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  1. Nice straw man, and sarcasm. I made a mod once using notepad. Thanks for taking the time to upload Rjel, and they're fine videos, but I'm afraid you're mistaken. Let me explain. In real gun camera footage the 'hit flash' (the white part) doesn't leave the point of impact on the AC. In your videos the hit flash is clearly shown many meters behind the AC, out in space. This is unrealistic. Honestly, if it were a four bladed G2 or a Revi sight two inches too high you guys would be frothing at the mouth. Anyway, I had to give it one more shot.
  2. I thought they'd fixed the hit flashes rendering meters behind AC? Something so simple makes me question other things about the game.
  3. Many things in Squad are pretty basic(character animations especially), but I thought the reactions these grenade particle effects get from different surfaces were nice(e.g., leaves, embers, tiny shrapnel flashes, structure dust).
  4. What I appreciate are the character animations. I'm currently playing The Witcher 3, and compared to Geralt's basic movements Nathan's are much more natural. Notice the slight stumble @2:03(CDPR didn't even model a proper 'hop down' animation), the reactive animations of the characters while driving, even the lemur animations @6:09(again, compare to Witcher 3's fauna). I also thought the cut scenes and conversation cues were well executed.
  5. Wow, and I thought the ones they sell at gun shows here were junkers!
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5nfXqffvyc
  7. I like this one, removes dust cover to show bolt and spring assembly operation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XgSuIfzpn0
  8. These guys need to hire you Dr_Zeebra.
  9. I just assumed we were talking about rendering the city with the intent to engage in air combat over it. If there were a mission with multiple AC dueling over a fully completed Moscow city, I'd be surprised if performance could not be shown to increase noticeably if the all buildings were removed for comparison. I would say engine limitation or performance would be more accurately judged by the total of all the game facets rendering simultaneously.
  10. The debate is impossible to test without the fully recreated city. I'd be surprised if the current engine could handle it though.
  11. 'as the years roll by and new flightsims appear they all seem to be stuck with the same limitations.. limited numbers of aircraft in the air at any time and limited ground detail/city detail...' - stiboo I actually think the Moscow compromise is fine and, of course, it looks great. But c'mon, stiboo's point on limitation is valid and hardly exaggerated. Instead of a horrible drop in FPS, which we're all familiar with, the compromise is to basically make flying over the city impossible. You have to admit - not a big step forward. And add to that his points on AC and ground unit numbers, all true. Hopefully the 64-bit change will remedy some of this though.
  12. If the gameplay doesn't advance, what's the point? You're just buying the same experience again with different 3D.
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