on the cake. I just wanted to say, as no-one important, just another average player type of guy - your offer of help is inspirational. Thanks Buddy! Kind Regards, MDS1
  7. @ACG_Sketch Just a word of gratitude and thanks for the adventure park missions. These booth style training missions are fab. Thank You. Kind Regards, MDS1
  8. @jaygee485 Thanks for the positive feedback, it means a lot. πŸ˜„ I use a 1920x1080 screen resolution, at 144Hz. My 'in game' frame rates vary from as low as 70 Fps when there are lots of explosions, buildings, static objects etc, to a fairly steady 144 Fps most of the time. I have a very mid-range PC (specs are in signature) but it plays the game on Ultra settings without issue. Kind Regards, MDS1
  9. Thank you for the update, great work. That trailer is really, really good and I second the motion that Trailers for each major expansion would be a good idea. Refuel and re-arm for aircraft sounds very exciting, even though that is a long way off, and the P-51 gets ever closer! Thank you for keeping us updated. Kind Regards, MDS1
  10. @Dutch2 No, my powered USB has seven populated slots, so far they have never got "Mixed up" .... that's the JS, Throttles, Pedals, Keyboard, Printer, Wireless mouse dongle and Speakers. Kind Regards, MDS1
  11. My rather amateur attempt at "You-Tubing" and video editing. Please feel free to rip it apart. Kind Regards, MDS1
  12. Hi Guys, here's an un-edited video captured with Nvidia Shadowplay and uploaded raw. I'm hoping it's a lot sharper visually than my previous attempts, but I'm still learning. I did use a couple of in-game Mods for this, namely the no fog mod, the green Moscow map, and flowers. I forgot to press "H" to hide the in-game notifications, so you can see how desperately poor my engine management was on the I-16.Thanks to @Jade_Monkey for his most excellent single player missions, this was taken from his "Surviving the Raid" I-16 offline Mission. I hope you like it, it's far from a masterpiece, (very far) but I'm hoping the visuals are sharp enough. Kind Regards, MDS1
  13. Hi Folks, I currently have a TM Warthog and throttle set, and after about 1200 Hrs usage I have had to replace the internal rubber "O" Rings in the Joystick base unit twice. I fear this fault will just keep recurring, with this particular base unit, ad finitum. So I was considering upgrading to a Virpil joystick base unit, which by all accounts is compatible with the Warthog stick (which incidentally I like very much - it's just the base unit, gimbal and spring setup which is pants) so my questions to anyone who is familiar with Virpil products are: Does anyone here have a TM Warthog controller stick mounted on a Virpil base unit? - and does it work properly? (I don't use TM Target software) Do Virpil actually have any available stock ..... ever? Do I have to pre-order, and part with a substantial lump of cash in advance, to actually get one of these? https://virpil-controls.eu/vpc-mongoost-50cm-base.html Generally, is the Virpil (with desk mounts) worth the investment, and is it as superior as I think it is - to the Warthog. Thanks for reading, and any experience or information you have with regard to purchasing from Virpil, would be gratefully appreciated. Kind Regards, MDS1 P.S. The Warthog throttles are fab. No complaints there
  14. Hi @jaygee485 I had my Thrustmaster Warthog about a year and approximately 1000hrs use before the O ring worked loose. It is probably is still under warranty, but to be honest I couldn't be bothered with all that hassle of getting it sent away for repair, etc. The strange thing is, I have my joystick settings ultra sensitive, with no deadzones - so I rarely, if ever, use the full range of motion on the stick. Very small inputs to the stick is my preferred mode of flying. The O ring worked loose though, apparently due to the adhesive used in manufacture not being up to the job. I gather, that like the common "Stiction" problem, it is very random, and some Warthogs have it, others don't. Much the same with the rubber O ring. It is just luck of the draw if your stick's O ring works loose. So far the silicon replacement from Sahaj, is perfect with no problems. I as yet, don't have the dreaded stiction problem either. I hope that helps! Kind Regards, MDS1
  15. @jetblue291 thanks for checking in. We get together when we can, Sunday Flight nights at 18:00 GMT is our main venue, however I try to get an hour or two during the week too. I can usually find a Squadmate on Teamspeak or Facebook, and have a some fun on the Eagle Squadron training server. I'm a newbie, and the Squadron Tea-boy, but I can say - I've really enjoyed being part of the 334th so far. It'll be great to see you in the air when you are able. Kind Regards, MDS1
  16. Nice! I don't have Flying Circus yet, but watching Videos like this......(fumbles around for wallet)
  17. I would like to have a trial with you gentlemen, if I may, ( I say "Trial" as I have about 850 hours of flight time, but probably less than an hour of that has been in Multiplayer.) Online flying would be a very new experience and I might be totally useless. I have Teamspeak, but I am not on Facebook or any other social media. I'll try to catch up with you all on TS. Kind Regards, MDS1
  18. I have a powered USB hub, with 7 USB 3.0 ports. I have my Joystick, Throttle, Rudder pedals,keyboard (and printer) all connected to the hub with no problems at all. I wouldn't try to run that many peripherals on an unpowered USB hub tho' - that would be asking for trouble. Kind regards, MDS1
  19. That makes sense, thank you @Diggun
  20. I had absolutely no idea what this "Wololo" business meant, except to say i found it rather bizzare, and a trifle annoying. So of course I Googled it. Am I right in saying it stems originally from the old Age of Empires strategy game, where the Priests could convert units from your side to theirs. I played that game quite a lot back it the day, and found that it was also a trifle annoying - when you spent ages and ages building an invading force - that an enemy priest would wave a crozier and mitre, chant "wololo" and convert your hard earned elite fighting units against you. I am asking, please enlighten this rather confused Old Guy, what exactly does this have to do with Developer Diaries and updates? Kind Regards, MDS1
  21. Thanks for this Campaign @Jaegermeister I'm only half way through, but loving it so far! I rarely fly the P47, (until now that is ) so it's really fun getting to know what the heavy old girl can do. Kind Regards, MDS1
  22. I am posting this here in case anyone else gets this fault with their Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Joystick. The rubber 'O ring' worked loose on my Joystick (see picture attached) which I gather is quite a common fault with this stick. I got a replacement silicon 'O' ring from Sahaj - problem solved. I can recommend his services, for my personal experience was this : 12 Euros (approx Β£10.00) paid for replacement silicon O ring, order acknowledged and dispatched within 24 hours, arrived at my house in the UK, from Poland via Royal Mail within 5 days. The package was also tracked which was a re-assuring touch. I fitted the replacement, and my Joystick is now just like new. I hope this information may be of help to anyone here, should the need ever arise, to make this simple repair to their Warthog. Kind Regards, MDS1
  23. A truly Marvelous piece of film making. Excellent job JM. I really, really enjoyed watching it. The best Great Battles Vid I have seen so far. Thank you for sharing πŸ‘
  24. @DD_Arthur Thank you got it here too, with no issues
  25. Much as I love this game, and appreciate all the hard work that goes into making a WWII Flight Sim as good as this game is..... I too am somewhat surprised at just how bad the American Fighters appear to be. I freely accept that maybe it's my lack of skill for the most part, but they are difficult to handle compared to the Soviet plane set, and so slow - I almost cry. I am really hoping the Mustang is fast, nimble and at least as "flyable" as the Yak's.
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