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  1. 334th_MDS1

    selling Thrustmaster Warthog extensions

    Hi @jaygee485 I had my Thrustmaster Warthog about a year and approximately 1000hrs use before the O ring worked loose. It is probably is still under warranty, but to be honest I couldn't be bothered with all that hassle of getting it sent away for repair, etc. The strange thing is, I have my joystick settings ultra sensitive, with no deadzones - so I rarely, if ever, use the full range of motion on the stick. Very small inputs to the stick is my preferred mode of flying. The O ring worked loose though, apparently due to the adhesive used in manufacture not being up to the job. I gather, that like the common "Stiction" problem, it is very random, and some Warthogs have it, others don't. Much the same with the rubber O ring. It is just luck of the draw if your stick's O ring works loose. So far the silicon replacement from Sahaj, is perfect with no problems. I as yet, don't have the dreaded stiction problem either. I hope that helps! Kind Regards, MDS1
  2. 334th_MDS1

    334th Eagle Squadron

    @jetblue291 thanks for checking in. We get together when we can, Sunday Flight nights at 18:00 GMT is our main venue, however I try to get an hour or two during the week too. I can usually find a Squadmate on Teamspeak or Facebook, and have a some fun on the Eagle Squadron training server. I'm a newbie, and the Squadron Tea-boy, but I can say - I've really enjoyed being part of the 334th so far. It'll be great to see you in the air when you are able. Kind Regards, MDS1
  3. 334th_MDS1

    I only meant to SCARE him!!....

    Nice! I don't have Flying Circus yet, but watching Videos like this......(fumbles around for wallet)
  4. 334th_MDS1

    334th Eagle Squadron

    I would like to have a trial with you gentlemen, if I may, ( I say "Trial" as I have about 850 hours of flight time, but probably less than an hour of that has been in Multiplayer.) Online flying would be a very new experience and I might be totally useless. I have Teamspeak, but I am not on Facebook or any other social media. I'll try to catch up with you all on TS. Kind Regards, MDS1
  5. I have a powered USB hub, with 7 USB 3.0 ports. I have my Joystick, Throttle, Rudder pedals,keyboard (and printer) all connected to the hub with no problems at all. I wouldn't try to run that many peripherals on an unpowered USB hub tho' - that would be asking for trouble. Kind regards, MDS1
  6. 334th_MDS1

    DD today?

    That makes sense, thank you @Diggun
  7. 334th_MDS1

    DD today?

    I had absolutely no idea what this "Wololo" business meant, except to say i found it rather bizzare, and a trifle annoying. So of course I Googled it. Am I right in saying it stems originally from the old Age of Empires strategy game, where the Priests could convert units from your side to theirs. I played that game quite a lot back it the day, and found that it was also a trifle annoying - when you spent ages and ages building an invading force - that an enemy priest would wave a crozier and mitre, chant "wololo" and convert your hard earned elite fighting units against you. I am asking, please enlighten this rather confused Old Guy, what exactly does this have to do with Developer Diaries and updates? Kind Regards, MDS1
  8. 334th_MDS1

    Achtung Jabos! P47 Scripted Campaign

    Thanks for this Campaign @Jaegermeister I'm only half way through, but loving it so far! I rarely fly the P47, (until now that is ) so it's really fun getting to know what the heavy old girl can do. Kind Regards, MDS1
  9. 334th_MDS1

    selling Thrustmaster Warthog extensions

    I am posting this here in case anyone else gets this fault with their Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Joystick. The rubber 'O ring' worked loose on my Joystick (see picture attached) which I gather is quite a common fault with this stick. I got a replacement silicon 'O' ring from Sahaj - problem solved. I can recommend his services, for my personal experience was this : 12 Euros (approx £10.00) paid for replacement silicon O ring, order acknowledged and dispatched within 24 hours, arrived at my house in the UK, from Poland via Royal Mail within 5 days. The package was also tracked which was a re-assuring touch. I fitted the replacement, and my Joystick is now just like new. I hope this information may be of help to anyone here, should the need ever arise, to make this simple repair to their Warthog. Kind Regards, MDS1
  10. 334th_MDS1

    Patrol at Dawn - Spitfire IX cinematic

    A truly Marvelous piece of film making. Excellent job JM. I really, really enjoyed watching it. The best Great Battles Vid I have seen so far. Thank you for sharing 👍
  11. 334th_MDS1

    No fog mod

    @DD_Arthur Thank you got it here too, with no issues
  12. 334th_MDS1

    Really hoping the Mustang...

    Much as I love this game, and appreciate all the hard work that goes into making a WWII Flight Sim as good as this game is..... I too am somewhat surprised at just how bad the American Fighters appear to be. I freely accept that maybe it's my lack of skill for the most part, but they are difficult to handle compared to the Soviet plane set, and so slow - I almost cry. I am really hoping the Mustang is fast, nimble and at least as "flyable" as the Yak's.
  13. 334th_MDS1

    New PC in the near future

    If you are in the UK, and wish to "customise" your new Gaming PC - this company have a good reputation, I purchased my first Gaming PC from them, they built and delivered my New PC within a week, and their after sales and guarantee was faultless. It may be worth a look. https://www.ukgamingcomputers.co.uk/ Kind Regards, MDS1
  14. 334th_MDS1

    II./JG52 emblem for carrer

    Thanks for this Mod @SCG_Riksen it has made my Career in II/JG 52 just that bit more "Real" as I had never seen the axe symbol in any (albeit limited) literature I had read on JG52.
  15. 334th_MDS1

    Guncam Cinematic

    Nice Video! Very well put together, what editing software did you use as a matter of interest? (and good gunnery skills too)